Nature Cure

Basic Principles of Nature Cure

Basic Principles of Nature Cure include:

  1. Ayurveda is the mother of natural cure but one difference is that natural cure does not include medicines.
  2. All diseases have the same origin. So, treatment is also the same. All causes, diseases, and treatments are the same, but the presentations are different.
  3. Acute illnesses are not harmful. In fact, they are our friend. Our body eliminates toxins from the body and cures the disease of its roots.
  4. Suppression of symptoms is not a cure. Releasing symptoms from root cause is the main treatment.
  5. Nature is the best healer. So, your body is capable of healing it from ill health. Nature itself is a cure for all diseases. We just need to follow some natural laws to restore health.
  6. Nature cure treats the whole body and mind, not the symptoms. Therefore, it is a complete cure for health issues.
  7. Nature Cure treats the whole body, not merely a disease.
  8. Nature Cure also helps to eliminate suppressed disease.
  9. No modern medicine should be given to the patient while Nature Cure Treatment.
  10. All diseases occur due to ignorance toward nature. The following natural laws again aid to restore lost health. If natural laws are followed, there are very fewer chances of occurrence of diseases.
  11. Microorganisms only cause disease, when people ignore natural laws of living and follow an unhealthy lifestyle. Therefore, we cannot say that microbes cause disease when we make mistakes.
  12. Chronic ailments develop slowly and treatment for them takes time. Some experts say that if a person suffers from a disease from six months, treatment may take time near about three months.
  13. Modern sciences suppress diseases, which come to the surface during natural cure treatment procedures and after that person gets a permanent cure.

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