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Sanjivani Vati Benefits, Uses and Side Effects

Sanjivani Vati (Sanjeevani Gutika) is an antipyretic and diaphoretic ayurvedic medicine. Generally, it is used for alleviating fever and eliminating Ama Dosha. Its diaphoretic action induces perspiration, which helps to lower the fever and eliminating toxins Ama Dosha. It also has anti-viral and antimicrobial action, which helps to fight off viral as well as bacterial infections. Generally, it is highly useful in infections related to the respiratory system and alimentary canal.

Synonyms & also Spelled as: Sanjivani Vati, Sanjeevani Vati, Amrit Sanjivani, Sanjivani Gutika, Sanjeevani Gutika, Sanjivani Tablet, Sanjeevani Tablet, संजीवनी वटी (In Hindi).

Sanjivani Vati Ingredients (Composition)

Vaividang (False Black Pepper) – Embelia ribes 10%
Sonth (Ginger Rhizome) – Zingiber officinale 10%
Pippali (Long Pepper) – Piper longum 10%
Haritaki or Harad (Chebulic Myrobalan) – Terminalia chebula 10%
Bibhitaki (Bahera) – Terminalia bellirica 10%
Amla (India Gooseberry) – Phyllanthus emblica 10%
Vacha (Sweet Flag) – Acorus calamus 10%
Giloy (Guduchi) – Tinospora cordifolia 10%
Shuddha Bhallataka (Marking Nut) – Semecarpus anacardium 10%
Shuddha Vatsanabha – Aconitum ferox 10%
Cow’s Urine Q.S.

How to Make Sanjivani Vati

  1. First, take Shuddha Bhallataka, Shuddha Vatsanabha and fresh stems of Giloy (Guduchi).
  2. Make a paste of fresh giloy stem and mix Shuddha Bhallataka and Shuddha Vatsanabha in it.
  3. Then, add other fine powder of other ingredients and mix well in a mortar with the help of stone pestle.
  4. Now add Cow’s Urine in this mixture in the quantity so that it attains a paste-like consistency.
  5. Pestle in the mortar for about 12 hours.
  6. Then make tablets each of 125 mg.

Medicinal Properties of Sanjeevani Vati

Sanjivani Vati reduces Ama Dosha and Kapha Dosha and pacifies Vata Dosha. It might increase pitta dosha. The medicinal uses of Sanjeevani Vati are attributed to the following medicinal properties:

  • Antitoxic.
  • Antivenin.
  • Antimicrobial.
  • Anti-viral.
  • Antibacterial.
  • Ama Dosha Eliminator (Aam Pachak).
  • Antitussive.

Sanjivani Vati Indications

Sanjivani Vati is indicated in the following health problems:

  • Ama Dosha.
  • Fever.
  • Indigestion.
  • Intestinal worms.
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Abdominal pain.
  • Productive cough.
  • Upper Respiratory Infection (in which productive cough as a primary symptom).
  • Cholera.
  • Snakebite.
  • Gastroenteritis.
  • Typhoid fever.

Sanjeevani Vati alleviates restlessness, headache, abdominal cramps, and abdominal heaviness.

Sanjivani Vati Benefits and Uses

Sanjeevani vati is beneficial in fever, chronic low-grade fever, productive cough, cold, upper respiratory infections and other viral infections. Let’s discuss its major uses and benefits in some important health conditions:

Fever Management

Sanjivani Vati has diaphoretic (induces sweating) effect. This effect is attributed to Shuddha Vatsanabha and Shuddha Bhallataka. Other ingredients break the fever cycle and prevent a rise in temperature.

According to ayurveda, Ama Dosha is a primary factor for any disease. It eliminates Ama Dosha and kills microbes. These effects help in reducing infection.

For antipyretic action, Sanjeevani Vati is used along with Praval Pishti and sometimes with Godanti Bhasma.


Sanjivani Vati works in indigestion associated with aggravation of Kapha Dosha and Ama Dosha. It reduces Kapha and eliminates Ama (toxins), which helps in alleviating the following associated symptoms:

  • Abdominal heaviness.
  • Belching with a taste of food or sweet and salty taste.
  • Abdominal discomfort.

Typhoid Fever

Sanjivani Vati is very useful in typhoid fever. Along with Praval Pishti, it is given for 3 to 4 weeks for its treatment.

Around 5 to 10% of people get a relapse of typhoid fever after initial treatment with modern medicine. Such patients can also get benefits by using Sanjivani Vati, Tulsi Churna and Praval Pishti together.

Sanjivani Vati 125 mg (1 tablet)
Tulsi Churna 1.5 grams
Praval Pishti 500 mg

In this dosage, this mixture should be continued for about 6 weeks. This mixture should be taken twice a day.

Snake Bite

Sanjivani Vati is a primary medicine for snake bite. It has antivenin properties, which reduces the risk and symptoms of snake poison.

In the case of snake bite, it should be given in a dosage of 3 tablets (375 mg) and 2 times a day.

Sanjeevani Vati Dosage

The classical ayurvedic dosage of Sanjivani Vati is as follows:

Children 2 mg per Kg of body weight
Adults 125 to 375 mg (1 to 3 tablets)
Geriatric Dosage 125 mg (1 tablet)
Maximum Possible Dosage 750 mg per day

How to Take Sanjivani Vati

Anupan (Adjuvant) Water
Dosage Frequency  Twice or thrice daily
Medication Time After a meal or whenever required

Sanjivani Vati Side Effects

As Sanjivani vati might increase pitta dosha. So, it is not suitable for patients with aggravated and increased pitta dosha. If it is taken by such people, it can cause the following side effects:

  1. Acid reflux.
  2. Heartburn.
  3. Burning sensation in the abdomen.
  4. Dry cough.


You should not use Sanjivani Vati in the following health conditions:

Pregnancy & Lactation

Sanjivani Vati is likely unsafe during pregnancy. So, you should not take it. The safety profile of Sanjivani Vati is not well established for lactating mothers. Consult an ayurvedic physician before using Sanjeevani Vati during breastfeeding.


  1. Sharangdhar Samhita.

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