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Herbal Remedies

In this section, we have discussed medicinal plants according to diseases, symptoms and health conditions.

Herbal remedies are prepared from a single herb or several herbs. The formula and the method of preparation of herbal remedies differ based on the herbs used and the desired form of the final product.

Herbal remedies have their origins in the ancient cultures of several countries including India, Egypt, and China. These medicines help in enhancing the general health and wellbeing of a person in a safe and natural way by making use of the medicinal properties of the herbs.

The herbs have several potent ingredients, which have the ability to restore health through a variety of mechanisms. They help to protect the different organs and tissues in the body by producing anti-inflammatory and antioxidant actions. The herbal remedies also provide the body with a number of vitamins and minerals, which help in maintaining the proper functioning of all the systems and also, prevent the risk of deficiencies and malnourishment.

Several pharmaceutical drugs are formulated based on the chemical composition of these herbal remedies. These drugs are the synthesized versions of the naturally occurring compounds present in the plants.

However, the herbal remedies are considered superior to the modern pharmaceutical medications as the pharmaceutical drugs are prepared from the synthesized versions of the natural active ingredients in the plant. Hence, there is a risk of these active ingredients losing their impact and becoming less safe, when produced in a laboratory or used in isolation from the other parts of the plant. Hence, the use of herbal remedies is considered safer.

Herbal remedies are available in different forms such as tablets, powders, ointments, gels, and syrups.