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Kaharva Pishti (Trinkant Mani Pishti) – Amber of Succinite

Amber of succinite

Kaharva Pishti (also spelled as Kaharwa Pishti and called as Trinkant Mani Pishti or Amber of Succinite) is an ayurvedic mineral preparation used for bleeding disorders due to its haemostatic properties.

Kaharva Pishti is beneficial in heat disorders, dysentery, rectal bleeding, diarrhoea, excessive uterine bleeding, heavy menstruation and inflammatory diseases of abdomen.


  1. Kaharva (Trinkant mani) – Amber of succinite
  2. Gulab Ark (Rose water) – Rosa centifolia

Amber of succinite is processed and ground with rose water and a micro fine powder is prepared. Amber (Kaharva) is a fossilized tree resin.

Chemical Composition

Amber of succinite contains 3 to 8% succinic acid. The formation of succinite acid in the amber resin is yet unknown, but some believe it is formed through the process of fermentation of cellulose resin of amber, which is induced by microorganisms.

Medicinal Properties

Kaharva Pishti has following healing properties.

  1. Haemostatic (Antihemorrhagic) agents
  2. Anthelmintic or anti-parasitic
  3. Astringent
  4. Antacid
  5. Anti-arrhythmic

Therapeutic Indications

Kaharva Pishti is helpful in following health conditions.

Brain & Nerves

  • Worm infestation in the brain
  • Cysticercosis (pork tapeworm infestation)
  • Headache due to worm infestation in the brain

Heart & Blood

  • Heart Palpitation
  • Tachycardia

Digestive Health

  • Gastrointestinal bleeding
  • Bleeding piles
  • Blood in stools
  • Bleeding due to Ulcerative colitis or any inflammatory diseases

Women Health

  • Excessive uterine bleeding
  • Heavy menstruation

Benefits & Medicinal Uses

From the above indications, we can understand that Kaharva Pishti (amber) mainly works on bleeding disorders. Therefore, we can use it in any type of internal as well as external bleeding. It is one of the rare medicines in ayurveda, which helps in brain worm or pork-tapeworm tissue infection. Now, we will learn how to use it in various diseases.

Worm infestation in the brain (Cysticercosis) & Headache due to it

The common cause of brain worm is pork tapeworm infestation. It causes headache, vertigo, low-grade fever, nosebleed, foul smell from the mouth and nose and burning sensation and anorexia. Kaharva Pishti (amber) acts as potent anthelmintic and eradicates pork tapeworms. After taking this remedy, many patients with brain worm reported the expelling of worms from the nose. All symptoms subside thereafter.

Heart Palpitation &Tachycardia

Kaharva Pishti (amber) has Anti-arrhythmic property, which helps reducing heart palpitation and treat tachycardia. For better results, the following remedial combination helps.

Ayurvedic Remedies Dosage
Kaharva Pishti (amber) 500 mg
Mukta Pishti (Pearl Calcium) 125 mg
Praval Pisthi (Coral Calcium) 500 mg
ArjunaTerminalia Arjuna 1000 mg

All types of bleeding disorders

Generally, Kaharva Pishti works stops bleeding, so it is beneficial in gastrointestinal bleeding, bleeding piles, blood in stools, bleeding due to ulcerative colitis or any inflammatory diseases, excessive uterine bleeding or heavy menstruation. In all these diseases, it acts as potent haemostatic agent. However, along with this, patient may require following remedies.

Ayurvedic Remedies Dosage
Kaharva Pishti (amber) 500 mg
Giloy Satva 500 mg
Praval Pisthi 500 mg
Nagkesar (mesua ferrea) 1 to 3 grams


The dosage of Kaharva Pishti is 125 mg to 500 mg twice or thrice a day or as recommended by the physician.

Caution & Side Effects

Kaharva Pishti is POSSIBLY SAFE for most people. There are no side effects observed with it. The heavy dosage of Kaharva (amber) may result in headache. Therefore, the dosage should not exceed from 1500 mg per day. If any patient has headache after taking it, the doctors can use sharbat banafsha as antidote and for treating the headache due to it. Please remember, kaharva only works in headache that occurs due to worm infestation in the brain. It will not help in headache with any other underlying pathology.

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