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Nature Cure is a science of natural healing in which natural measures are used for preventing, curing, treating, and managing all diseases. Originally, it is pure ancient ayurveda – the science of life without potent medicines. It is an easier form of ayurvedic therapies.

Also known as- Natural Cure,Naturotherapy and Naturopathy.

Food as Medicine

Food as Medicine
Food as Medicine

 “Food is a medicine” is an ayurvedic concept. Ayurveda says –

“When diet is correct, there is no need of any medicine. If the diet is wrong, there is no medicine that can provide relief.”

In Nature Cure, we use food as medicine. We correct the dietary habits and recommend the diet that is very close to nature. So, we advise Raw Food Therapy. You should eat a maximum of fruits, vegetables, and salad that you can eat without cooking. Cooking food should be very minimal as much as possible.

The foods which you cannot eat without cooking, you should not eat. The simple law is – you should eat food as nature presents it to you.

Body Detoxification

The body requires timely detoxification. According to Ayurveda, toxins develops and accumulates in the body, which results in different diseases based on the weakening of a specific organ where they accumulate. In Ayurveda, we call it Ama Dosha.

So, we require detoxification to prevent, cure, treat and manage diseases.

Sometimes, nature also tries to eliminate them in the form of diarrhea, vomiting, sweating, sneezing and running nose whenever they aggravate beyond their limits in a specific organ system.

Ayurveda believes – Prevention is better than a cure. So, ayurveda advise daily routine, seasonal routine, Achara Rasayana and several other things to keep you healthy.

Sometimes, we also need to assist nature for cleansing and removing toxins from our body. So, ayurveda recommends detoxification. In ayurvedic and yoga literature, there are several detoxification therapies are described and some of them became part of Nature Cure.

So, the point is we should assist nature for the detoxification whenever possible and necessary. For detoxification, the following therapies are used in Nature Cure.

  1. Fasting.
  2. Massage.
  3. Pranayama.
  4. Sunbath.
  5. Steam Bath.
  6. Therapeutic Baths.
  7. Cold Wet Pack (Wet Bandage).
  8. Hot Wet Pack (Wet Bandage).
  9. Enema – Easier form of Basti Treatment of Ayurveda.
  10. Dry Earth Bath.
  11. Wet Earth Bath.
  12. Mud Bath.


Your body is capable to heal itself. However, sometimes, it needs your assistance. There is a kind of vital energy. In Yoga Science, we call it Prana Shakti. It is a unique energy, called a vital force or vital energy guides physical processes such as reproduction, metabolism, adaptation, and growth. Vital energy assists in self-healing. Your body can heal itself without any medicine. You just need to stop food intake and do some natural healing practices.

Nature Cure supports a holistic approach with non-persistent healing and usually keeps away from the application of surgery and medicines. It concentrates on naturally happening matters, modestly insidious techniques, which are effective and much safer than chemical based medicines and invasive surgical procedures.

Basics of Nature Cure

  1. Nature is a supreme healer. The human body has its own curing power. It helps to prevent several diseases. Modern science name it – immunity. It also assists you to recover health if you fall sick.
  2. All diseases have almost the same causes. So, the same treatment is helpful.
  3. Ama Dosha: The source of all infections and disease is one – Ama Dosha – toxins developed and accumulated in different organ system in the body. Therefore, removing toxins from the body is the primary healing strategy in Nature Cure. These toxins weaken your system. So, they are the main cause of all illnesses. Bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms go into and stay alive in the human body only following the buildup of these toxins in your body. Therefore, the fundamental cause of the illness is Ama Dosha and microorganisms are the secondary causes.
  4. Sensitive ailments are self-curing efforts of the human body. Therefore, they are friends, not rivals. Constant ailments are the result of incorrect treatment and repression of the acute ailments.
  5. Ayurveda treats the whole body of the patient, not only a disease. Same is adopted in Nature Cure.
  6. Nature Cure provides fast relief because it doesn’t suppress the toxins inside the body, it removes from the body. So, you are also protected from all possible diseases, which may occur due to toxin accumulation.
  7. Nature cure treats all aspects of health including physical, mental, social and spiritual health at the same time.

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