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How to Make Almond Butter

The recipe to almond butter is very simple and uncomplicated, but is equally time consuming. The chief ingredients of almond butter are almonds. The almonds should not be too raw. It should also not be dry-roasted or rancid. Fresh almonds are preferred for almond butter. The almonds are fresh if they give out a sweet and mild nutty smell.

Making Almond Butter

First Step

Almonds should be properly cleaned and got rid of any traces of moisture from them. This can be done by cleaning up the almonds in a dry cloth.

Second Step

The almonds should be put into the food processor and have to be ground finely using the “S” blade. In the first cycle, the ground almond will appear as a fine powder.

Third Step

Scrape out all the almond powder from the walls of the food processor bowl with a spatula and again grind the powder.

Fourth Step

The entire cycle has to be repeated for around 20-25 minutes. Until now, the almonds will start exuding the oil and thus giving the mixture a pasty and smooth form.

Fifth Step

The almond butter is ready to eat now. If you want to give a good flavor to it, you can add a pinch of salt and some seasoning of cinnamon, vanilla etc.

Sixth Step

Bottle up the almond butter (preferably in a moisture free glass jar) and put it in a refrigerator for preventing from decay.


In the third step or fourth step, you can also add a little almond oil for making almond butter quickly. If you can grind it for 25 to 30 minutes, you may not need to add the almond oil. The good quality almonds will exudate the oil.

Almond Butter
Almond Butter


As almond butter is emulsified and smoothened with the almond oil itself, there are chances that sometimes the butter has oil and butter separation. At such times, you just have to mix up the entire contents of the jar and voila, it is good to be eaten again. It is strictly advised to refrigerate the butter else, there are full chances that it may spoil.


Almond butter is popularly used as:

  1. Fruit spreads
  2. Toast and sandwich spreads
  3. Dips or
  4. As it is, out from the jar

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