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Koflet Syrup

Koflet syrup is a honey based ayurvedic proprietary medicine manufactured by Himalaya Herbal. It has antitussive action and beneficial in both dry as well productive cough. In addition to this, it is also used for smoker’s cough and cough associated with respiratory infections and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Its expectorant properties facilitate in the reduction of bronchial secretions and help in their removal.


Ingredients 5 ml Koflet Syrup Contains:
Mel Despumatum – Clarified Honey 1.25 g
Balsamodendron Mukul – Guggulu Shuddha 35 mg
Vitis Vinifera – Dry Grapes – Draksha 35 mg
Ocimum Sanctum – Holy Basil – Tulsi 25 mg
Hyssopus Officinalis – Hyssop – Jufa 25 mg
Tinospora Cordifolia – Giloy (Guduchi ) 20 mg
Adhatoda Vasica – Vasaka 15 mg
Myristica Fragrans – Mace – Javitri 15 mg
Mulethi (Yashtimadhu) – Licorice – Glycyrrhiza Glabra 15 mg
Onosma Bracteatum – Gojiha 10 mg
Viola Odorata – Neel Pushpa 10 mg
Triphala 9 mg
Trikatu 9 mg
Embelia Ribes – Vaividang 8 mg
Solanum Xanthocarpum – Kantakari 8 mg
Cinnamomum Cassia – Taja (Sthula tvak) 3 mg
Nausadar – Ammonium Chloride 3 mg
Processed In
Onosma Bracteatum – Gojiha Q.S.
Malva Sylvestris – Gul Khair (Vilayatiikangai) Q.S.
Zizyphus Sativa – Rajbadar Q.S.
Fagonia Cretica – Dhamasa Q.S.
Ptychotis Ajowan – Yavanika Q.S.

Medicinal Properties

Koflet Syrup has following healing properties.

  1. Antitussive
  2. Mucolytic
  3. Bronchodilatory
  4. Anti-allergic
  5. Anti-inflammatory
  6. Antimicrobial
  7. Immunomodulatory
  8. Antioxidant

Clinical Pharmacology

Koflet Syrup has mucolytic action, which helps reducing viscosity of phlegm and bronchial secretions, which ultimately facilitates expectoration. Ingredients with antitussive and soothing action present in Koflet syrup reduce bronchial irritation. Guggul due to anti-inflammatory properties relieves the inflammation of the bronchial tubes. Through these mechanisms, Koflet relieves cough.

Therapeutic Indications

  1. Cough
  2. Cough associated with respiratory infections
  3. Cough associated with chronic pulmonary obstructive disease
  4. Smoker’s cough

Benefits & Medicinal Uses

Koflet syrup has peripheral antitussive properties, which give relief in cough by reducing bronchial irritation and bronchospasm.

Key Benefits

  1. The antitussive action of Licorice, honey, Kantakari and Adhatoda Vasica relieves cough.
  2. Koflet syrup contains herbs like Holy Basil, which reduces pollen-induced bronchospasm due to its antihistamine characteristic.
  3. Holy Basil, Guggul, clarified honey and other herbs reduces inflammation of mucus membranes of the respiratory tract.
  4. Adhatoda Vasica, licorice, Kantakari, holy basil and Nausadar aid in expectoration and help in productive cough.
  5. Mel Despumatum (Clarified Honey) soothes the respiratory tract and has antioxidant properties, which impedes the nitric oxide production. Due to this action, it aids allergic disorders of respiratory system.


Koflet syrup is an ayurvedic remedy for productive and dry cough.

Productive Cough: In productive cough, mucolytic herbs present in the Koflet syrup reduce phlegm production and bronchial mucus secretions. Adhatoda Vasica and Nausadar, Viola Odorata are mucolytic agents. Adhatoda Vasica also dilutes sputum. Holy Basil and Kantakari ease the sputum expectoration.

Dry Cough: In dry cough, demulcent and anti-inflammatory ingredients like clarified honey, licorice, Vitis Vinifera soothe the irritated bronchial tubes and relieve throat irritation as well. The antitussive action of ingredients in the Koflet gives relief from dry irritating cough.

Smoker’s Cough: The unpleasant and persistent smoker’s cough caused by continuous smoking can also be relieved by Koflet syrup. The cilia in the lungs become paralyzed, which cause wheezing, and chest congestion. It also leads to cough and breathing troubles. Smoking also causes inflammation in the bronchioles and lungs. Koflet helps reducing inflammation and preserves the action of cilia. Alkaloids of Vasa herb reduces bronchial obstruction induced by allergens or smoke particles. This way Koflet syrup proves not just a relief provider to smokers cough, but also acts a preventer of the cough.

Upper Respiratory Infections

Purified Mel Despumatum has potent antimicrobial, antibacterial and antitussive properties. Other ingredients like Holy Basil and Vasa inhibit the growth of respiratory pathogens. Several other ingredients impede the growth and kill the pathogens due to their antimicrobial effects.

According to ingredients’ scientific review, Koflet is effective as supportive action and cough reliever in respiratory infections, but other potent remedies are also required for severe infections especially, in case of fevers.

Cough due to COPD

COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) are often characterized by a large amount of sputum or mucus production, shortness of breath, wheezing and chest tightness.

Ingredients in Koflet have antitussive, mucolytic and anti-inflammatory properties, which help reducing associated cough, inflammation of respiratory tract, wheezing, chest congestion and bronchial irritation. It demulcent properties of some ingredients act as a protective agent for the mucus membrane and relieve irritation and scratchiness in the membrane.

Dosage & Administration

Children 1 tsp. (5 ml) 3-4 times a day
Adults 1 to 2 tsp. (5 to 10 ml) 3-4 times a day

Safety Profile

Koflet Syrup is LIKELY SAFE in recommended dosage.

Side Effects

There are no side effects reported with the use of Koflet Syrup.


No Absolute Contraindications

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Dr. Jagdev Singh

Dr. Jagdev Singh (B.A.M.S., M. Sc. in Medicinal Plants) is an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Herbalist. He has successfully treated thousands of patients with Ayurveda (including Herbal Ayurvedic Medicine and Ayurvedic Diet). Ayur Times is an initiative of his efforts to bring quality information on Indian Medicine with the highest level of relevancy and scientific evidence.

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  1. My kid is 4 month old and I am giving him coughlet. It’s not working. Why? The dosage I give is 1 ml 4 times a day. He is suffering from dry cough.help me please.

  2. My kid is 4 month old and I am giving him coughlet. It’s not working. Why? The dosage I give is 1 ml 4 times a day. He is suffering from dry cough.help me please.

    1. Please don’t give medicine to 4 months old without consulting with doctor. Koflet has honey which is big no for less than 1 year old. Not sure if ‘purified’ honey makes any difference I need this advice.

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