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Kapha Body Type (Kapha Constitution) – Kapha Prakriti

The predominance of Kapha Dosha in body constitution is called Kapha Body Type. It is also known as Kapha Constitution and Kapha Prakriti.

Kapha Body Type Characteristics

The qualities of Kapha Dosha determine your physical and mental characteristics.

GURU (Heavy)Well-built, strong physique, good physical strength, difficulty in losing weight, lethargy, depression with passive symptoms
SHEETA (Cool) Slightly cool skin, calmness, peace, non-aggressive, low digestive capacity, wet cold skin
MRIDU (Soft) Delicate pleasing face, soft, lustrous skin
SNIGADH or SNEHA (Unctuous or Oily) Oily skin, oily hair, smooth joint movement, wet cold skin
STHIRA (Static or Immobility) Steady mind, steady thought, good steady determination, good physical strength, excellent physical tolerance, slow digestion, uninspired mind, boredom, inactivity, laziness

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Physical Characteristics of Kapha Body Type

  1. Large and Well Built Body
  2. Physically strong
  3. Pleasant appearance
  4. Deep and pleasant voice
  5. White and fair complexion
  6. Walk slowly with steady gait
  7. Forehead appears large
  8. Chest appear large
  9. Big eyes
  10. Eyes appear unctuous with white sclera
  11. Eyelashes appear long, oily and shiny
  12. Tongue appears slimy and white coated
  13. Teeth alignment appears regular and normal
  14. Face appears pleasing and delicate
  15. Taste of mouth can be sweet
  16. Veins are well covered and not prominent
  17. Abdomen is bulging and bulky
  18. High-average body weight or overweight or obese
  19. Skin is soft and lustrous
  20. Hairs are strong, dark and long
  21. Nails are soft, white and smooth
  22. Appetite is less
  23. Eating in normal quantity, likely to eat only main meals
  24. Less thirst, drink less water
  25. Feel more sleepy
  26. Pulse is slow and heavy
  27. Normal and regular bowel movement
  28. Menstrual flow is moderate
  29. Menstrual blood is normal and without any smell

Mental Characteristics

  1. Very good conscience
  2. Stable mind
  3. Good control over mind
  4. Strong mind
  5. Contented
  6. Good mental tolerance
  7. Good resistant to mental strain
  8. Good, but not brilliant
  9. Good memory
  10. Good attentiveness
  11. Good concentration
  12. Steady thoughts
  13. Average grasping power – takes time to grasp anything
  14. Good for Long-terms goals
  15. Somewhat courageous
  16. Somewhat adventurous
  17. Somewhat brave
  18. A little influence by praise


  1. Calm and mostly non-aggressive
  2. Constructive
  3. Follows non-violence
  4. Forgiving nature

Social Characteristics

  1. Many Friends
  2. Speaking publicly or on stage is possible, but with hesitation
  3. Mostly liked by other people – many people like them
  4. Trustworthy
  5. Very long-lasting relationships
  6. Religiousness
  7. Good conduct
  8. Kind
  9. Helping nature
  10. Calm – not quarrelsome
  11. Truthfulness
  12. Grateful
  13. Less talkative

Best Environment

  • Warm climate

Emotional Characteristics

  1. A little excitement
  2. Not hyperactive
  3. Not become angry easily, but can be angry for a longer duration, but never lose temper
  4. Not getting frightened easily
  5. Stable mood
  6. Mostly happy
  7. Fair control over urge of having physical relations

Common Problems with Kapha Body Type

The following problems or diseases only occur when Kapha Dosha becomes aggravated or increased in the body. Otherwise, you will be healthy and will not likely to have any problem, but increase or aggravation of Kapha can make you prone to these health conditions:

  1. Lethargy
  2. Overweight
  3. Obesity
  4. Difficulty in losing weight, but easily gain weight
  5. Depression
  6. Poor digestion
  7. Poor appetite
  8. Respiratory problems including upper respiratory tract infections, productive cough, excess mucus
  9. Excess oil in skin
  10. Excess oil in hair
  11. Acne
  12. Laziness

Note: You will not have all characteristics of Kapha Body Type as described in this article. Pure Kapha Constitution is very rare. You will also have a proportion of other Dosha, which can neutralize the effects of each other. The predominance in Kapha Dosha represents that you will have a maximum of Kapha Body Type Characteristics.

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