Majun (Electuaries)

Majun (Majoon) – Electuary

Majun (also spelled as Majoon) is a form of Unani Medicines that are prepared using honey or sugar as a base ingredient. These formulations are also a form of confections. Majun includes several formulations used for different diseases, but base ingredient (honey or sugar) remains same.

Majun Preparation

Majun Preparation includes preparation of 2 things and then mixing them.

  1. SAFOOF: Dried Powder of herbs or medicinal ingredients is called Safoof. In ayurveda, it is called Churna. SAFOOF is prepared separated for every ingredient in the Majun. Then these are mixed for preparing SAFOOF for Majun.
  2. QIWAM: A solution with a particular consistency (thick) is prepared from sugar (QAND SAFAID) or honey (ASL) or gum (if any) and water, it is called

QIWAM is heated and take off the fire. Then all other powdered ingredients (SAFOOF) is gradually added in the QIWAM and stirred well to mix SAFOOF and QIWAM together. Then the mixture is preserved in a glass jar.

List of Majun Formulations

  • Majun Anjir
  • Majun Aqrab
  • Majun Arad Khurma
  • Majun Baladur
  • Majun Bawasir
  • Majun Behmanain
  • Majun Brahmi
  • Majun Bussud
  • Majun Chob Chini
  • Majun Chob Gazwali
  • Majun Dabeedul-Ward
  • Majun Filasfa
  • Majun Finjinosh
  • Majun Fotinji
  • Majun Hajr-ul-Yahud
  • Majun Halila
  • Majun Hamal Ambari Alvi Khani
  • Majun Ispand Soakhtani
  • Majun Izaraqi
  • Majun Jalali
  • Majun Jalinoos Lului
  • Majun Jiryan Khas
  • Majun Jograj Gugul
  • Majun Juzam
  • Majun Kalan
  • Majun Kalkalanj
  • Majun Khadar
  • Majun Khubs-ul-Hadid
  • Majun Kundur
  • Majun Masik-ul-boul
  • Majun Mobahee Antaki
  • Majun Mochras
  • Majun Momiai
  • Majun Mughalliz
  • Majun Mughalliz Jawahar Wali
  • Majun Muhazzil
  • Majun Mundi
  • Majun Muqawwi Wa Mumsik
  • Majun Muqil
  • Majun Murraweh-ul-Arwah
  • Majun Musli Pak
  • Majun Najah
  • Majun Nankhwah
  • Majun Nankhwah Mushki
  • Majun Nishara-i-Aj Wali
  • Majun Nisyan
  • Majun Nuqra
  • Majun Piyaz
  • Majun Pumba Dana
  • Majun Qurtum
  • Majun Rah-ul-Mominin
  • Majun Raig Mahi
  • Majun Salab
  • Majun Samagh
  • Majun Sana
  • Majun Sandal
  • Majun Sangdana Murgh
  • Majun Sang-E-Sar-I-Mahi
  • Majun Seer Alvi Khan
  • Majun Shir Bargadh Wali
  • Majun Sohag Sonth
  • Majun Supari Pak
  • Majun Suranjan
  • Majun Talkh
  • Majun Ushba
  • Majun Zabib
  • Majun Zanjibil

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