Ras Tantra Saar va Sidh Prayog Sangrah is an authentic ayurvedic book written and compiled by Swami Shree Krishan Nand Ji Maharaj. This book is authentic ayurvedic text that helps reader and ayurvedic students to understand the basic nature of each formulation, uses and ingredients.

Ayurveda aspirants can find an experienced based detailed description of each bhasma, rasa, churna, purification process of drugs, kupipakwa rasayana, parpati rasayana, guggul preparations, gutika (ayurvedic tablets), kashayam, asava arishta, arka, lehyam (aveleha), sharbat, medicated ghee, medicated oils, anjana, lepa, malham, murabba, etc.


  1. Methods of preparation and detoxification of each ingredient is given in the book.
  2. Detailed uses and benefits are described.
  3. Practical and experience based information is provided.
  4. This book is read by many old vaidya (ayurvedic physicians) and they have tried to hide this book from new ayurvedic students. Some of them do not want to explore that their ayurvedic wisdom comes from the rastantra saar.
  5. Disease wise ayurvedic medicine use index is given. It will help readers to get instant information of medicines used in a particular disease.
  6. Many ayurvedic combinations and ratios of formulation are provided in the book. It helps ayurvedic practitioners with complete management information of a particular disease.
  7. Adjuvants are given along with each medicine. You can use all these adjuvants in your daily ayurvedic practice.
  8. First volume of the book is very important. It will help you to understand the ayurveda basics and gives in-depth insight into Indian Medicine.
  9. You can understand the use of each medicine according to symptoms appeared in the body by learning and memorizing the concepts from Ras Tantra Saar va Sidh Prayog Sangrah.
  10. Complete ayurvedic book helps you to get sufficient knowledge to practice ayurvedic medicine independently.
  11. The book is a compilation of experiences collected from various ayurvedic physicians.

If you are ayurvedic student, ayurvedic physician or studied BAMS, you must keep a copy of this book on your table. You must read this book at least 10 times before starting ayurvedic practice independently.


This book has three volumes, but unfortunately, two are available yet now. Third volume is not published till now.


Krishna Gopal Ayurved Bhawan (Dharmarth Trust)