Apricot – Prunus Armeniaca (Jardalu, Khubani or Khumani)

Apricots are small yellow colored beautiful fruits with the goodness of various nutrients. Discover the amazing health benefits that are provided by this delightful fruit. Know some amazing facts and nutrient composition of apricots that makes it so healthy and different from rest of the fruits. You can also learn some different and healthy ways to eat apricot without being guilty. After reading so many health benefits of this power-packed fruit you will be forced to make apricot a part of your daily diet.

Sanshamani Vati (Guduchi Ghana Vati)

Sanshamani Vati is useful in fevers of various underlying reasons and liver disorders. It helps in chronic fevers and burning sensation. It increases appetite and corrects digestive functions.
Find authentic Information about uses and benefits of Sanshamani Vati including its dosage, side effects, indications & contraindications.