Merudand Vasti Spinal Vasti

Merudanda means spine and Vasti means oil bath or application. It is a healing therapy especially designed to treat acute back pain and innumerable disorders related to spine. This therapy can also be termed as internal cleansing of spine. It is a complete package involving special massage techniques, ayurvedic oils and steam bath.

In Spinal Basti, warm oil is kept over the whole length of the spine with herbal past boundary. During the procedure, the temperature of the oil is kept ideal.

Merudanda Vasti – an all stop solution for spinal disorders

Merudanda vasti employs the usage of high-end techniques wherein a dough dam filled with warm replenished herbal oil is kept on the spine region. Some treatment centers combine medicated herbal oils with essential oils of aromatherapy for an effective result. The dough dam is kept on the spine region for some time and then it is removed for an intensive massage emphasizing on the marma points located in the entire spine region. This massage aids in optimization of the therapy. Marma points when massaged by putting adequate amount of pressure release vital energy that attains a momentum for circulating itself through all the energy systems and channels. The duration for the entire session is 45 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes. This therapy is followed by asanas (exercises).


The following essential checkpoints one should keep in mind while undergoing Merudanda Vasti.

  1. Eating for 1-2 hours prior to this therapy is strictly prohibited.
  2. Spine should be given proper rest after the treatment. There should not be any kind of haste in moving to the next step i.e. exercise. According to proven reports, minimum one-hour rest is compulsory.
  3. If any therapist claims to heal your spinal problems at the very first session, please do not get misguided. This therapy requires repetitive sitting for 3-14 days for optimal results, sometimes even more, depending on how crucial the conditions are.

Indications of Merudanda (Spinal) Basti

This ayurvedic procedure and therapy is indicated in following diseases:

  • Tiredness of Back
  • Relaxation Purposes for those who bears stress at Back or whose job is sitting.
  • Back muscles fatigue
  • Backache
  • Neck pain
  • Low back pain
  • Cervical Spondylosis
  • Degenerative vertebral diseases
  • Disc prolapsed
  • Spinal disc herniation


Let us have a look at the enormous benefits offered by this wondrous therapy:

Merudanda Vasti is widely known for treating problems of slipped disc, prolapsed disc, muscle pain, spasms, injuries, spinal degeneration, spondylosis, arthritis, paralysis, nervous disorder, etc to name a few. Any sort of problem associated with low or mid back can be treated with the help of this traditional treatment method.

Spine, being the most vital region of our body; need utmost care. All the nerves of our body connect to spine; therefore, for a healthy living it is mandatory to have a flexible spine free from stress. This sensitive region demands to be handled with generosity and tenderness.  Any sort of negligence in this aspect can bring about fatal consequences. Thus, you should always seek advice from an expert. You will certainly be benefited from this therapy; all you need is a little faith on your therapist and his experience.

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