Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is applicable to the following sites:


Note: “Website”, “Our websites” or “these websites” means the websites listed above in the list.

These websites are operated under the supervision of Dr. Jagdev Singh.

Purpose of Privacy Policy

We provide the privacy policy to help you understanding the nature and kinds of the information gathered by the website or third party when you visit our websites. We also explain in this policy how we may use or disclose the information, how you can correct, control or update the information.

Personal Information

The phrase “Personal Information” is used for the information about your full name, email ID, address, phone number etc.

Accepting Policies

By using, reading content and visiting this website, you are accepting our privacy policy and terms of service.

When you visit any page of our websites, you expressly consent and agree that we can gather, use and disclose the information according to this privacy policy.

If you do not agree to our privacy policy, please you should not visit, read or use our websites or any page of these websites.

What information do we collect?

We gather information about you in the ways given underneath:

Information that you provide us voluntarily

We collect the personal information when you contact us for any query. The purpose of information received from you is solely for replying your query or providing you the service that you have requested to our team. Other information can be:

  • We can collect information regarding your demography, screen size, operating system of your device, full name, email address, password and your interests about topics.
  • If you sign up for receiving newsletters, you may provide us the email ID and your full name.

You can choose not to give us with certain information, but this may stop you from accessing our services and limit your use of the service.

Information that we gather through your use of our websites

Our websites or its third party partners can collect certain information passively through cookies, pixels, log files, IP address, beacons and other technologies and how you use the website and its services. It can also include information about your device you are using including its model and version of operative system and screen size, error logs or crash reports, log information about the session including the time, date and duration of session etc.

We may use this information improving performance of our websites, delivering advertisements, promoting businesses concerned to your cities or locations.

Information that we get from the third parties

We may also use, collect, combine the information received from the third parties and can combine information that we already have or collected from you via our services of site. The third party information may be used for a different purposes including verification of your email ID, mailing address, and phone number, etc or to enhance advertising and content that we can provide to you.

How can we use your information?

Can we use the information provided by you?

Yes, we can use your information one of the following ways:

To improve website quality

We always welcome visitor’s suggestions and try to improve our website continually. Therefore, if you suggest us anything, we can use your comments or advice regarding the improvement of the website. We are striving to enhance the website quality and offerings based on the feedback that we get from you.

To improve customer service

We can use your information to reply your service request or support needs.

Updates & News

As written above, if you subscribe the website, we may use your email ID to send periodic email regarding new publication on the website or send emails for important information published on the website that may be helpful for you. You may receive occasional news and updates from us related to important information about the health and alternative medicines.

To provide the services

We can use your personal information for the following purposes:

  1. Register your requests and provide you access to the specific services
  2. Respond your inquiries and reply to your requests
  3. Administer your account with us if any
  4. Fulfill your requests for services or products if any
  5. Send administrative emails or communications regarding services of the site
  6. Improve site qualities and personalize or tailor the performance, features and support of the services for your use.
  7. Analyze and conduct research on user interactions and data with the website and its services


Our sponsors, advertisement partners, or we can use your personal information for providing or displaying relevant advertisements. We can customize the advertisement based on:

  1. The information provided by you such as age, gender, health interest, etc.
  2. Geographic or location information tracked or determined from your device or computer or tracked through IP address.
  3. Behavioral Advertising – your visits or use of services

Cookie Policy

Cookies Consent: Our website, its third party tools (Analytics, Ads, Media etc.) & sponsors use cookies to deliver services and to personalize the content and ads. By using this website, you agree to the use of cookies.

Using this website means: By reading content, scrolling page, using information, clicking on link, seeing images or continuing to browse otherwise, you agree with our cookies policy.

Why do we use cookies?

These cookies are necessary to track traffic, provide better information and improve quality of the content & user experience on our website. Our sponsors use it for reporting and serving ads on our website.

Our advertising partners, sponsors and we use cookies to personalize content and ads, to analyze our traffic, to provide social media features. We also share information about your use of our website with analytics partners, sponsors, advertising partners and our social media.

Third party Vendors & Cookies use

Third party vendors or advertisers on the website may also use COOKIES or web beacons to serve ads based on prior visits of users on the website or they may also engage in Behavioral Advertising etc.

Third party vendors may also use COOKIE and enable it to serve ads on the websites based on your visits to other sites or prior visits to this website on the internet.


We do not control the use of COOKIES by these third party vendors or advertisers. We do also not have any control what they do with the information that they gather from you. They may have their own privacy policies. Many vendors provide an option to opt out the advertisements, but you may still see some advertisements, but they may not be relevant for you.

Disclosing Information to Third Parties

We may share the information provided by you with the third party if approved by you or under legal circumstances. The operator of the website may also use the information for providing, improving and analyzing the website services.

We do not disclose information to third parties except above statements and reasons.

We respect privacy of our visitors and subscribers. The privacy is our utmost priority. We follow important things written underneath:

  • Any information collected from the users, subscribers or visitors is strictly confidential. Any part of information will neither display on the website nor share by any other means. Information will be secure in our website.
  • Email ID, mobile number, address or any other information of user will be kept securely and we promise that we will never share this information to any third party except above statements and special or legal circumstances.
  • If the website is sold out to any other successor company or party in the future, then that party or company needs to publish a new privacy policy as per rules or terms of that party.
  • We reserve the right to create new terms & conditions and privacy policy at any time without prior notice to its readers, users, subscribers and visitors. Therefore, it will be your liability to review terms & conditions and privacy policy time to time to keep yourself updated with the website.
  • We will not sell, exchange, transfer or give your information to any other firm, company or third party, for any reason whatsoever, without your consent. However, your information may be provided for the express purpose of delivering the purchased service or product requested.
  • We may request you to subscribe the website, which will be solely your decision. If you subscribe the website to your email inbox, every newly published article’s abstract will go to your email inbox, but detail will be available on the website. You can unsubscribe us any time, when you want. In addition, we never send spam emails and send your emails Ids to other parties.
  • If you would like to unsubscribe from periodic emails, you can use the instructions for unsubscribing updates that will be given at the bottom of every periodic email.

However, you can visit our website anonymously, read the articles and get benefits from our information provided on the website, but we do never recommend implementing any health information in your life without getting professional advice or without consulting your family physician.