Medicinal Plants List

Medicinal plants are the plants that have natural medicinal properties, which can help in the treatment and prevention of certain disorders. The properties of a medicinal plant are often similar to the properties of the conventional pharmaceutical drugs. However, most of the medicinal plants are considered safer as they are obtained from the natural sources and contain no harmful chemicals.

Human beings have been using medicinal plants for treating several disorders since several centuries. Throughout the history, the mention of the use of several medicinal plants can be found as a complete cure or palliative treatment for an illness. The use of medicinal plants was also prevalent in the Ayurveda and Ancient Chinese medicine, which is practiced even today.

Typically, the pharmaceutical drugs, which are produced in a laboratory to treat an illness, are modeled after the compounds found in the medicinal plants.

The commonly used medicinal plants include the spices, which are revered for their strong medicinal properties owing mainly to the essential oils present in them. The medicinal plants have essential oils in their seeds and other tissues, which prevent molds, bacteria, and other microbes from growing. The other parts of the medicinal plants that can be used for treating diseases include leaves, flowers, bark and even stem.

Medicinal plants can be used to treat a wide range of acute and chronic diseases including diabetes, skin diseases, cancer, infertility, and hypertension. They can also be used to improve the physical and mental abilities of a person. They can increase the overall fitness and stamina of a person with their rich nutritional content and improve the cognitive and intellectual functions of the brain.

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