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Jatyadi Oil Ingredients, Benefits & Uses in Piles, Fissure & Fistula

Jatyadi Oil (Jatyadi Tel) is an herbal oil used for wound healing in piles, fissure and fistula. It speeds up wound healing processes and results in quick recovery from these diseases. It also reduces itching, irritation and burning in the lesion. Jatyadi oil benefits in open wounds, cuts, burns, abscess, eczema, blisters and non-healing wounds.

Synonym: Jatyadi Oil, Jatyadi Tel, Jatyadi Tail, Jatyadi Thailam, Jatyadi Tailam, जात्यादि तेल, जात्यादि तैलं (in Hindi).

Jatyadi Oil Ingredients

Jatyadi Oil is made from the following ingredients:

Jatipatra (Mace Tree Leaves) – Myristica fragrans 10 grams
Neem – Azadirachta indica 10 grams
Patol (Pointed Gourd Leaves) – Trichosanthes Dioica 10 grams
Karanja (Karanj) seeds – Pongamia Pinnata 10 grams
Karanja (Karanj) leaves – Pongamia Pinnata 10 grams
Yashtimadhu (Mulethi) – Glycyrrhiza glabra 10 grams
Kuth or Kushta (Indian Costus Root) – Saussurea lappa 10 grams
Haldi (Turmeric) – Curcuma longa 10 grams
Beeswax 10 grams
Daruhaldi (Daruharidra) – Berberis aristata 10 grams
Manjistha – Rubia cordifolia 10 grams
Kutki – Picrorhiza kurroa 10 grams
Padmaka – Prunus cerasoides 10 grams
Lodhra – Symplocos racemosa 10 grams
Haritaki or Harad (Chebulic Myrobalan) – Terminalia Chebula 10 grams
Neel Kamal (Blue Star Water Lily) – Nymphaea stellata 10 grams
Sariva (Anantmool or Indian Sarsaparilla) – Hemidesmus indicus 10 grams
Tuthya – Copper Sulphate 10 grams
Sesame Oil 750 ml
Water 3 liters

How to Make Jatyadi Oil

  1. Take Water and sesame oil in a pan.
  2. Put coarse powder of natural ingredients in the ratio as described in the above table in the pan with water and sesame oil.
  3. Stir to mix all ingredients in water and oil.
  4. Put the vessel on the stove.
  5. Cook the mixture on low flame until only oil remains.
  6. After 24 hours, filter the oil and discard the residues.
  7. You have made Jatyadi Tail. Preserve it in food grade glass or plastic airtight container.

Jatyadi Oil Uses & Benefits

Jatyadi oil benefits in wound healing. It is used in all types of open lesion. Let’s discuss Jatyadi oil uses in piles, anal fissure, anal fistula, and other diseases.

Jatyadi Oil for Piles

Along with internal medicine, Jatyadi oil is used for applying in the rectum and around the anus. It alleviates itching, pain, discomfort and irritation in the anal region. It also promotes an easier passage of the stool. It reduces swelling around the anus. However, it is most useful when the patient passes hard stools, which causes cuts around the anus. It is called anal fissures. It is also useful in case of bleeding piles.

  • If you have bleeding piles or fissures, you may also require Arshoghni Vati or Arshohar Vati along with local application Jatyadi Tel.
  • If a lump is formed near the anus and there is no bleeding, then Kasisadi oil is more beneficial. In such a case, you may also require Kankayan vati.

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Jatyadi Oil for Fissure

Anal fissures are commonest, which occurs due to hard stool or severe diarrhea. If you take more spicy food, it can also occur due to such foods.

Local application of Jatyadi oil helps in quick healing of anal fissures. It reduces pain, heals the cracks and eases in bowel movement. Generally, Jatyadi Tel application is sufficient in minor cases. In cases of severe and painful anal fissures, you may also require internal medicines as follows:

Yashtimadhu Churna 2 grams
Gandhak Rasayana 500 mg
Rajat Bhasma 125 mg

We found this combination very effective in severe anal fissures along with external use of Jatyadi oil.

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Jatyadi Oil for Fistula

After Kshar Sutra Therapy, you also require a local application of medicine. In such cases, Jatyadi oil can be one of the promising external medicine. Its application speeds up the healing process of external opening in the skin. It reduces infection and prevents its spreading. In minor cases, the infection can heal with external application of Jatyadi Tel and internal use of Amritadi Guggulu or Triphala Guggulu.

How to Use Jatyadi Oil

In cases of anal fissure and piles, you should follow the following procedure:

  1. Take a sterile cotton swab, dip it into Jatyadi Oil.
  2. Apply it on and around the anus.
  3. You should apply it before a bowel movement, after a bowel movement, the morning after taking bath and at night before sleeping. So, you need to apply it at least 4 times for getting the best results.

Safety Profile

The external application of Jatyadi Oil is safe and well-tolerated in most people.

Jatyadi Oil Side Effects

There are no side effects observed with the use of Jatyadi Tel.


There are no absolute contraindications.

Safety Profile in Pregnancy & Lactation

Pregnant women and lactating mothers can safely use Jatyadi Tail for local application in piles, fissures or any skin injury.

Brands & Manufactures

  • Baidyanath Jatyadi Tail.
  • Dabur Jatyadi Tail.
  1. Sharangdhar Samhita, Madhyam Khanda, Chapter 9, जात्यादि तेल, Verse 168-172.

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