Kashayam (Decoction)

Kashayam (Kashaya & Kwath) – Ayurvedic Decoctions

Kashayam (Kashaya & Kwath) is a category of ayurvedic medicines, which are actually decoctions. The water-soluble extracts are obtained through boiling water with various herbs. Nowadays, these are commercially available as preserved liquids or in form of concentrated extract tablets. One can also prepare these Kashayam (Kwatham) freshly at home by boiling an herb or a group of herbs in water.

Each type of Kashayam has different healing properties and therapeutic benefits depending on their ingredients. Almost all types of Kashayam are commercially preserved water extract liquids of herbal mix or concentrated dried water extracts of herbal mix in form of tablets.

Note: In ayurveda, Kashayam, KWATH, KADA, KASHAY, KASHAYA and KWATHAM are same things.

Taste of Kashayam

Kashayam has different herbal ingredients, so taste of each Kashayam varies according to the ingredients present in them. However, many of them are having bitter and astringent taste.

List of Kashayam

  1. Amruthotharam Kashayam
  2. Aragwadhadi Kashayam
  3. Ardhavilwam Kashayam
  4. Ashtavargam Kashayam (Ashtavargam Kwatham)
  5. Balaguluchyadi Kashayam
  6. Balajeerakadi Kashayam
  7. Bala Punarnavadi Kashayam
  8. Bhadradarvadi Kashyam
  9. Brahmidrakshadi Kashayam
  10. Brihatyadi Kashyam
  11. Chandanosiradi Kashayam
  12. Chandrasuradi Kashayam
  13. Cheriya Rasnadi Kashayam (Rasnairandadi)
  14. Chirivilwadi Kashayam
  15. Dasamoolakadutrayad Kwatham
  16. Dasamulakatutrayadi Kashayam
  17. Dasamulapanchakoladi Kashayam
  18. Dhanadanayanadi Kashayam
  19. Dhanwantaram Kashayam
  20. Dhanwantaram Kwatham Tablet
  21. Drakshadi Kashayam
  22. Dusparsakadi Kashayam
  23. Gandharvahastadi Kashayam
  24. Garbharaksha Kashayam
  25. Gopanganadi Kashayam
  26. Gugguluthikthakam Kwatham Tablet)
  27. Guggulutiktam Kashayam
  28. Indukantam Kashayam
  29. Indukantham Kwatham Tablet
  30. Jivantyadi Kashyam
  31. Kalashakadi Kashayam
  32. Katakakhadiradi Kashayam
  33. Kulathadi Kashayam
  34. Lasunairandadi Kashyam
  35. Maharasanadi Kwatham Tablet
  36. Mahathiktam Kashayam
  37. Mahathikthamkwatham
  38. Manjishtadi Kwatham Brihat
  39. Mulakadi Kashyam
  40. Musalikhadiradi Kashayam
  41. Nayopayam Kashayam
  42. Nimbadi Kashayam
  43. Nimbamritadi Panchathiktha Tab
  44. Nimbamritadi Panchatiktam Kashayam
  45. Pathyakshadhatryadi Kashayam
  46. Patola Katurohinyadi Kwatham Tablet
  47. Patolakadurohinyadi Kashayam
  48. Prasaranyadi Kashayam
  49. Prasarinyadikwatham (Tablet)
  50. Punarnavadi Kashayam
  51. Rasnairandadi Kwatham Tablet
  52. Rasnasapthakam Kashayam
  53. Sahacharabaladi Kashayam
  54. Sahacharadi Kashayam
  55. Saptasaram Kashayam
  56. Seetajwarari Kwatham Tablet
  57. Shadangam Kashyam
  58. Sitajwarari Kashayam
  59. Sonitamritam Kashayam
  60. Sukumaram Kashayam
  61. Sukumaram Kwatham
  62. Thikthakam Kwatham(Tablet)
  63. Tiktakam Kashayam
  64. Trayandyadi Kashayam
  65. Vajrakam Kashayam
  66. Valiya Rasanadikashayam
  67. Varadi Kashayam
  68. Varanadi Kashayam
  69. Varanadi Kwatha Tablet
  70. Vasaguluchyadi Kashyam
  71. Vidaryadi Kashayam
  72. Virataradi Kashayam
  73. Vizhalveradi Kashayam
  74. Vyaghryadi Kashayam

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