Navaka Guggulu (Vyoshadi Guggulu or Dashang Guggul)

Navaka Guggulu (also called Vyoshadi Guggulu and Dashang Guggul) is anti-obesity and antihyperlipidemic ayurvedic medicine. It reduces elevated lipids – cholesterol, triglycerides, low-density lipoprotein etc. It helps to manage the body weight by reducing the fat accumulation and improving the fat metabolism and its usability. It is also used for the management of the Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Navaka Guggulu vs. Medohar Guggul

Navaka Guggulu is often confused with Medohar Guggul because all ingredients are same, but the quantity of Shuddha Guggulu is 50% in Navaka Guggul and 10% in Medohar Guggul. Other ingredients in Medohar Guggul are also 10% each whereas around 5.55% each in Navaka Guggul.

Therefore, Navak Guggul has more antihyperlipidemic action than Medohar Guggul. Navak Guggul is more beneficial in Rheumatoid Arthritis because of the high Guggulu content.

Ingredients (Composition)

Shuddha Guggulu50% (9 Parts)
Kali Mirch (Black Pepper) – Piper Nigrum5.55% (1 Part)
Sonth (dried ginger root) – Zingiber Officinale5.55% (1 Part)
Pippali (Long Pepper) – Pepper Longum5.55% (1 Part)
Mustak (Nagarmotha or Nutgrass) – Cyperus rotundus5.55% (1 Part)
Chitrak root – Plumbago Zeylanica5.55% (1 Part)
Haritaki – Terminalia Chebula5.55% (1 Part)
Bibhitaki – Terminalia Bellirica5.55% (1 Part)
Amla (Indian Gooseberry) – Emblica Officinalis5.55% (1 Part)
Vaividang (False Black Pepper) – Embelia Ribes5.55% (1 Part)
Cow’s GheeQ.S.

Pharmacological Actions

All ingredients in Navaka Guggulu pacify Kapha Dosha and affect the Vata Dosha. It has potent antihyperlipidemic action. It also burns the fat by improving its metabolism and usability.

Medicinal Properties

  • Antihyperlipidemic
  • Anti-obesity
  • Carminative
  • Analgesic
  • Anti-inflammatory

Ayurvedic Properties

GUNA (Main Quality)LAGHU (Light), USHNA (Hot), RUKSHA (Dry)
VIRYA (Potency)USHNA (Hot)
PRABHAVA (Action)Anti-obesity
Dhatu (Tissue) EffectRASA, MEDAS, ASTHI
Organs EffectFatty Tissue, Liver, Stomach, Intestines, Bones & Joints
Main IndicationObesity

Therapeutic Indications

Navaka Guggulu is used in following health conditions:

  1. Obesity
  2. Kapha Diseases
  3. Rheumatoid Arthritis
  4. Hyperlipidemia, Dyslipidemia, Hypercholesterolemia
  5. Fatty Liver Disease (Hepatic Steatosis)

Benefits & Medicinal Uses

Navaka Guggulu boosts fat burning by modulating the fat metabolism and its usability. Most obese people have slow metabolic rate. It helps to improves the metabolic rate and discourage the body to store more fat.

The second action is on the liver. Poor liver functions may be the hidden cause of obesity and obesity may also lead to poor liver functions. The condition is called fatty liver disease and it is present in many obese people. Navaka Guggulu also improves the liver functions, reduces the storage of the fat in liver cells, prevents and treats the fatty liver disease and ultimately reduces the fat storage in the body and promotes weight loss.

Dosage & Administration

The general dosage of Navaka Guggulu (Vyoshadi Guggulu) is as follows.
Children500 mg to 2 grams
Adults1 gram to 4 grams
Maximum Possible Dosage8 grams Per Day (in divided doses)
* Twice a day with lukewarm water
Best Time to Take: An hour after meal
Note: The classical dosage of Navaka Guggul seems to be very high, but the low dosage has little effects on the body weight. If patient has no Pitta condition, then an optimum dosage should be used for maximum benefits.

Safety Profile

Navaka Guggulu is considerably safe and well-tolerated in most individual when taken in recommended dosage as discussed above and under professional supervision.

Side Effects

In people with Kapha body type or Kapha symptoms, there are no side effects observed with Navaka Guggulu. Some people suffering from Pitta conditions can experience following side effects:

  • Heartburn
  • Acid Reflux
  • Burning sensation
  • Vertigo (very rare)

Pregnancy & Lactation

Navaka Guggulu is not advisable during pregnancy. Lactating mothers should take under professional supervision if recommended.


There are no absolute contraindications for Navaka Guggulu.

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