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Mrit Sanjeevani Sura (Mritasanjeevani arishta)

Mrit Sanjeevani Sura (also Mritasanjeevani arishta) is a unique ayurvedic liquid medicine used for fever, debility, nightfall in men, indigestion, anorexia nervosa, loss of appetite and aphrodisiac purposes.

It improves weight, body strength and digestion. It is also used in women during postpartum period to reduce stress, depression and physical weakness.

Mrit sanjeevani sura is acclaimed helpful in dying person, so it is given name of mritasanjivani. It contains self-generated alcohol, which is normally higher than the normal asava and arista in Ayurveda.

Vernacular Names

  1. Mritasanjeevani sura
  2. Sanjeevani sura
  3. Sanjivani Sura
  4. Mruta Sanjeevani sura
  5. Mrtasanjivani sura

Mrit Sanjeevani Sura ingredients

Old Jaggery or Gur5.89%
Babbula barkAcacia arabica0.46%
VasakaAdhatoda vasica0.23%
MocharasaBombax ceiba Exudate0.23%
LajjaliMimosa pudica0.23%
AtivishaAconitum heterophyllum0.23%
AshwagandhaWithania somnifera0.23%
DevadaruCedrus deodara0.23%
BilvaAegle marmelos0.23%
ShyonakaOroxylum indicum0.23%
PatalaStereospermum suaveolens0.23%
ShalaparniDesmodium gangeticum0.23%
PrishnaparniUraria picta0.23%
BrihatiSolanum indicum0.23%
KantakariSolanum xanthocarpum0.23%
GokshuraTribulus terrestris0.23%
IndravaruniCitrullus colocynthis0.23%
KolaZiziphus jujuba0.23%
ErandaRicinus communis0.23%
PunarnavaBoerhaavia diffusa0.23%
Betel nut0.74%
DaturaDatura metel0.046%
PadmakaPrunus cerasoides0.046%
UsheeraVetivera zizanioides0.046%
Red sandalwoodPterocarpus marsupium0.046%
SaunfFoeniculum vulgare0.046%
YamaniTrachyspermum ammi0.046%
Black pepper0.046%
White caraway seed0.046%
ShatiHedychium spicatum0.046%
Jatamamsi (spikenard)Nardostachys jatamansi0.046%
Cardamom (Elachi)0.046%
NagarmothaCyperus rotundus0.046%
GranthiparniLeonotis nepetifolia0.046%
Fenugreek – Methi0.046%
MeshashringiGymnema Sylvestre0.046%
White sandalwoodSantalum album0.046%

Note: Ingredients and quantity given above are  taken before preparation in provided ratio. It does not apply to the end product after the preparation. After preparation, ingredients quantity changes and it may include self-generated alcohol too in about 15%.

Therapeutic Indications

Mrit Sanjeevani Sura is therapeutically indicated in following diseases:

  1. High fever
  2. Restlessness due to high fever
  3. Nightfall in men
  4. General debility or physical weakness
  5. Cholera or severe watery diarrhea
  6. In women, during postpartum period for strengthening body and reducing pain and fever
  7. Loss of libido in men
  8. During winter to keep the body warm
  9. Indigestion or loss of appetite after fever

Mrit Sanjivani Sura produces warmness in the body, so it is used in winter season. In cholera, after a severe watery stools body becomes cool and then it is prescribed.

Benefits & Uses

Mrit Sanjeevani Sura health benefits and uses are given below:


Mrit Sanjeevani Sura is beneficial in cholera when patient’s body become cool after several loose stools and dehydration. It brings the warmness in the body and helps to retain the water in the body.

Restlessness in fever

In some chronic fevers and acute high-grade fever, some patients feel restlessness and irritation. It is effective in reducing restlessness that occurs due to fever.

Weakness after nightfall in men

Many men combat with weakness due to frequent nightfall. However, sanjeevani sura does not cure the problem of nightfall, but it helps in general weakness due to it.

Loss of libido in men

Mrit Sanjeevani Sura is aphrodisiac and libido booster in action, so it helps to improve the libido flow in men.

In women during postpartum period

Mrit Sanjeevani Sura helps reducing symptoms appear in some women during postpartum period. It helps in weakness, stress, depression, backache, vertigo, abdominal distention, loose stool, indigestion, etc. in women after delivery.

Cough & Asthma

Sanjeevani Sura is also a bronchodilator, so it helps in acute attacks of asthma and persistent cough.

In winter

Mrut Sanjeevani Sura is also used in winter for nourishment purposes. It also produces warmth in the body, which helps combating cold season.

Mruta Sanjeevani sura dosage

The classical dosage of Mrit Sanjeevani Sura is as follows.
Adults6 to 24 ml
Maximum Possible Dosage48 ml Per Day (in divided doses)
Doses: Twice a day with the equal amount of water
Best Time to Take: After Food

Note: Sometimes, it is recommended in a dosage of 20 to 60 drops. This dosage is suitable for preventive purposes. However, 6 ml twice daily is a minimum dosage for therapeutic uses. In classical texts, 6 to 24 ml dosage is recommended for Mrit Sanjeevani Sura.

Side effects & Disadvantages

The excess use of Mrit Sanjeevani Sura can result in following side effects.

  1. Loose stools
  2. Drowsiness
  3. Upset stomach
  4. Headaches
  5. Mild nausea

These side effects are more common in women as compared to men.

Warning & Caution

Mrit Sanjivani Sura may cause adverse effects, so it should not be taken without consulting herbal or ayurvedic physician.

It contains approx. 15% self-generated alcohol. According to Drugs & cosmetic Act, manufacturers cannot exceed alcohol content from 16% percent in mritsanjivani sura. It is available in maximum allowed packing of 30 ml.


  • Baidyanath
  • Dabur
  • Rajan Ayurvedics
  • Leo Pharma


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