Should I do BAMS or BHMS?

Which field is better – Ayurveda (BAMS) or Homeopathy (BHMS) with regard to knowledge, healing time, income, social respect and most importantly self-satisfaction?

Note – This article is for guiding students that want to pursue study in Ayurveda or Homeopathy.

BAMS belongs to Ayurveda and BHMS is concerned with homeopathy. In this article, we will try to answer the above question.


In BAMS, you have to read entire subjects that involve knowledge of ayurvedic science as well as modern science. Study load is more than BHMS and MBBS.

In BHMS, you will study only some of modern subjects and other subjects will be related to the homeopathy. Study load is equal to MBBS or slightly more than that, but you may feel difficult to remember all medicines with their relative symptoms according to homeopathic Materia Medica.

Healing Time of Ayurveda & homeopathy

The healing time depends on the individualized skills attained in any system.

I will consider Ayurveda is better than BHMS because of healing time. It takes less time to treat a person, but sometimes, it takes more time as compared to allopathic medicines.

Homeopathy takes more time to experiment on a patient for the medicines that the patient actually need. However, if you gain experience in Homeopathy or work under any experienced homeopath, you can observe there is no actual difference in healing time of treatment in any system including homeopathy. However, some systems perform better in specific conditions and other perform better in some other diseases. For instance, modern medicines are better in emergency care, but fails in chronic ailments.

Ayurveda, homeopathy and allopathy all take the same time to treat the patients, but the condition is the understanding of the deep concepts of the system to which you belong.

Both sciences are very difficult to memorize. You may have an advantage in homeopathy than ayurveda. That homeopathy is world recognized and homeopaths have developed many types of software from which you can take help, but ayurveda is recognized only in India and Sri Lanka and has no trusted software for ayurvedic medicine.

Income – Disadvantages of Ayurveda course

The major disadvantage of Ayurveda is that its medicines are too expensive and a little profit and sometimes have similar healing time as in homeopathy. Your margin in these medicines will be very less.

On the contrary, homeopathic medicines are very affordable and profit is also many times more than allopathic and ayurvedic medicines.

Social respect

You may get similar social respect as modern medicine doctor gains in the society. The society never compares doctors as per their degrees, people compare as per results of your treatment and your smiling face.


Self-satisfaction will always remain a question throughout the whole life if you do BAMS or BHMS because of that you are not selected for MBBS.

However, self-satisfaction is a topic of personal mentality of an individual, you can also find a very miserable and poor person, but with a complete gratification and self-satisfaction. Sometimes, you cannot believe it. This world has many exceptions.


The opinions given in this article are Author’s personal views and based on his own experience. Your experience may be different from the author, so we suggest follow your heart and also consult other people.

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  1. Sir, BAMS or Biotechnology engineering is better? I am so confused about my future. Can you please help me?

    1. All depends what do you want. Many ayurvedic and homeopathic physicians are also very successful.

      Overall, biotechnology engineering is better option than BAMS and BHMS in respect to jobs and worldwide recognition.

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