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Peas – Health Benefits, Contraindications and facts

Peas or Green peas are considered as a powerhouse of nutrition. They contain essential amino acids, lysine and cysteine. Peas include many essential nutrients like Vitamin B, Vitamin E, also starch, fats and proteins. They also help in treatment of many health diseases, so we can use peas in diet therapy as well.

Peas are consumed all around the world as a vegetable, however botanically they are considered as a fruit. Peas are low fat food, taste sweet and are very important to improve metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Researchers have proved that peas have omega-3 fats, which play a very important role in functioning of brain and improving health of heart. Nutritional value of peas depends mainly on amount of intake as everything in this world has its pros and cons.

Health benefits of peas

Fight against Diseases

It helps to prevent and fight against various heart diseases and controls high blood pressure. Many ingredients present in peas helps reducing cholesterol, which is major factor responsible for heart diseases. In treatment of thyroid diseases, anemia and chronic constipations, peas play a very important role. People who suffer from constipation must consume foods, which are rich in fiber. Peas are rich in fiber and can help you to overcome this problem.

Good for Bones

Peas are full of Vitamin K & Vitamin D, which ultimately helps in absorbing calcium and also helps to prevent osteoporosis and strengthens the bone. Vitamin K present in peas helps us in prevention of harmful diseases such as Arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease.

Useful in Weight loss

Peas are a source of fiber and vitamins and are low in calories. Since they are rich in fiber, it makes us feel full for a long time that ultimately results in eating less and manages our weight. It is a great source of dietary fiber, helps weight management, and is best for those who are trying to maintain a healthy weight.

Good for our Immune System

It includes high amount of iron and Vitamin C and many other nutrients, which improves our immunity and making us capable of fighting against infections and diseases. This improves our digestion system and ultimately resulting in less stomach and digestive disorders. It is considered as best blood sugar regulation food.

Less chance of Cancer

As peas are rich in vitamins, fibers and antioxidants, it keeps our body healthy and reduces risk of cancer. It contains a health protective polyphenol coumestrol that reduces risk of stomach cancer. Vitamin A & Vitamin C present in peas prevents development of almost all type of cancers- lungs, prostate, breast, ovarian and pancreatic. A study in Mexico City has proved that consumption of green peas lowers risk of stomach cancer. Peas are said to give relief to ulcer pains as they help ‘use up’ stomach acids.

Skin benefits

These have high amount of antioxidants (catechin, flavonoids) and thus help to prevent sign of aging. They are also use to improve the complexion of skin. Antioxidant present in peas helps in prevention of wrinkles and helps you in getting fairer and healthy skin. We all know whatever we eat is reflected on our body and skin. Consumption of peas can certainly help you in getting healthy skin. Eat peas and have Glowing Skin.

Good for Eyes

Peas are helpful for your eye health; they include anti-oxidant flavonoids like lutein, which is considered very important in improving Eyesight. Doctors all around the world for maintaining healthy vision recommend green peas.

Reduces Depression

In peas, there is an important ingredient Folate, which has a positive impact on our mental health. Doctors usually advise depressed people to take food, which are high in antioxidants, which peas have in bulk.

Benefits to Pregnant Women

Peas are rich in iron and are very useful for pregnant or lactating women who often face problem of lack of iron. Doctor’s suggestion and advice should be taken into consideration as every individual has different body symptoms.

Doctors and health experts say we should not overcook peas in order to avail maximum benefits from peas. These add lots of flavor and considered as a good substitute for high calorie food. There are many ways to consume peas however best is to have them in salads and include and puree them into soups. As compared to cowpeas and beans, peas are comparatively low in calories and high in protein.

Peas provide good health and many nutritional benefits regular intake of these can fight against fatigue it also is important for proper functioning of cardiovascular system and ensures proper blood cell formulation.

Side Effects & Contraindications of Peas

Calcium loss

However, vitamin D content of peas helps to preserve bone mass, but excess intake of peas can also result in loss of calcium in your body. Peas are full of protein and when there is excess of protein in the body, to overcome this calcium from our bones is consumed this results in making the bones weak and causes loss of calcium in the body.

Uric acid or patient with gout

Consuming excess peas can buildup uric acid in the body, which may cause Gout (which is a buildup of uric acids in a joint causing severe pain). One must consult with doctor or physician before including peas in their meal as it may have adverse effect on your body.

Facts about Peas

You must also know certain important facts regarding Peas:

  1. Canada is the largest producer and exporter of Peas in the world.
  2. Green Peas are available in fresh, canned and in frozen packaging.
  3. Research says green peas are in existence for almost thousand years.
  4. No matter the season, freshly garden peas are available throughout the year.
  5. Many historians believe, it was the first food crop cultivated by humans.
  6. A 100-calorie serving of peas (three quarters of a cup) contains more protein than a whole egg.

Green Peas have great health benefits because they contain nutrients and useful in fighting diseases, but contraindicated in uric acid and calcium loss. One must include peas in their diet and daily meals; these are not just tasty and possess nutrients they are asset for your health and will help you to overcome and fight against many health disorders and disease.

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