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Karna Bindu Oil (Tail) – Ayurvedic Ear Drops

Karna Bindu Oil (tail) is an ayurvedic ear drops used for earwax, earache, itching in ears, tinnitus (ringing ears), hearing loss, otorrhoea and watery discharge from the ears.

Ingredients of Karna Bindu Oil (tail)

Karna Bindu oil is prepared using following herbs, herbal juice sesame oil and mustard oil.


Mixture of Oils

Sesame Oil32 Parts
Mustard Oil32 Parts

Juice extract of following herbs

Jalkumbhi (Pistia stratiotes) Juice128 Parts
Nirgundi (Vitex negundo) Juice64 Parts
Juice of Datura leaves64 Parts
Arka Leaves Juice (Calotropis gigantea)32 Parts

Herbs used to prepare paste

Amba Haldi2 parts
Nirgundi (Vitex negundo) Plant’s all parts2 parts
Datura Plant’s all parts2 parts
Jalkumbhi (Pistia stratiotes)2 parts
Turmeric (curcuma longa)2 parts
Purified Sulphur2 parts
Borax2 parts
Samudra Fen (Cuttle Fish/Sepia2 parts

The paste is prepared with water.

How to make Karna Bindu oil

  • Mix all ingredients including oils, herbal juices and herbal paste.
  • Simmer the mixture until only oil remains.
  • Separate all herbal residues present in the oil using fine strainer.
  • Now, let the oil to cool and after that preserve in glass bottles.

Therapeutics Indications

Karna Bindu oil is helpful in following ear diseases and symptoms.

  1. Ear blockage due to earwax
  2. Itching in the ears
  3. Tinnitus (ringing ears)
  4. Earache
  5. Hearing loss (mildly effective especially in age related hearing loss) – Bilva Oil is more effective in hearing loss
  6. Otorrhoea or Watery Discharge from the ears

Benefits & Uses of Karna Bindu

The main action of Karna Bindu Oil (tail) is on ears, but it works better when earwax, pus or watery discharge is present.

Ear blockage due to earwax

Essentially, Karna Bindu Oil is formulated in such a way so that it can dissolve earwax and removes ear blockage due to it. It is also used in Karna Purana for removal of ear wax.

Itching in the ears

Dirt particles, infections and ear wax can cause itching in the ears. Karna Bindu Oil reduces itching and treat ear infections.

Tinnitus or abnormal sounds in the ear

However, people use Karna Bindu Oil for tinnitus and ringing ears, but it will only work in these conditions when nerve (nerve fibres or sensory cells) damage is not involved.

Tinnitus has several causes. Karna Bindu Oil is most effective for ear blockage due to earwax. Some people also have this problem after exposure to loud noise. It can also work in this condition because aggravated VATA Dosha is involved in such case. It pacifies VATA aggravation and reduces tinnitus. Age related tinnitus is also due to VATA aggravation, according to ayurveda. Therefore, it would also work well in this case.

This oil would not be effective for ear bone changes or otosclerosis (hereditary disorders). It may also not be effective for acoustic neuroma, Meniere’s disease, abnormal fluid pressure in inner ear, loss of brain function linked to hearing and nerve damage.

Dosage & Administration

Instil two drops of Karna Bindu Tail into the affected ear or both ears twice a day or as recommended by ayurvedic physician.

Caution & Side Effects

You should use Karna Bindu eardrops under supervision of ayurvedic physician because it contains some herbs, which might not suitable for cuts or wounds in the ears.

Children under age of five

You should not use Karna Bindu Oil in children under the age of five.


You should not use Karna Bindu eardrops in following conditions.

  1. Rupture of ear drum
  2. Cuts or wounds in the internal or external ears
  3. Ear injuries
  4. Redness in the ears causing burning sensation

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