Bhasma & Pishti


Definition of Pishti

The medicine prepared from detoxified and purified drug substance by grinding in the mortar and pestle with liquid medicine like rose water etc. is called Pishti in ayurveda.

Pishti is a fine powder of medicine that absorbs in human body easily and has similar efficacy like Bhasma medicines.

Some Pishtis are kept under the light of the moon for improving their cooling characters. The cooling characters mean it is likely to reduce the heat and burning sensation in the body. Some may be kept under sunlight.

The same purified drug substances can be used for making Pishti as used for making Bhasma. The difference is in preparation method and cooling potency.

Absorption & Assimilation

Like Bhasma, Pishti also has quick absorption and assimilation because of micro-fine particles. It is gentler in action than Bhasma medicines.

Gemstones are preferred for making Pishti than Bhasma because it is traditionally believed that making Bhasma can cause loss of money and peace of mind. However, Pishti calms the mind and improves mental energies.

Pishti Preparation Method

Purification: The first step involved is purification and detoxification of drug substance. The methods can vary as per basic ingredient used for making Pishti.

Grinding: The drug substance is crushed and then ground to make a fine powder. The prescribed liquid substance added in mortar and ground for the whole day. In the night, some Pishtis are advised to keep in the moonlight. The process is repeated for seven days or until the preparation of micro fine Pishti.

Liquids used for making Pishti

  • Rose water (GULAB JAL)
  • Distillate of KEVADA (Screwpine) flower – KEVADA Arq
  • Banana leaf juice
  • Chandanadi Arq

Recognition of Pishti Quality

The final product, called Pishti, is tested by rubbing it between the index finger and thumb. It should have the feel of fine powder and enter in the lines of fingers. This test is helpful for recognition of the quality of well-prepared Pishti.

Pishti may have different colors depending on the ingredient (drug substance) used for making it.

Expiry of Pishti

According to ayurveda, Pishti has no expiry. It preserves its potency indefinitely.

Preservation & Storage

Pishti medicines should be stored in airtight glass bottles and it should be prevented from moisture and water.

List of Pishti Medicines

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