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Pitta Body Type (Pitta Constitution) – Pitta Prakriti

The predominance of Pitta Dosha in body constitution is called Pitta Body Type. It is also known as Pitta Constitution and Pitta Prakriti.

Pitta Body Type Characteristics

The qualities of Pitta Dosha determine your physical and mental characteristics.

IRSHEETA SNIGADH (Slightly Viscous or Oily)Soft skin, delicate face, slightly oily skin and slightly oily hairs, which make your skin adequately lubricated, smooth movement of joints, hair fall, acne, baldness
USHNA (Hot)Strong digestive capacity, warm body, red palate, red lips, red tongue, burning sensation, mouth ulcers, hyperacidity, anger and irritation
TIKSHNA (Sharp or Penetrating power)Sharp, brilliant, intelligent mind, Very good appetite, very good digestion, sharp vision and viewpoints, logical reasoning, determination
DRAVA (Liquid or Fluid)Adequate gastric juices, adequate secretion of bile, excessive sweating, and  bleeding disorders
AMAL (Sour)Good digestion, appropriate secretion of gastric acid, burning sensation, sour taste of mouth, acid reflux
KATU (Pungent)Higher metabolic rate, and digestive

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Physical Characteristics of Pitta Body Type

  1. Medium Body built
  2. Medium Physical strength
  3. Average appearance
  4. High-pitched, but clear voice
  5. White complexion with yellowish or reddish tinge
  6. Average walking speed
  7. Forehead appears medium
  8. Chest appear medium
  9. Medium eyes
  10. Eye sclera appears white with yellowish or pink tinge
  11. Eyelashes appear scanty and thin, but not dry
  12. Tongue appears red
  13. Teeth alignment appears slightly irregular
  14. Face appears delicate and soft
  15. Taste of mouth can be bitter or sour
  16. Veins are not significantly prominent
  17. Abdomen is moderately developed
  18. Average body weight
  19. Skin is thin, soft, warm and delicate
  20. Hairs are thin and soft
  21. Nails are pinkish
  22. Appetite is very good
  23. Eating in large quantity and Eating food too frequently
  24. Feel excessive thirst, drink water in very large quantity
  25. Moderate sleep
  26. Pulse is fast and warm
  27. Frequent bowel movement and prone to loose motions
  28. Menstrual flow is profuse
  29. Menstrual blood is red and foul smelling

Mental Characteristics

  1. Good conscience
  2. Somewhat stable mind
  3. Moderate control over mind
  4. Moderately strong mind
  5. A little contentment in the life
  6. A little mental tolerance
  7. A little resistant to mental strain
  8. Brilliant
  9. Fair memory
  10. Fair attentiveness
  11. Fair concentration
  12. Fairly steady thoughts
  13. Good grasping power
  14. Good in short-term tasks
  15. Courageous
  16. Adventurous
  17. Brave
  18. Highly influence by praise


  1. A little calmness – frequent aggressive behavior
  2. A little constructiveness
  3. A little non-violence
  4. A little of forgiving nature

Social Characteristics

  1. A few Friends (Trustworthy 5 to 10)
  2. Speaking publicly or on stage is excellent
  3. Likely to be liked by other people – a few people like them
  4. A little trustworthy
  5. Little long-lasting relationships
  6. A little religiousness
  7. A little of good conduct
  8. A little kindness
  9. A little helping nature
  10. Somewhat Quarrelsome
  11. A little truthfulness
  12. Often grateful
  13. Talkative

Best Environment

  • Cold climate

Emotional Characteristics

  1. Hyper-excited
  2. Hyperactive
  3. Become angry quickly with sudden outburst of anger (lose temper); anger lasts for a while
  4. Get scared quickly
  5. Little mood swings
  6. Happy
  7. Have moderate control over urge of having physical relations

Common Problems with Pitta Body Type

It does not mean you will have these problems, but when Pitta Dosha will be in excess or aggravated, it may cause following problems or diseases:

  1. Hypersensitivity to sun
  2. Vertigo
  3. Light-headedness
  4. Headache with burning sensation
  5. Limited libido
  6. Inability to bear light
  7. Stomatitis, mouth ulcer
  8. Wrinkles
  9. Moles
  10. Early graying of hair
  11. Hair Fall
  12. Hair loss
  13. Baldness
  14. Excessive Sweating
  15. Foul smell in sweat
  16. Excessive menstrual flow or profuse menstruation
  17. Early menstruation
  18. Foul smelling bleeding with menstruation
  19. Diarrhea
  20. Short temper
  21. Excessive food cravings
  22. Heartburn
  23. Hyperacidity
  24. Oily skin
  25. Acne
  26. Bleeding gums
  27. Bleeding disorders
  28. Excessive thirst

Note: You will not have all characteristics of Pitta Body Type as described in this article. It is because it is applicable to pure Pitta Constitution, which is very rare. You will also have some proportion of other Dosha along with Pitta in your body that can alter or neutralize the effects of each other. The predominance in Pitta Dosha represents that you will have maximum of Pitta Body Type Characteristics.

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