Khadirarishta: Detoxifies Blood, Skin & Intestine

Khadirarishta is an ayurvedic formulation prepared using ancient ayurvedic fermentation technique. The main effect of Khadirarishta is observed on blood, skin and intestine. It is beneficial in skin diseases, blood disorders, intestinal worms, splenomegaly, urticaria, gout, herpes, wounds, tumors, etc.

Basic Information
Medicine CategoryArishta
Dosha EffectKAPHA, VATA & AMA
Potential ActionAntipruritics
Main IndicationSkin Disorders
Main SymptomsItching, Leakage of fluid from the skin, crust formation on the skin
Special Organ EffectSkin, Blood & Intestines
Safety ProfileLikely Safe
Dosage10 to 20 ml
Best AdjuvantWarm Water
Shelf LifeOld is good – No Shelf Life Defined (5 to 10 Years may be best)
Consumption Period After OpeningConsume Khadirarishta within 2 to 3 months

Ingredients & Composition

Formulation According to Bhaishajya Ratnavali
Decoction IngredientsQuantity Used for Making Decoction
Acacia Catechu – Cutch Tree  – Khadira (inner wood)2 kg
Cedrus Deodara – Deodar Cedar or Himalayan Cedar) – Devdaru2 kg
Psoralea Corylifolia – Babchi480 grams
Berberis Aristata – Daruhaldi800 grams
Triphala800 grams
Water81.92 kg
The decoction is prepared using above ingredients and water is reduced to 10.24 kg (8th part).


Ingredients Added after making and cooling the DecoctionQuantity
Misri (crystallized sugar lumps)5 kg
Honey10 kg
Woodfordia Fruticosa – Dhataki Flowers800 grams
Piper Longum – Long Pepper – Pippali160 grams
Syzygium Aromaticum – Clove – Laung40 grams
Piper Cubeba – Kankol (Sheetal Mirch)40 grams
Mesua Ferrea – Nagkesar40 grams
Elettaria Cardamomum – Green Cardamom – Elaichi40 grams
Cinnamomum Zeylanicum – Cinnamon – Dalchini40 grams
Cinnamomum Tamala – Indian bay leaf – Tejpatta40 grams
These ingredients are mixed in the above decoction and kept for about a month for natural fermentation. After 30 to 40 days, the liquid is filtered and stored in glass jars or food grade plastic bottles.

Medicinal Properties

Khadirarishta has following medicinal properties.

Primary Action

  1. Aam Pachak (Detoxifier)
  2. Antipruritics
  3. Anthelmintic
  4. Anti-allergic
  5. Digestive Stimulant
  6. Blood purifier
  7. Antimicrobial

Secondary Action

  • Anti-gout
  • Antihistaminic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidant
  • Hepatoprotective

Mechanism of Action

Khadirarishta ingredients have all above medicinal properties. According to ayurveda, it generally works in diseases occur due to dominance of VATA, KAPHA or AMA conditions. The mechanism of action includes:

  1. It reduces AMA by digesting it and eliminating it. It also stops production of the toxins and their accumulation in the intestines. Hence, it reduces toxins absorption into the blood. Through this mechanism, it prevents diseases, which occur due to toxins absorption into the blood.
  2. The second mechanism is that it directly works on the blood, detoxifies it, digests AMA present in the blood, and helps kidneys to excrete toxins.
  3. Third main action is its antipruritic property, which might be due to antihistamine action of some ingredients present in it.

Therapeutic Indications

Khadirarishta is mainly used for skin diseases and blood disorders. It works on main symptoms like itching, rashes and sensitive skin. Some of its important indications are listed below:

  1. Acne/Pimples
  2. Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema)
  3. Intestinal worms
  4. Leprosy
  5. Psoriasis
  6. Skin Allergies
  7. Swollen Lymph Nodes
  8. Urticaria

Khadirarishta is also used for spleen enlargement, liver disorders, anemia (generally due to worm infestation), tumors, and cysts under the skin, heart diseases and cough & breathing troubles (especially when breathing difficulty occurs along with skin diseases).

Benefits & Medicinal Uses

AMA formation blocks the micro-channels in the body, which results in plaque formation in the blood vessels and poor nutrition to the skin tissues. Hence, it results in various disorders including skin diseases. The main indication of Khadirarishta is AMA presence in any kind of skin disease. It reduces itching in almost all types of skin diseases.


Khadirarishta is mainly effective in acne with white or pus-filled lumps, cystic lesions, closed and open plugged pores (whiteheads and blackheads). It is less likely to be helpful in acne with tender and red bumps. In such cases, Gandhak Rasayan and Saribadyasavam are better options.

Khadirarishta is likely to stops bacteria growth in acne and enhances healing. The regular use purifies blood, reduces toxins production and inhibits bacterial growth, which ultimately prevents acne. It may also have effect on oil production. Excess oil production indicates excess KAPHA according to ayurveda. Khadirarishta reduces KAPHA and ultimately reduces oil production. Active constituents of Babchi (Psoralea Corylifolia) and Devdaru (Cedrus Deodara) present in Khadirarishta release out through the skin, which may prevent clogging of the pores.

Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema)

In Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema), Khadirarishta is useful when a patient mainly has following symptoms:

  1. Itching
  2. Leakage of fluid from the skin
  3. Crust formation
  4. Patches color – brownish-gray
  5. Scaly Skin

However, internal intake of Khadirarishta is helpful, but local application of oil prepared with following herbs is also essential.

Dosage & Administration

The general dosage of Khadirarishta is as follows.
Children5 to 10 ml (1 to 2 tsp.)
Adults10 to 20 ml (2 to 4 tsp.)
Geriatric (Old age)10 to 20 ml (2 to 4 tsp.)
Maximum Possible Dosage (per day or in 24 hours)60 ml (In Divided Doses)
Twice a day with water

How to Take

Khadirarishta should be taken in recommended dosage mixing in equal warm water immediately after meal.

Safety Profile

Khadirarishta is LIKELY SAFE in most people in the dosage of Khadirarishta described above.

Side Effects

The common side effect of Khadirarishta is burning sensation or heartburn.  It generally occurs when Khadirarishta is taken without mixing water.

Pregnancy & Lactation

  1. Pregnant women should consult ayurveda specialist before using Khadirarishta.
  2. Lactating mothers can use Khadirarishta, but it should be under supervision of ayurvedic physician.


Khadirarishta can be used for skin problems in kids, but it should be under supervision of ayurvedic physician.

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  1. Siva says

    Great article Sir. Thanks for the posting.

    I would like to buy this. Where can I buy or order Khadirarishta? Please let me know.


    1. Ayur Times says

      You can buy Khadirarishta from local ayurvedic stores.

  2. Joanna says

    Is khadirarishta good for obesity?

    1. Ayur Times says

      However, Khadira (Acacia catechu) herb can reduce fat in the body and aids in fat loss. Khadirarishta is mainly indicated in skin diseases. It also contains sugar, which might not suitable if you are planning to lose weight. There are several other ayurvedic medicines for losing weight. You can read here: Ayurvedic Medicine for Weight Loss

  3. Mallikarjun says

    I am suffering from urticaria. Can I use this khadirarishta blood purifier syrup? Or solution.

    1. Ayur Times says

      Yes, Khadirarishta can be used along with Haridrakhand if a patient has intense itching in urticaria.

      1. Mallikarjun says

        Along with chwayanprashh

        1. Ayur Times says

          Keep 2 to 3 hours gap from chyawanprash.

  4. Roshan says

    From past 10 days, I wake up around 3 to 5 am in the morning with a cough, thick clear mucus and breathing difficulty.
    Doctor prescribed me Swasakutasa rasa, Haridra khand, Kanakasava and Accipattika churna for 15 days.
    Is this the right medication?
    Can I take Khadirarishta along with this medicine?

    1. Ayur Times says

      Have a trust in your doctor’s prescription. We cannot provide any judgment about the prescription.

      Although Khadirarishta can be taken along with recommended medicines without any issue. Still, it is also better to discuss with your doctor if you can take it or not. He may have the different options and recommend better medicine according to Dosha Analysis.

  5. Saranya says

    Can we give this Khadirarishta to 11 months old for skin allergy?

    1. Ayur Times says

      Your baby may or may not require Khadirarishta or may require other medicines. It is very difficult to give any statement if you can give or not. Please consult ayurvedic practitioner.

  6. Mallikarjun says

    Hi Ayur times.
    This is Mallikarjun. I am suffering from urticaria with itching skin. Right now, I am using Khadirarishta along with haridrakhand from 7 days. Both give better relief. How long can I use both?

    1. Ayur Times says

      You may require it for 2 to 3 months.

  7. Mallikarjun says

    Thank you very much. Can I use any immunity booster.

    1. Ayur Times says

      Yes, Yashad Bhasma is helpful in your case. It also acts as immunity booster.

      1. Mallikarjun says

        How long and how to use it with remaining two medicines ayur.
        Yours faithfully.

        1. Ayur Times says

          2 to 3 months.

  8. Mallikarjun says

    Can I take three of them at a time.
    Yours faithfully.

    1. Ayur Times says

      You should keep a gap of at least 45 minutes.

  9. Mallikarjun says

    Thanks I will update you.

  10. Mallikarjun says

    I started using Yashad Bhasma last night (baidyanath). I took it with honey about 40 to 60 mg.
    I got vomiting after 15 minutes. What should I do? Should I continue…

    1. Ayur Times says

      You should stop it and consult a physician.

      1. Mallikarjun says

        Yes ayur today I taken as small amount about 10 to 15 mg it gives better… should I continue or can I use any other alternative.

        1. Ayur Times says

          Doctor can guide you better. Consult Here: Ayurvedic Consultation

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