Kati Basti (Vasti)

Kati Basti (Vasti) is a traditional Ayurvedic treatment used for lower backache and disorders of lumbosacral region, including slip disc, lumbar spondylosis, sciatica, spinal problems etc. Kati Vasti is a part of external oleation (Snehana) therapy in Ayurveda. It is very safe, non-invasive and green category procedure.

In this procedure, you will get instant relief from the backache. After completing a course of 7 to 21 days, you may not need any kind of oral medicines. It is a complete therapy for back pain and lumbosacral disorders.

However, the results vary person to person, but in most of cases, people get quick relief after the procedure.


  1. Kati Tarpana
  2. Kati Vasti
  3. Back Oil dough therapy

Indications of Kati Basti

Kati Vasti is beneficial in all types of back and spinal problems. Some of them are listed underneath:

  1. Backache
  2. Backache in women
  3. Sciatica
  4. Intervertebral disc protrusion
  5. Lumbar spondylosis
  6. Lumbar spondylitis (Inflammation of lumber joints characterized by stiffness, tenderness and pain)
  7. Slip disc
  8. Degenerative disc disease

Principles of Kati Basti

  • Warm oil is used in Kati Basti, warm oils pacify VATA humor, so it reduces pain and stiffness. It lubricates the region and relaxes the surrounding muscles.
  • It also works on KAPHA humor. Sometimes patients experience stiffness along with very dull pain and heaviness. It is a sign of KAPHA involvement. The base of all oils used in Kati Basti is Sesame Oil. Sesame Oil has VATA and KAPHA pacifying properties. Therefore, Kati Vasti also works on back pain and tightness, stuffiness and back tiredness.
  • Sometimes, PITTA humor becomes associated with the backache. In this type of backache, tenderness is also present. When your doctor touches your back, you will find a severe pain in the back. In this type, regular Kati Basti Oils cannot be used, so some oils made from PITTA pacifying herbs are used in this case.

Materials for Kati Vasti

  1. Black gram flour/powder = 100 grams (required every day)
  2. Oils = 200 ml every day
  3. Steel or plastic Ring = 2 inches height and around 20 inch circumference

Note: Black gram flour can be used to make ring. Some doctors and therapist do not use the steel or plastic rings.

Oils for Kati Basti

The following oils are used in Kati Basti.

  1. Sesame Oil
  2. Mahanarayan Oil
  3. Balaswagandhadi oil
  4. Bala Oil
  5. Nirgundi tail

Indications of various oils in Kati Vasti

Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is used for a new backache and less severe back and spinal problems where only VATA pacifying properties are required. It reduces pain, relaxes muscles and decreases stiffness.

Mahanarayan Oil

Mahanarayan oil is used when a patient is suffering from back debility, disc degeneration or experience tiredness in the back.

Balaswagandhadi oil

It works to strengthen spinal vertebrae, muscles and ligaments.

Bala Oil

Generally, most of ayurvedic doctors use Bala oil in this procedure because of its excellent VATA pacifying characteristics.

Nirgundi tail

Nirgundi tail is used because of its excellent analgesic (pain relieving) action. It is also beneficial for reducing spinal stiffness.

Chandanadi Oil

Generally, this oil is never recommended in Kati Basti use, but when local tenderness is the main cause of patient’s discomfort, it can be used. Therefore, it is used to relieve PITTA type pain.

Sometimes, your therapist can also choose some herbal decoctions for the Kati Basti.

What is the Kati Basti Procedure?

Your doctor or Ayurvedic therapist will ask coming with X-ray or MRI scan of your back or lumbar sacral region. It is essential to identify the location of the problems, so that the Kati vasti ring can be placed there.

Preoperative procedure

  1. Evacuate stools or urinate before coming to the Kati Basti table.
  2. Ayurvedic body massage is required before Kati Basti. The massage should be gentle and without any heavy pressure on the back or related organs.
  3. A steam bath is offered after the massage for 10 to 15 minutes. Local steam or NADI-SWEDANA can be done.

Main Procedure

Now, it is time to get ready for Kati Basti.

  1. Your therapist asks to lie down on the table in prone position.
  2. Lumbar region or affected area of the back will be cleaned with cotton or cotton cloth.
  3. Now steel or plastic ring will be placed on the back covering the affected area.
  4. To prevent leakage of the oil from the ring, kneaded black gram flour will be placed around the ring both inside and outside.
  5. Now, your therapist will pour the lukewarm oil with the help of cotton or cotton cloth in the ring.
  6. To keep the oil warm inside the ring, your therapist will continuously replace the oil from the ring with warm oil. The temperature of the oil should remain constant during the Kati basti treatment.

Duration of kati basti treatment

The duration of Kati Basti treatment varies from 15 minutes to 45 minutes, depending on the severity of the disease.

Postoperative procedure

After 15 to 45 minutes, your therapist removes the oil from the ring and removes the ring from your back.

The affected region of the back will be cleaned with warm water or cloth dipped in warm water.

You need to rest for an hour after the procedure in a comfortable posture.


  1. You should take a rest for 30 to 45 minutes after the procedure.
  2. A table used for rest should be hard.
  3. Avoid bending forward or backward after the Kati Basti treatment.
  4. Do not lift any kind of heavy stuff during the treatment course.
  5. Correct your sitting and standing postures.
  6. For good results, also join yoga classes.

Benefits of Kati Basti treatment

The modern painkillers have many side effects. To avoid the conventional medicines patients can get benefits from the Kati Basti treatment for pain relief. Other benefits are:

  1. Kati Basti has a higher success rate and it is non-invasive treatment that can save hundreds thousands of spinal surgeries.
  2. It is cost effective and affordable treatment option for chronic backache.
  3. It also provides mental and physical relaxation.
  4. It relieves tiredness of the back.
  5. The therapy enhances healing and recovery from the spinal problems.
  6. Warm oil used in kati basti increases blood flow to the affected area, which boosts natural body healing process.
  7. It reduces inflammation, swelling, tenderness of the affected area.
  8. Make your spine more healthy and flexible.
  9. Kati basti improves mobility of the spinal vertebrae.
  10. The skin absorbs the medicated oil used in the treatment. It benefits nourishing and strengthening the spinal nerves and back muscles.
  11. It relieves muscle tension and soreness.
  12. It is very helpful in chronic spinal and back problems.

Duration of Kati basti treatment course

Duration of the treatment course depends on the individual requirement and severity of the disease. Generally, it will take 7 to 21 days to get relief from the symptoms of the disease or back pain.

Side effects of Kati Basti

As Kati Basti is an external procedure that does not involve any kind of invasive method, so it is considered completely safe procedure.

Some patients may experience itching sensation on the back where Kati Basti Bag was placed, but it will be for a short period and completely recovers when oil is removed from the back.

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  1. I have gone through Kati Basti treatment, although not get relief, but I am hopeful & feel such treatment has no side effect, so it is worth it to go through any type of treatment in Ayurveda.

  2. With lower back pain, nerve stress is also there. Then it means that will also recover via Kati Basti only.

    1. Kati Vasti can help recovering from back pain with any type of underlying etiology. In some patients, it only provides symptomatic relief, so they may also require other therapies like Ayurvedic Marma Massage along with Kati Vasti Treatment.

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