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Nature Cure Therapies

Nature Cure Therapies

Nature Cure Therapies are based on Five Element Theory and Food is Medicine Theory of Ayurveda. It consists of 8 types of therapies.

  1. Ether Element Therapies.
  2. Air Element Therapies.
  3. Fire (Sun) Element Therapies.
  4. Water Element Therapies.
  5. Earth Element Therapies.
  6. Food Therapy.
  7. Lifestyle Modification.
  8. Meditation Therapy.

Ether Element Therapies

Ether therapy includes:

  1. Celibacy
  2. Self-control
  3. Healthy lifestyle
  4. Mental discipline
  5. Use of will power to cure diseases
  6. Rest & relaxation
  7. Fasting
  8. Sound sleep

Air Element Therapies

Air therapy includes

  1. Morning walks
  2. Swar control (control on inhalation & exhalation)
  3. Massage
  4. Exercises
  5. Hatha yoga
  6. Yogic breathing
  7. Yoga poses

Fire Element Therapies or Sun Therapies

It includes:

  1. Color therapy
  2. Sun rays’ therapy
  3. Sun bath
  4. Steam bath
  5. Hot hip bath
  6. Hot fomentation
  7. Use of hot water bottles for pain

Water Element Therapies

Water therapy is famous all around the world. It includes:

  1. Drinking water in the morning on empty stomach
  2. Habit of daily water bath
  3. Use of cold water
  4. Use of mineral water
  5. Shower bath
  6. Spinal bath
  7. Sitz bath
  8. Eyewash
  9. Cold wet bandage
  10. Use of wet sheet packs
  11. Water enema
  12. Herbal water enema

Earth Element Therapies

Earth therapy includes:

  1. Walking barefoot on the earth
  2. Lying or sitting on the earth
  3. Application of dry or wet earth clay over the body
  4. Mud bath
  5. Bandages of hot earth mud
  6. Bandages of cold earth mud
  7. Eating sand

Food Therapy

If you are suffering from any disease, the naturopath will recommend some specific food to eat and advise you to avoid some of the food items. It is the diet planning or food therapy. It is also known as treatment by food. It includes:

  1. Dietary recommendations
  2. Dietary restrictions
  3. Balanced diet or balanced nutrition
  4. Use of more fibers in the meal
  5. Use of vitamins and minerals
  6. Mono diet therapy
  7. Avoiding harmful combination of food e.g. curd with vegetables, sour fruits with pulses etc.
  8. Yogic diet
  9. Buttermilk therapy
  10. Milk therapy
  11. Vegetarian foods
  12. Daily dietary regimen
  13. Seasonal dietary regimen
  14. Fruits therapy
  15. Fruit juices
  16. Vegetable Salad
  17. Use of honey
  18. Sprouts of seeds
  19. Intake of uncooked food

Nature cure is superior to all modalities of health sciences due to these eight natural elements, which have no side effect or after effect. However, yoga therapy is also one of its parts, but it covers under the air therapy as many breathing exercises and body postures are used in yoga therapy to heal or cure diseases.

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