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Majun Azaraqi

Majun Azaraqi is a Unani Medicine used for diseases related to nervous and musculoskeletal systems. It provides relief from arthralgia, gout, sciatica, paralysis, facial palsy, tremors, and epilepsy. It is also used for treating syphilis. It has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, nervine stimulant, cardiac stimulant, and aphrodisiac actions. It improves urinary bladder tonicity and provides strength to the urinary bladders. So, it can also be used for enuresis (bed-wetting), urinary incontinence, and other problems related to atonic or neurogenic bladder.

Majun Azaraqi Ingredients (Composition)

Azaraqi (Kuchla or Poison Nut) – Strychnos Nux-Vomica detoxified seeds 20 grams
Berg Gaozaban – Hyssopus officinalis leaf 15 grams
Kateera Gond – Astragalus Gummifer Gum 12 grams
Maghz Chilgoza (Pine Nuts) – Pinus Gerardiana kernel 12 grams
Narjeel (sea coconut) – Lodoicea Maldivica fruit pulp 12 grams
Ustukhuddus – Lavandula stoechas flower 12 grams
Amla Muqashsher – Emblica officinalis Gaertn crushed fruit 9 grams
Dana Heel Khurd – (Elaichi – Cardamom) Elettaria cardamomum seed 9 grams
Haleela Siyah – Terminalia chebula unripe fruit 9 grams
Safed Chandan (White sandalwood) – Santalum album wood powder 9 grams
Shaqaqul – Pastinaca Secacul 9 grams
Zaranbad  – Curcuma zedoaria root 9 grams
Ood Hindi  – Aquilaria agallocha fungus 4 ½ grams
Qaranfal – Caryophyllus Aromatica bud 4 ½ grams
Asl – Honey 438 grams

Preparation Method

Majun Azaraqi preparation includes following steps:

  1. Prepare Safoof: Take all herbs and kernels. Make powder of all ingredients of Majun Azarqi. Mix the powder in the quantity described in above table.
  2. Make Qiwam (concentrated syrup): Now, take honey and make a solution with a thick consistency (concentrated syrup).
  3. Mixing Safoof & Qiwam: Remove Qiwam (concentrated syrup) from the heat and add Safoof (powder mixture) gradually and continue stirring to mix it properly. Now, Majun Azaraqi is ready for preservation.
  4. Preservation: Preserve Majun Azaraqi in a glass jar.

Medicinal Properties

Majun Azaraqi has following medicinal properties.

  1. Nervine stimulant
  2. Cardiac stimulant
  3. Analgesic
  4. Anti-inflammatory
  5. Urinary bladder tonic
  6. Anti-gout
  7. Antiepileptic
  8. Anticonvulsant
  9. Aphrodisiac

Majun Azaraqi Indications

Majun Azaraqi is beneficial in the following health conditions:

  1. Arthralgia – joint pains
  2. Gout
  3. Sciatica
  4. Paralysis
  5. Facial palsy
  6. Tremors
  7. Epilepsy
  8. Syphilis
  9. Enuresis (bed-wetting)
  10. Urinary incontinence
  11. Atonic or neurogenic bladder

Dosage & Administration

The general dosage of Majun Azaraqi is as follows.
Adults 3 to 7 grams Twice Daily
Maximum Possible Dosage 14 grams Per Day (in divided doses)
Appropriate Adjuvant: 250 ml Warm Milk
Best Time to Take: 2 hours after breakfast and 2 hours after dinner or before bedtime

Safety Profile

Majun Azaraqi is likely safe for most individuals in recommended dosage when taken under professional supervision.

Majun Azaraqi Side Effects

There are no side effects observed with Majun Azaraqi.

Pregnancy & Lactation

Majun Azaraqi contains detoxified poison nuts (Strychnos Nux-Vomica), which makes it unsuitable for pregnant women and lactating mothers.


Majun Azaraqi should not be used in people with following symptoms:

  1. Restlessness
  2. Anxiety
  3. Dizziness
  4. Heart palpitation
  5. People living with pacemaker
  6. Gastritis
  7. Heartburn and burning sensation

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