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Our world is advancing. Starting from improving technology to improved medical care, treatment etc. is being upgraded in a constant manner.

For various reasons, a large number of people are dealing with stretch marks and scar related issues. Some scars appeared from acne, injury of several types etc. However, they do not go away easily. It makes a negative effect on the overall look of an individual. That is why; the pharmaceutical companies are working on the solution to keep people happy by reducing the presence of these marks. One of the most popular and renowned is Mederma Cream.

What is Mederma?

Mederma is a product to lessen the presence of scar from human skins. This is a gel-based product to smooth the appearance of scar. Onion extract has been used as the main component to produce the gel. The pharmaceutical company of Germany, Frankfurt Merz Pharmaceutical is producing this cream. Cepalin is the generic version of this cream. The anti-inflammatory properties of onion or Allium Cepa work brilliantly to remove the scars.

Humans are experiencing much type of scars. Starting from acne scars to scars from burn injuries, Mederma can work on any of them. Scars cannot be removed but it can be lighten. Unique components are used to develop this patented solution of the scar lighting treatment. Cepalin, hyaluronic, centellaasistica leaf extract, onion extract have been used for manufacturing this formula. The Cepalin is a type of ionic extract, which is soothing to skin. Any type of hard scar tissues can be improved with this also.

How to use the Mederma

Mederma is available to any over the counter medicine shop. 20g tube can be used for 3 months to treat up to 3 inches long single scars. So, purchase as per your requirement.

Step 1

It is important to mark the appearance of the scar as soon as possible. Acne scars appear after the acne growth. However, Mederma cannot be used when there is any type of open wounds. One need to wait until the wound settles down. Only then applying Mederma on the scar is possible. During the healing process of the wound, the skin grows back through the natural process. Therefore, it is important to provide ample time to the skin.

Step 2

Take the tube and take a small flat cleaned applicator. Squeeze a tiny droplet on the applicator and apply it on the scar. The amount of the cream is dependent on the size of the scar.

Step 3

Spread the cream on the scar softly and start messaging the area. Do not touch or remove the cream until the skin absorbs it. After some time, use light warm water to remove any excess cream from the skin.

Step 4

To get the best result, repeat the application process daily for 2-3 times. One needs to continue applying it for 8 weeks to lighten any type of scar. The result will be visible only after that time.

Be aware

It is important to take utmost care during the application of the cream. Avoid contacting with other parts of the body. Try not to eat or swallow. It is necessary to keep away this cream from the reach of the children of any age. Keep it at a safe place. Do not start using this cream on any child under 6 years of age.

Benefits of Mederma

Starting from its introduction in the market, the Mederma cream has become a sensation among the people dealing scar related problems. Previously, removing and reducing the presence of scars were impossible. However, Mederma works like the way to abolish and decrease its visibility.

The anti-inflammatory property of the cream makes the scar disappear by look from the surface. It does not work like the bleach do. This is the main difference of Mederma cream from other contemporary products. The hydrating skin can claim back the lost natural look easily. Mederma helps the scar tissues to be hydrated. This effect keeps the skin soothing and cool. There are plenty of other benefits attached with Mederma. They are:

Skin friendly behavior

Mederma is considered as the skin friendly cream. It works by removing or reducing the presence of scars and stretch marks. Scars can be natural or result of any injury. Many times scar left an unwanted mark on the skin of humans. That is where the Mederma works like magic. It does not damages the skin layer visible from outside in any way.

Protection from dangerous UVA and UVB sunlight

UVA and UVB sunlight can create danger to the human skin. Most of the people are aware about its presence. Mederma works in the way to provide a definite protection from UVA and UVB damage. Because of its protective layer, it throws back the sunlight from the surface of the skin.

Cost-effective solution

Huge number of people is dealing with scar and stretch mark related problems. Some can afford costly solution. However, others cannot. Mederma is the cost-effective solution for a budget bound individual. Male and female, both can use the effectiveness of Mederma cream. This cream costs lesser than laser and other new age treatments.

Painless solution for scar treatment

There are new treatments claiming the successful treatment of scars and stretch marks. This is completely untrue in nature. This is because nothing on this earth can do by removing them. All the treatments are targeted to lower the visibility of the scars and stretch marks. Mederma works like the same way. Other treatments are associated with pain, but Mederma is not.


Mederma is available all over the world. People can purchase this product from any type of medical shop. There are no shortages of this cream. Just because of the dedication of the pharmaceutical company working endlessly to improve this scar solution.

Easy to apply

Mederma using is too easy. Simple process can be carried out like other cream or gel based products. One thing to remember is that Mederma must be applied with an applicator.

Risk free option

Mederma is safe to use. No types of risks are attached with this cream. People can apply it anytime they wish through the fixed way.

A Perfect result

The result of using Mederma cream can be experienced after the continuous usage for eight or more weeks. This time amount is required for any type of scars.

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