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Septilin (Tablets & Syrup) Benefits, Uses, Dosage & Side Effects

Septilin (Tablets & Syrup) is an ayurvedic proprietary medicine beneficial in infectious diseases and acts as immunity booster as well. This is unique and effective ayurvedic product manufactured by Himalaya Herbal Healthcare (The Himalaya Drug Company).

Many ayurvedic physicians commonly use Septilin (Tablets & Syrup) for sore throat, upper & lower respiratory tract infections, recurrent common cold, skin infections, soft tissue infections, urinary tract infections etc. It is effective because of its immunomodulatory action in the body. Therefore, it is also used for patients with antibiotics resistance.

Septilin Ingredients & Composition

The main ingredients of Septilin (Tablets & Syrup) are Tinospora (Guduchi), Licorice (Yashtimadhu or Mulethi) and Indian Bdellium (Guggulu).

Septilin Syrup Composition

Purified Indian Bdellium (Guggulu) – Balsamodendron Mukul 80 mg
Maharasnadi Kwath 30 mg
Manjistha – Rubia Cordifolia 15 mg
Tinospora (Guduchi) – Tinospora Cordifolia 14 mg
Trikatu 13 mg
Amla (Amalaki) Indian Gooseberry (Emblica Officinalis/Phyllanthus Emblica) 8 mg
Mulethi (Yashtimadhu) – Licorice – Glycyrrhiza Glabra 6 mg

Septilin Tablet Composition

Purified Indian Bdellium (Guggulu) – Balsamodendron Mukul 324 mg
Shankh Bhasma 64 mg
Maharasnadi Kwath 130 mg
Tinospora (Guduchi) – Tinospora Cordifolia 98 mg
Manjistha – Rubia Cordifolia 64 mg
Amla (Amalaki) Indian Gooseberry (Phyllanthus Emblica) 32 mg
Shigru (Drumstick) – Moringa Pterygosperma 32 mg
Mulethi (Yashtimadhu) – Licorice – Glycyrrhiza Glabra 12 mg

Medicinal Properties of Septilin

Septilin has following therapeutic properties.

  1. Immunomodulatory & Immuno-stimulatory
  2. Anti Viral
  3. Anti microbial
  4. Anti-inflammatory
  5. Antioxidant
  6. Demulcent (mostly visible soothing effect on throat membranes)
  7. Analgesic (Visible in throat pain)
  8. Antioxidant
  9. Mild antipyretic

Main Action of Major Ingredients in Septilin

Key Ingredient Therapeutic Action
Tinospora (Guduchi) Antimicrobial & immuno-stimulatory
Mulethi (Yashtimadhu) – Licorice – Glycyrrhiza Glabra Immunomodulatory or immuno-stimulation, Antiviral, Expectorant & Anti-inflammatory
Indian Bdellium (Guggulu) Anti-inflammatory, Soothing Agent, Antioxidant

Septilin Indications

Septilin is helpful in following health conditions.

  1. Upper or lower respiratory tract infections
  2. Sore throat or Pharyngitis
  3. Recurrent common cold and nasal catarrh
  4. Recurrent infections – (reduces recurrence)
  5. Allergic reactions
  6. Skin or soft tissue infections
  7. Ocular infections (rarely used) *
  8. Urinary tract infections (as supportive therapy)
  9. Dental and periodontal infections (rarely used) *
  10. Bone and joint infections (rarely used) *
  11. Adjuvant to antibiotic treatment (rarely used)
  12. Antibiotic resistance infections – for improving immunity to fight of infections
  13. Postoperative conditions – for early recovery
  14. Chronic tonsillitis
  15. Chronic bronchitis
  16. Laryngitis

* In these cases, it can only be used as supportive therapy.

Septilin Benefits & Medicinal Uses

Key Benefits

Improve immunity: Septilin enhances immunity. It has immunomodulatory and antioxidant action in the body, which helps preventing infections. It is non-specific immunity enhancer, which helps increasing antibody forming cell level and thus builds resistance against various infections. Especially, it is good remedy for people suffering from recurrent attacks of upper respiratory tract infections and sore throat.

Phagocytosis stimulation: Septilin activates white blood cells (macrophages) circulating in the bloodstream and stimulates phagocytosis, which helps fighting off the infection. Therefore, it provides great support in anti-infection therapies.

Combat fevers: However, Septilin has mild antipyretic properties, but it provides a great support to other ayurvedic remedies. Most commonly, it increases antipyretic action of Praval pishti, which is most common ayurvedic remedy used for lowering fever. According to symptoms and type of infection, patient may require other remedies.

Sore Throat

Septilin has soothing action and anti-inflammatory properties due to which it is effective remedy for sore throat. In mild cases, it can work alone, but in severe cases, it should be given with Gandhak Rasayan and Yashad Bhasma (calcined zinc).


Septilin reduces the purulence and volume of the sputum. It facilitates expectoration, reduces thickness of mucus and prevents superadded infections of the respiratory tract. It increases serum IgG level significantly when used for 2 months regularly. (Ref.)

Ingredients especially Guggul in it reduce inflammation and irritation of the lining of the bronchial tubes. Thus, it helps in bronchitis. Septilin also prevents repeated bouts of upper respiratory infections and bronchitis. For this purpose, it should be used for 3 to 6 months on regular basis.

Boils & Carbuncles

There are many herbs in Septilin, which have antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties. Studies have also shown that Septilin is effective against Staphylococcus Aureus and Streptococci. It also prevents recurrence of boils and carbuncles.

Septilin Dosage

It is available in tablets and syrup form. Their dosage is as underneath.

Septilin Drops

Age Dosage
6 months – 1 year 3 ml twice daily
1 – 2 years 3.5 ml twice daily
2 – 3 years 4 ml twice daily
3 – 4 years 4.5 ml twice daily
4 – 5 years 5 ml twice daily

Septilin Syrup

Children 1 to 2 teaspoons thrice daily
Adults 2 teaspoons thrice daily

Septilin Syrup is suitable for children. However, it can also be used in adults except diabetic people. The dosage can vary according to health condition and age of the patient, so consult with physician for appropriate dosage before using Septilin Syrup.

Septilin Tablets

Children 1 tablet twice daily
Adults 2 tablets twice daily

Septilin tablets are generally given to adults. Moreover, people with diabetes can take tablets safely without worry about sugar content that is present in the Septilin syrup.  In adults, two tablets twice a day is sufficient dosage for combating sore throat, inflammation and enhancing immunity. Diseases in which maintenance therapy is required, the dosage can be reduced to 1 tablet twice daily after getting relief from symptoms.

Side Effects of Septilin

Septilin is LIKELY SAFE and WELL TOLERATED in most people. There are no side effects reported with the use of Septilin.

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Dr. Jagdev Singh

Dr. Jagdev Singh (B.A.M.S., M. Sc. in Medicinal Plants) is an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Herbalist. He has successfully treated thousands of patients with Ayurveda (including Herbal Ayurvedic Medicine and Ayurvedic Diet). Ayur Times is an initiative of his efforts to bring quality information on Indian Medicine with the highest level of relevancy and scientific evidence.

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    1. According to the study, Septilin has immuno- potentiating characteristics. It may also increase proliferation of bone-marrow cells. (Ref.)
      I hope it may be helpful for people with bone marrow disease.

  1. My mother takes ruta homeopathy for back pain. Can she also take septillion for allergic cough. Pl reply.

    1. Can we take Septilin with Homeopathic Medicines?

      There should be no problem taking Septilin for allergic cough. However, keep a gap of a minimum an hour between Septilin and other medicines for precautionary purposes.

  2. Sir my Niece got cold in every month. I tried everything and now I am thinking to try Septilin. Sir advice me dosage and how long should be carry on.

    Thanking you

    1. Dosage is Given Here

      The treatment duration with septilin should be 2 to 3 months for recurrent infections. Actually, it is more effective against bacterial infections, as we experienced. For recurrent common cold Chyawanprash fortified with gold is more effective.

    2. I got cold every after two days & I am very much frustrated taking family doctor medicine which are allopathic. The doctor told me it is allergy cold so there was no other choice taking medicine so please suggest me whether this septilin tablets solve my this problem, if yes than suggest me for How Many Month I have to take & How Much I a Day.

      1. Septilin has shown positive results in patients with vasomotor and allergic rhinitis. It helps to reduce symptoms and improves and restores the appearance of nasal mucosa. (Reference)

        Therefore, Septilin should help. However, it may take 3 to 6 months to show positive results.

  3. Sir
    How long this medicine can be taken. 2 tablets twice a day means 4 tablets a day?. Is it ? please reply

  4. I had AML in 2012. BMT is done. Now 3 years are over. Now I have sinus & cough. Can I take Septilin & chyawanprash for immunity?

  5. I have been giving Septilin to my daughter from last 4 months, but only one spoon and once a day and I think it has really increased her immunity. Is it ok if I continue giving her for few more months, as I have given only once a day? Should I stop giving her? Are there any side effects if we continue giving her for long term?

    1. How long should we use Septilin in children for increasing immunity?

      Septilin contains most safe ingredients, which do not have any side effects in such quantity used in Septilin. It is considerably safe for long-term use (i.e. more than 6 months).

      However, we suggest stopping it after 6 months because 6 months regular use of Septilin is sufficient for building optimum immunity.

  6. 1. Can diabetic patient use Septilin tablets?

    2. Can I use Septilin as tonic for children under 2 years?

    3. Can heart patients use Septilin tablets? How much gap should be kept from allopathic medicines taking of heart?

  7. I am 4 months pregnant and suffering cold, cough, headache,throat infection…
    Can I take Septilin in pregnancy?

    1. Septilin contains a little quantity of Guggul. Guggul in higher dosage may stimulate uterus and encourage uterine bleeding. However, quantity of Guggul in Septilin may not have significant negative effect, but still it will be best to avoid Septilin during pregnancy.

  8. For the last two month, I have been suffering for tonsillitis. After taking antibiotics, I get cure, but after few days, it reoccur. Will Septilin be helpful for me to prevent this?

    1. Does Septilin help prevent recurrent tonsillitis?

      Septilin improves immunity, so it will surely help to prevent recurrent tonsillitis. It reduces the frequency of infections when taken for 3 months regularly.

  9. My father is in coma since last 3 months. Very frequently, doctors advise to take antibiotic because of fever and persistent cough. He is on oxygen support. I believe taking so much allopathic antibiotics, the body may become resistive.

    Can I use Septilin to replace allopathic antibiotic gradually.

    1. I am not sure for Septilin that it can replace the requirement of antibiotics. It works as antibiotic, but has mild potency as compared to antibiotics used for respiratory tract infections.

  10. It has been told that Septilin Tablets increases immunity. My doubt is whether it is temporary immunity power or permanent.

    If temporary, then how long should I take these tabs to have a good immunity for lifetime?

  11. Sir, as I am taking Septilin tablets every morning and evening along with ocem-5 2 drops in a glass of water for tonsillitis for last 9 days, but I have some problem in my stomach as my stools are very lose and I feel fullness, I stopped the dose as I have diarrhea problem. Is this related to Septilin?

    1. Septilin does not contain any such ingredient, which may cause loose stools. OCEM-5 drops contain five types of Tulsi liquid extracts. However, Tulsi has anti-diarrhea properties, but it may also cause diarrhea in some very rare cases when it is taken in higher dosage, especially if it is taken in extract form.

  12. Can Septilin be an alternative for SEPTRIN (combination of TRIMETHOPRIM & SULFAMETHOXAZOLE) because many want to avoid the conventional drugs?

    1. Septilin cannot be alternative to any antibiotic because it is less potent as compared to antibiotics. It can work in mild infections and you may require potent antibiotics for severe infections.

  13. Can Septilin be given to a person with G6PD deficiency to strengthen his immune system against cough, cold & fever?

    1. Hi,
      Did you get an answer to this? Our newborn boy is also g6pd deficient and our family have a practice of using Septilin supplements regularly.
      However, since we live abroad none of the doctors are aware or familiar with the Ayurvedic ingredients used in Septilin and hence unable to guide us about it.

        1. Thanks much for the reply Doctor.
          One clarification though: Septilin’s list of contents states to 6mg have Licorice (Mulethi), which is classified into the “Other Legumes” category of G6PDD contraindicated foods :

          Considering this is it still completely safe or relatively safe since its in small controlled amount in these medicines?

          1. Hello Doctor,
            Our baby is about to turn 6 months old very soon and we are planning to start Septilin for him. He has a good appetite and milk intake.
            What should be the dosage:
            1. Under the normal day to day circumstances and for how long do we continue providing Septilin as a Supplement?
            2. Under microbial infections such as bacterial/viral. Also, is it safe to intake Septilin in combination with other drugs – Antibiotics/Antihystemines or anti allergics?
            Please do let us know, Sir. Thanks much in advance!

  14. I get urinary tract infections often. After I complete my current antibiotics course how many tablets of Septilin should I take daily to avoid further infections?

  15. 5 years kid is suffering more than a year from dry cough started in winter season. I have taken hospital medicine, not all affect in this case. Can we use Septilin?

  16. How Septilin is useful to an HIV/AIDS person and when to start after discovering an HIV positive, what are the side effects?

    1. Several ingredients in Septilin have immunostimulant action, which is likely to help immunocompromised patients including HIV or AIDS. One can start it anytime to prevent secondary infections or boosting immunity. It can also be used as supplement for a lifetime. There are no side effects reported with Septilin.

      1. Hello Doctor, a patient determined to improve and eradicate if possible HIV/AIDs from self, here are the statistics and I hope this will help you to provide me a detailed help to put me on a path to Ayurvedic health and rejuvenation –
        Patient on ARV combination therapy, 1 tablet daily, (always taken by 20:30 pm) ( Efavirenz 600mg + Tenofovir 300mg + Lamivudine 300mg. Mfd by CIPLA India Ltd. )
        Baselines sir:
        CD4 102,
        Weight 57kg,
        Lymphocytes 66,
        Monocytes 06,
        Polymorphs 27,
        Eosinophils 01
        Basophils 01,
        HbPVC 38,
        Platelets 204,
        Creatinine 68,
        ALT/SGPT 117

        1. Is Septilin safe to take?
        2. Will Septilin help to boost CD4?
        3. Will Septilin help with the viral load?
        4. What help if any will Septilin have on this Illness
        5. How long and what dose should I try while sick?
        6. Will interfere with the AVR?
        7. Will it cause Drug resistance?

        Thank you, Doctor,
        May the Divine be your guide and reward you accordingly. Amen

        1. 1. Likely to safe.
          2. Effects of Septilin on CD4 are unknown.
          3. It may reduce viral load indirectly by boosting your body’s immune response.
          4. It may not directly treat the disease, but it will help to improve immunity.
          5. Adult Dosage is 2 teaspoons or 2 tablets twice daily; it may require for a longer duration, or may be for a whole life, duration is not specified.
          6. Interactions between Septilin and AVR are not known. Keeping 3 hours gab between them is advisable.
          7. It is not likely to cause drug resistance because it does not act like antibiotics.

  17. Review – My son is now 4 years old. Since almost 1st year he has been suffering regularly with cold and cough at times at very hectic levels. We tried many things around from medicines to homemade options etc.

    Recently we started with Septilin syrup for him. Since 4 months, we have been giving him very religiously daily 2 times. It’s a like a miracle for his health. This summer he has been swimming daily, eating ice creams, little oily stuff too, sleeping more frequently in air conditioning, basically all that stuff which is cold.

    Septilin is really working good and hope it works better always. I am too prone to cough and cold and have started with this and let’s see…

  18. Is Septilin alone effective for the child suffering from recurrent cough, runny nose, tonsillitis and difficulty in breathing other medicines are also needed along with?

  19. Does Septilin alone work for breathing problems or asthma or do we need to use it in combination of other syrup?
    How long should this product be used for overcome from breathing and asthma problems?

    1. Septilin is not formulated for asthma and breathing troubles, but ingredients such as Guggul, Yashtimadhu etc. in it can help in breathing troubles and reduces frequency of asthma attacks.

      Bresol Syrup is a main Himalaya’s medicine prepared for allergies, breathing troubles and asthma. Septilin should be used in combination with Bresol syrup for breathing difficulties.

      Both medicines should be taken at least 3 months for good results.

  20. What is the dosage of Septilin Syrup for 8 years old child who is suffering cold and cough frequently? How long can this medicine be continued to stop her symptoms completely.

    1. 5 ml Septilin Syrup should be given thrice daily in case of 8 years old child.

      In frequent cough and cold, Septilin should be taken for at least 3 months or more.

  21. No doubt it’s useful, but please guide and tell whether consuming Septilin is harmful if one is trying to conceive?

    1. Yes, Septilin can be used for sinusitis. The long-term use can help to reduce recurrence remarkably. In Chronic cases of sinusitis, it alone can help, but it can be used along with antibiotics for faster relief in acute sinusitis.

  22. Is septilin and cystone the right medicine for treatment of bilateral polycystic ovaries syndrome. If not, can you suggest the right medicine?

  23. How long Septilin can be given to 6 months old baby having regular Cough and Cold? How much dosage should be given?

    1. Septilin can be given until complete relief regardless the duration. In recurrent episodes, we generally recommend it for at least 3 months. Dosage for 6 months old baby should be 1 to 2 ml twice or thrice daily.

  24. For boosting the immunity…
    For How many months septilin has to be taken…
    And in what doses of tablets for an adult….

  25. I have cough and mucus in throat for long time(10yrs), I took lot of Anti-Biotics, it’s come when I face cold, dust and smoke. Last week visited Ayurveda doctor, prescribed 2 SEPTILIN tabs for 3 times ( 2X3=6). Wondering no of pills suggested by him, please suggest is this normal or can I reduce tablets?

    Also suggest me on diet to follow.

    Thanks in advance.

  26. Dr. Sir, my 8 yrs daughter has got eye allergy (increases by sun rays), which form a ring around the iris, looks like pus deposition (but not) and reddish on cornea.

    All the allopathic doctors have mainly prescribed only limited usage of steroid. Whether this Septilin will be helpful to her?

  27. I am 45 years old man. I have been prescribed Septilin 2 tablets / day for my enlarged Tonsils, I had taken for last 1 month and my tonsils are still enlarged. I do take Cetapin diabetic drugs along with Septilin, How long should I continue to get my tonsils to normal size? Can I take cold water or ice cream during course of my medication or any other medicine to increase my immunity?

  28. I am 70 years age vegan male taking Folitrax 15 mg 1 tablet per week for RA as per Rheumatologist. I have cold, sinus, low hearing problems. Can I take Septilin? If yes, what dose, time and duration?

  29. Dear Sir, I had viral fever last year. The fever got ok in a week but since then I have been suffering from acute allergic rhinitis. I have been on allopathic anti-allergic drugs for the last one year and these give some relief. But the problems reccur when I stop taking these drugs. I have running nose, blockage in nostrils, sneezing bouts. I can not stand in an AC room and even fan’s air causes the above symptoms. Previously I never had this problem in life . Only seasonal allergic cough used to occur. My life has become a hell. Please advise whether Septilin in combination of which other formulation will get met me rid of my ailment forever. Thanks.

  30. Sir I am suffering from pharyngitis and thorat infection again and again then doctor advice me to take septilin tablets now I am taking 2tablets daily how long I must take septilin can I take long time tell me please any side effects is there to take long time tell me

  31. Dear Sir,
    My son is 5 year old and suffering from reoccurrence of cold and cough with fever. we have started septillion syrup 5ml once in a day and it show some relief from reoccurrence of cold and cough, please advise whether we can continue it for full year or not. also advice on dosage.

  32. My 6-year-old suffers from certain food and seasonal allergies. It starts off as runny nose; followed by sore throat, cough, sputum with bronchospasm. Will Septilin be effective in treating this and for prevention?

  33. I’m suffering from chronic nasal/upper respiratory congestion for over last 50 years.What is the dosage to totally decongest my airways permanently and what is the apt medicine and for how long

    1. SHOBY PALIAKKARA JOSE Says 1 month ago
      I’m suffering from chronic nasal/upper respiratory congestion for over last 50 years.What is the dosage to totally decongest my airways permanently and what is the apt medicine and for how long

  34. Sir, My father is suffered from BPH. Recently TURP is done. After TURP many antibiotics were prescribed but infection was persistent then he take septilin and the effect is very good. His infection reduced. He is using septilin from 6 to 7 months. Is it safe or not continue septilin . Plzzz answer sirr

  35. I have Throat pain right side –I can feel vibrating and pinching of vocal cord(right side) while talking with someone. Same issue I’m facing from two years and I have done with US scan and MRI Scan. But nothing has been identified ..only one lympnode has swelling. Doctors given some antibiotics and vitamin tablets for few months… no result. All decided it is a physiological problem. But I’m feeling pain while communicating with others. I can’t do normal conversations more than 15 min.
    Can I take this


  37. Can septilin be given along with Chavanprash?
    Is there any requirement of time gap between them.
    Should the medicine be taken in empty stomach?

  38. Sir can septillin cure goitre also ? What dose should be given to adult of 37 years age n for how long also

  39. my 3 year old dughter has got respiratory problem (wheezing) , so how much dosage of septilin should i use for her? and for how many days to cure the above problem?

  40. My age is 30 and I am suffering from chronic cold, runny nose, sneezing from 5 years.
    Dr. Has diagnosed for chronic rhinitis.
    Can I use Septilin? If yes please specify dosage.

  41. I am having mucous problem also allergy. I take antibiotic dose for 5 days but still mild mucous is there .My doctor give me septillin .
    Does it cure my mucous and allergy .

  42. Sir, my immunity power is low. I suffer by cold, tonsil infection in every seasonal change. Should I take Septilin tablet to increase immunity power? Please guide.

  43. My mother is having wrist Arthritis can Septilin cure the same as she unable open her palm as well. Pls guide or suggest any of your other products.

  44. My mother is having wrist arthiritis, she has stiffness in her hand and also unable to open her palm,
    pls guide me if any of the himalaya products is available to cure the same..

  45. Sir,
    Can I use Septilin Tablet for fungal infection (Ringworm) near pelvic area.
    Earlier I was medicating with Terbinaforce Tablet & It Mac, however I don’t see any proper results and even it has side effects on liver.
    Please suggest best ayurvedic medicine for fungal infection (Ringworm).

    Thanks & Regards
    Sajid Shaikh

  46. Can I use Himalaya septlin, himalya Purim and Himalaya talect,

    For fungal infection and cold (allergic cold) .Because
    My nose always closed and runny (pani ata h) some time breathing problem So can I use Himalaya septlin Purim and himalya telect

  47. Sir my daughter is 5 months old..and we are giving her top feed..she takes 3 ounce every 3 hrs..bt the problem is she vomits out milk in small small qty many times..
    Also she is recently suffering from cold and cough..
    Can we give her septlin syrup..??
    And in what qty..??
    Thank you..

  48. Can I use Septilin from increasing my blood platelets? My platelet count remains low for the last 15 years.

  49. I am very glad that one doctor in gulf recommended septilin syrup for my daughter who always gets throat and ear infection. Her infection started when she is two months old and continue giving antibiotics until two years on monthly basis i am not exaggerating she gets cold every month as she goes babycare and from there easily get sick, I continue for 4-5 months, now she is going to be six yrs and never get any infections or hard fever, I also recommend this to other parents, it is very effective and from today I am also started taking tablet as I have some infection problem. I strongly believe I will cure with septilin, it is difficult to get it in the gulf but I managed to buy from India.

    Thanks to Septilin and Himalaya group and your medicine is very cheap and best.

  50. Sir last 3 yrs I have continued back pain, chest pain, neck pain, throat infection, tonsillitis. Can l take septilin?

    1. Yes, it can help you for preventing and treating tonsillitis and throat infection. However, you may require some other medicines for your joint pain.

  51. Hello, I’ve been taking septilin for a month. But I’m also on birth control (contraceptive pills)
    Does it interact or lower the effect of birth control?

  52. Hi, I am 15 years old girl and suffering from sinus for 2-3 years. Please suggest me the best medicine for sinus along with dosage and precautions.

  53. My son is 2 years 8 months old. Since he has joined play school he’s getting recurring cold n cough. Dr. has prescribed Septilin syrup 5ml twice a day. How long it takes to work?

  54. Can I give Septilin tablet for my six years old girl? The reason is syrup not available in the counter.

  55. When should we take septillion after food, before food or empty stomach or 1 hour after food?

  56. Hi, I am 20 years old. Can I take Septilin for swollen tonsils, but the tonsils are not inflamed. Have been swollen for 10 years making it difficult to swallow. What is the dosage and for how long should I take the medicine?

  57. Septilin syrup contains parabens. Is it safe to take for long periods? As parabens are potential carcinogens…

    1. In the most cases, septilin is required only for a few weeks. Some patients may have to use it for a longer duration of about 3 to 6 months. Many are taking it without any issue.

      The safety of parabens is still a health controversy. Both aspects (in favor of or disfavor of parabens) lack strong evidence. So, we cannot give any statement for safety concerns of parabens.

      There are several alternatives that your doctor can recommend in classical ayurvedic medicines. These medicines don’t contain any form of preservatives. So, you need to consult an ayurvedic doctor to get prescription according to your health problem.

  58. My father has had frightening allergic reactions to several pharma antibiotics. My friend, who’s an allopathic physician in N India, recommended Septilin. I’m wondering if it’s effective for h pylori (along with mastic gum) or helpful for Lyme disease. Is it safe for those with auto immune diseases? Thank you for the thorough information written about Septilin.

    1. In ayurveda, we don’t give immunosuppressant medicines in autoimmune diseases. Instead, we give immunomodulator medicines. In our sense, immunomodulator means the substance that improves and modifies the reaction of the body’s defense mechanism and aids in identifying healthy & unhealthy cells and microbes. So, ayurvedic immunomodulatory medicines restore the natural immunity.

      In our opinion, the ingredients (especially guggulu) in Septilin should be safe to consume in autoimmune disease because of their immunomodulatory action.

      1. Thank you for clearly explaining Ayurveda’s view on auto immune disease. Himalaya company USA is selling a product called ‘Immunocare’ instead of Indian made product Septilin. Attempting to find complete-composition-lists, to compare the 2 products, out of curiosity. Thankfully, various ebay sellers carry Septilin & send it worldwide except to Sweden. LOVE your site & wish you had a store!

  59. Sir,
    My Wife (aged 40) is suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis (192 IU) for 3 Years. She is taking Ayurveda Medicines for 2 Years. Rasna irandadi kashayam, Brihat vata Chinthamani, and Yogaraja Guggulu. And also given the ointment Rheumat Balm. Kindly suggest us any other better Ayurveda Medicines available. She is not able to tolerate the Pains which is recurring. Kindly suggest.

  60. My son is 12 years old.
    He has seizures from last Dec 2017.
    And taking oleptal 150 mg twice a day since then.
    He gets cold and throat infection quite often. Can I give him septilin syrup along with the above medication?

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