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List of High and Low Purine Foods

Generally, animal food is high in purine content. It is also the main cause of gout and hyperuricemia. Therefore, if you suffer from gout and hyperuricemia, you should follow a plant-based diet. The more important thing is to eat raw food as much as possible. I always recommend my patients to have four servings of fruits, 3 servings of raw vegetables (salad), 2 servings of cooked vegetables, and 1 serving of fresh green herbs to include in their diet

In this article, you can find the list of high, moderate and low purine foods. According to this list, you can select low purine foods that can help you to prevent and manage gout attack. We also listed animal foods just as a reference, but it does not mean we recommend eating animal food. We believe animal food is a major cause of gout and you should stop all of them. Also Check: Natural Remedies for Gout (High Uric Acid)

High Purine Foods

Foods Total purines in mg uric acid/100 grams
Liver, calf’s 460
Ox liver 554
Ox spleen 444
Pork heart 530
Pork liver 515
Pork lungs 434
Pork spleen 516
Sheep’s spleen 773
Baker’s yeast 680
Brewer’s yeast 1810

Moderately High in Purine

Beef, muscles 120
Chicken, breast 175
Chicken, liver 243
Ham, cooked 131
Sausages 110
Fish, Anchovy 239
Fish, Cod 109
Fish, Haddock 139
Fish, Herring 210
Fish, Mackerel 145
Fish, Salmon 170
Fish, Trout 297
Fish, Tuna 257
Scallop 136
Shrimps 147
Soya bean, seed, dry 190
Black gram, seed, dry 222
Lentil, seed, dry 127
Chickpeas 109
Raisins 107
Poppy seeds 170
Sunflower seeds 143

Lowest in Purines

Apple 14
Avocado 19
Banana 57
Sweet cherries 7.1
Red currant 17
Dates 35
Elderberry, black 33
Figs 64
Gooseberry 16
Grapes 27
Kiwi 19
Strawberry 19
Peach 21
Cantaloupe 33
Green olives 29
Orange 19
Pear 12
Pineapple 19
Plum 24
Raspberry 18
Artichoke 78
Asparagus 23
Aubergine 21
French beans 37
Beet root 19
Broccoli 81
Brussels sprouts 69
Cabbage, red 32
Cabbage, white 22
Carrot 17
Chives 67
Sweet corn 52
Cucumber 7.3
Fennel leaves 14
Kale 48
Kohlrabi 25
Leek 74
Lettuce 13
Mushrooms 58
Onion 13
Oyster mushrooms 50
Parsley 57
Green peas 84
Green peppers 55
Potato 16
Pumpkin 44
Radish 15
Spinach 57
Summer squash 24
Tomato 11
Cheddar cheese 6
Brie cheese 7.1
Cottage cheese 9.4
Edam cheese 7.1
Limburger cheese 32
Yogurt 8.1
Almond 37
Brazil nut 23
Hazelnut 37
Peanuts 79
Walnuts 25
Sesame seeds 62
Barley 96
Wheat bread 14
Rye 51
Wheat 51
Oats 94
Soybean sprouts 80
Cocoa powder 71
Tofu 68

If you follow Ayur Times Guidelines, you should not take animal food (including dairy, egg, fish, meat, etc.). Our Healing diet can help you better to get relief from gout and hyperuricemia.

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