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Sama Body Type (Sama Constitution) – Sama Prakriti

Non-dominance of any Dosha in the body and balance and harmony of each Dosha in the body is called Sama Body Type. It is also known as Sama Constitution, Sama Prakriti, and Sama Vata Pitta Kapha Prakriti. In this type of body, each Dosha has equal proportion and neutralizes the effects on each other, which makes person healthiest. Most of the individuals lack harmony and balance in the Dosha. Therefore, it is very rare and nearly not findable.

People with Sama Prakriti have a balanced body constitution. It is an ideal body constitution that makes you healthy and always disease-free.

People with Sama Prakriti are energetic, strong, very attractive and beautiful. They have a well-built body, strong physique, clear and resonating voice, lustrous eyes, and pleasing face.

People with Sama Prakriti have ideal control over mind and forgiving nature and excellent tolerance. They are a strong believer of non-violence and very religious. They have a large number of friends. They are intelligent and brilliant. They have steady thoughts.

Sama Body Type Characteristics

People with Sama Body Type have following Characteristics:

Physical Characteristics

  1. Well Built
  2. Physically strong
  3. Beautiful and attractive appearance
  4. Resonating and clear voice
  5. Pleasant complexion
  6. Average walking speed with steady gait
  7. Forehead appears large
  8. Chest appear large
  9. Average eyes
  10. Eyes appear lustrous
  11. Eyelashes are long and shiny
  12. Tongue appear red
  13. Teeth alignment appears regular and normal
  14. Face appears pleasing
  15. Taste of mouth is not significant
  16. Veins are well covered
  17. Abdomen has good tone and normal
  18. Average body weight
  19. Skin is soft and lustrous
  20. Hairs are strong, dark and long
  21. Nails are soft, white and smooth
  22. Appetite is good or average
  23. Eating in normal quantity
  24. Average thirst
  25. Average sleep
  26. Pulse is strong and average
  27. Normal bowel movement
  28. Menstrual flow is moderate
  29. Menstrual blood is normal and without any smell

Mental Characteristics

  1. Excellent conscience
  2. Highly stable mind
  3. Ideal and strong control over mind
  4. Extremely strong mind
  5. Always contented
  6. Excellent mental Tolerance
  7. Excellent resistant to mental strain
  8. Good, but not brilliant
  9. Very good memory
  10. Very good attentiveness
  11. Good concentration
  12. Steady thoughts
  13. Quick grasping power
  14. Good for Long-terms goals
  15. Courageous
  16. Adventurous
  17. Very Brave
  18. Not influence by praise


  1. Calm and like peace
  2. Highly constructive
  3. Strongly follows non-violence
  4. Forgiving nature

Social Characteristics

  1. Many Friends
  2. Speaking publicly or on stage is average
  3. Most liked by other people – many people like them
  4. Extremely Trustworthy
  5. Very long-lasting relationships
  6. Religiousness
  7. Good Conduct
  8. Kind
  9. Very helping nature
  10. Calm – not quarrelsome
  11. Truthfulness
  12. Grateful
  13. Less talkative

Best Environment

  • Not significant climate

Emotional Characteristics

  1. Not significant emotions
  2. Have a good control over emotions
  3. Never get frightened
  4. Highly stable mood
  5. Always Happy
  6. Good control over urge of having physical relations

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