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Laghu Sutshekhar Ras

Laghu Sutshekhar Ras has similar benefits like Sutshekhar Ras, but it has more detoxifier and digestive action than Sutshekhar Ras does. This action is contributed by presence of ginger root powder in this formulation.

Laghu Sutshekhar Ras provides relief from abdominal diseases including nausea, vomiting, heartburn and abdominal pain. In addition, it gives good results in headache, migraine, vertigo, restlessness, insomnia (sleeplessness), excessive perspiration (sweating), bad body odor, bad breath (halitosis), epistaxis (nosebleed) and some cases of mental disorders characterized by excessive talk, restlessness, shivering, sleeplessness, excessive sweating and reeling sensation.

Ingredients (Composition)

Shuddha Swarna Gairika (GERU) – red ochre66.66%
Sonth (dried ginger) – Zingiber Officinale33.33%
Paan (Betal Leaf) Juice – Piper BetleQ.S.

Chemical Composition

Laghu Sutshekhar Ras contains alkaloids of ginger root and iron oxide. In addition, some alkaloids of betal leaf are also present.

Pharmacological Actions

Laghu Sutshekhar Ras acts as detoxifier and anti-toxin, which helps to reduce AMA in the body and prevents its further formation through its digestive action. Its effects appear on all three dosha, but especially it reduces aggravated Pitta. Like Sutshekhar Ras, it also reduces AMAL (Sourness) and TIKSHNA (Sharp or Penetrating power) qualities of Pitta Dosha.

Medicinal Properties of Laghu Sutshekhar Ras

  1. Aam Pachak (Detoxifier)
  2. Antiemetic
  3. Digestive Stimulant
  4. Carminative
  5. Antacid
  6. Anodyne
  7. Anti-inflammatory
  8. Antispasmodic
  9. Haematinic (increases hemoglobin levels)
  10. Anti-diaphoretic (reduces sweating)

Therapeutic Indications

Laghu Sutshekhar Ras is helpful in following health conditions.

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting with sour taste in mouth
  • Heartburn
  • Abdominal pain and cramps
  • Indigestion
  • Headache
  • Migraine
  • Vertigo
  • Restlessness
  • Insomnia (Sleeplessness)
  • Excessive perspiration (Sweating)
  • Bad body odor
  • Bad breath
  • Epistaxis (nosebleed)
  • Mental disorders – characterized by restlessness, shivering, insomnia, excessive talk, excessive sweating and vertigo

Benefits & Medicinal Uses

Laghu Sutshekhar Ras has its effects on stomach, intestine, brain, mind and sweat glands, so it is beneficial in diseases related to these organs. Pitta diseases are its main indication for its use.


Laghu Sutshekhar Ras is an excellent and considerably safe ayurvedic remedy for heartburn. It modulates the gastric secretion and likely to reduces the hypersensitivity of the gastric mucosa. It can be given along with Praval Pishti, Mukta Shukti Bhasma, and Mukta Pishti or with Kamdudha ras for more positive and instant results in heartburn.

Headache & Migraine

The anodyne action and anti-migraine actions appear in headache and migraine when patient has other associated symptoms of Pitta in which patient feel heat sensation and burning sensation in the head or in the whole body. If patient has vomiting with sour taste and gets relief from pain after vomiting, then it is highly beneficial.

Mental Disorders

Laghu Sutshekhar Ras is recommendable in cases of mental disorders characterized by agitation, restlessness, excessive talk, impatience vertigo, sleeplessness, excessive sweating, and bad body odour. The condition is called PITTAJA UNMADA in ayurveda. It is helpful to reduce all these symptoms and improves the quality of the life and restores the optimum health in such patients.

Insomnia (Sleeplessness)

If sleeplessness occurs due to increased heat in the body i.e. Pitta condition, then Laghu Sutshekhar Ras can help bringing on the sound sleep by reducing Pitta and heat in the body. In such cases, patients experience vertigo, body aches, burning sensation and pain in hands and feet.

Epistaxis (Nosebleed)

Increased heat in the body may cause rupture of tiny blood vessels and results in nosebleed, according to ayurveda. In such condition, Laghu Sutshekhar Ras is recommended. In recurrent cases of nosebleed, it should be continued for 2 to 3 months.

Dosage & Administration

The general dosage of Laghu Sutshekhar Ras is as follows.
Children125 to 250 mg
Adults250 to 750 mg
Maximum Possible Dosage1500 mg Per Day (in divided doses)
* Twice a day with Cow’s Milk fortified with Misri (crystallized sugar candy)
When to Take: Preferably 30 to 60 minutes Before Meal or an hour after meal

Depending on the severity of the condition, Laghu Sutshekhar Ras can be used in higher dosage i.e. 750 mg twice daily, but in general cases, it is advisable to use it in 250 mg thrice daily.

Safety Profile

Laghu Sutshekhar Ras is considerably safe for most individuals in recommended dosage when taken under professional supervision.

Side Effects of Laghu Sutshekhar Ras

There are no side effects observed with Laghu Sutshekhar Ras.


There are no absolute contraindications for Laghu Sutshekhar Ras, but one should avoid it in cases of iron overload in the blood because it contains purified iron oxide.

Pregnancy & Lactation

Laghu Sutshekhar Ras is processed in the juice of betal leaves (PAAN), which should not be used during pregnancy, according to WHO and research studies, because it may increase the risk of folate deficiency and cancer. Therefore, Laghu Sutshekhar Ras may not be safe during pregnancy and it should be avoided. It is also advised to avoid it during lactation.


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