Sharbat (Unani)

Sharbat Bazoori

Sharbat bazoori is a Unani Medicine used as liver tonic, diuretic and beneficial in urinary diseases, restlessness, hyperacidity, kidney disorders and fevers. It reduces burning sensation in the urine and cures urinary tract infections.

Composition/Ingredients of Sharbat Bazoori

50 ML of Sharbat Bazoori Contains:

Common NameBotanical nameQuantity
Saunf (Fennel Seeds)Foeniculum vulgare Seeds400 mg
Saunf Roots, Bekhe Badiyan (Roots of fennel plant)Foeniculum vulgare roots400 mg
Kasni Beej (Seeds of endive / chicory), Tukhme KasniChichorium intybus Seeds400 mg
Kasni root, Bekhe Kasni (roots of endive/ chicory plant)Chichorium intybus roots400 mg
Muskmelon Seeds (Tukhme Kharbuza)Cucumis melo Seeds400 mg
Cucumber Seeds (Tukhme Kheera)Cucumis sativa Seeds400 mg
Gokhru SeedsTribulus terrestris400 mg
Refined Sugar46 grams
Sodium Benzoate65 mg
Citric acidQ.S.

Benefits of Sharbat Bazoori

  1. It protects liver from damage and corrects liver functions.
  2. It cleanses the urinary bladder, kidneys and urinary tract by its detox action, so it is beneficial in urinary tract infections.
  3. It is a refreshing drink, which provides overall effects to maintain the health of the urinary system.
  4. It has a soothing effects and cooling effects in the body. It removes the heat from the body, so it reduces heartburn and burning sensation in the urine.
  5. Due to its cooling effects, it is highly beneficial in reducing fever.

Therapeutic Indications

Sharbat Bazoori is indicated in the following diseases and symptoms:

  • Jaundice
  • Elevated liver serum enzymes
  • Hyperacidity
  • Kidney diseases
  • Nephritis
  • Nephrotic Syndrome
  • Proteinuria
  • Hypoalbuminemia
  • Edema due to kidney and liver diseases
  • Urinary bladder infection residues
  • Burning sensation in urine
  • Syphilis
  • Urinary tract infections or pus in urine
  • Elevated liver serum enzymes
  • Loss of appetite due to liver dysfunction
  • Fever of unknown origin
  • Restlessness due to high fever
  • Cystitis

Uses of sharbat Bazoori

Urinary bladder

Sharbat bazoori is a very effective Unani remedy for urinary bladder diseases. It reduces urinary bladder pain, inflammation and helps in cystitis.


Sharbat bazoori is a natural Alkalizer, so it naturally reduces acidity and neutralizes the pH value of the urine, so it helps with urinary tract infections along with other medicines such as Rajat bhasma and Chandraprabha Vati. It also has diuretic effect, so it is beneficial in kidney diseases as well.

Liver problems

Sharbat bazoori gives strength to the liver and corrects its functions. It restores the health of the liver and helps it to eliminate the toxins from the body.


However, it is not a main medicine of fever, but it helps to reduce restlessness during high-grade fever.


In children: 10 to 25 ml twice a day with water

In adults: 25 ml to 50 ml twice a day with water

How to Sharbat Bazoori

You can take sharbat bazoori by adding and mixing the prescribed amount in the 200 to 300 ml of water.

When to take sharbat bazoori

Sharbat bazoori can be taken any time in a day, but it should be generally consumed after sunrise around 10 AM and in the evening around 5 PM.

Dietary Advice

  1. Consume a low fat diet
  2. Increase intake of water and fiber rich foods. Take plenty of vegetables and fruits.
  3. Avoid alcohol and all other drugs during the use of sharbat bazoori.

Side effects

Sharbat bazoori contains approximate 94% of refined sugar. Its regular use can increase body weight and increase blood glucose levels.


Due to sugary syrup, sharbat bazuri is contraindicated in diabetes mellitus and its associated problems.

Other Names:

  1. Sharbat e bazoori motadil
  2. sharbat bazoori motadil
  3. Sharbat bazori
  4. Sharbat bazoori hamdard

Major Manufacturer:

Humdard (Sharbat bazoori hamdard)

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  1. Sir, I am taking sharbat bazoori for about 3 months due to burning sensation in the urine and recurrent UTIs. One of my friend has suggested sharbat bazoori. but when I stop taking this sharbat, the problem of burning during in urine starts again. Do you think I have to take it for more time or any other medicine is also required?

    1. You also need other remedies. You can include bangshil tablets (by alarsin). Bangshil will help to tackle with chronic urinary tract infection. You should also continue taking sharbat bazoori along with bangshil.

  2. Sharbat bazoori is not too effective, I was using it, UTI occurs again and again. Suggest me what should I use to get rid of problem or recurrent UTIs.

    1. Dear Arjun, you may need other remedies or consult a good physician. Sharbat Bazoori is only effective in mild cases and it does not have strong antimicrobial properties. I can suggest you for using bangshil tablets along with sharbat bazoori.

  3. Sir, I am taking sharbat bazoori and kidocure churn madi in Meerut for kidney and ureter stone size 7, 3, 4mm.

    Would you like to tell me that any other hamdard remedy is effective for stones.

  4. Sir, I have swelling in my urinary bladder, the wall of urinary bladder is thick and suffering from frequent urination. It is cystitis. Please tell me any remedy manufactured by Humdard.

  5. But sir, I am already using from 6 month.
    1. Morning: Jawarish zaruni ambari & majun kundur
    2. 4pm: Sharbat bazoori & chandraprabha vati
    3. Bed Time: Majun falasfa & balooti
    But No Benefits from these medication

    Ultrasound report: Impression urinary wall thickness and irregular

    Urine report: Pus cell 1-2

    1. In such case. Chandraprabha Vati can work alone, but the dosage matter a lot. Its dosage should be 1 grams (2 tablets) twice a day. Alternatively, bangshil (manufactured by Alarsin) is also effective. It contains bang bhasma in addition to chandraprabha vati. The dosage of bangshil is 2 tablets twice a day.

  6. Which is more effective for recurrent UTI – Chandraprabha Vati along with Giloy Ghan vati or Bangshil along with Sharbat Bazoori?

    1. Bangshil should be best to prevent recurrent urinary tract infections. Taking it along with Sharbat Bazoori, it helps to flush out the residues and toxins developed due to UTI.

    1. Poor liver functions can cause more toxins formation or toxin presence in the body, which also increases a buildup of free radicals. These free radicals can cause several skin diseases. Poor liver functions cause yellow discoloration of the skin, acne, eczema, dermatitis, skin sores, psoriasis, wrinkles, blemishes, dark circles under eyes etc.
      In all these skin conditions that are occurring due to poor liver functions, Sharbat Bazoori should be helpful.

  7. Sir
    What is the best medicine to treat Nephrotic syndrome? My daughter is now 10 years old suffering from NS from the age of 3 years. We need to use steroids to control it whenever there is a relapse.

        1. Punarnava is not required. Instead of it, you can add Gokshura, Chandan (Sandalwood), etc. The herbs having SHEETA-VIRYA (cool potency) are most suitable.

  8. Sir I am around 33 year old boy I had stone problem some 3 years later doctor suggest to remove as I had unbearable pain now recently I got knee pain due reason doctor suggest check blood uric acid there was some 7.5% uric acid in blood then I took medicine again result was 5.5% now again touch to 7% due to reason now I feel little worry can you suggest me some (sharbat) please

  9. Dear sir I have 4mm stone in my kidney due to which I have a back pain abdominal pain in nights please suggest any Hansard medicine for this problem

    1. There are no studies available for interaction between sharbat bazoori and allopathic medicine. For the precautionary purpose, keep 3 hours gap between sharbat bazoori and allopathic medicines.

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