Should I eat only one fruit at a time?

Generally, you should eat only one fruit at a time, as per most naturopaths and ayurvedic practitioners. But it is not necessary. There is no classical reference that prohibits taking fruit salad. There are some references for incompatible fruit combinations.

Argument in Favour

The argument in favour of eating one fruit at a time is – each fruit has different properties and potency (hot or cold), which may interfere with other fruits’ properties. Each fruit also has different effects on doshas. Our body needs a different kind of enzymes and chemicals to digest each fruit. Therefore, you should eat only one fruit at a specific time.

Wrong Hypothesis

If you apply this hypothesis, it also applies to all food groups. Then there is no use of recipes. There is no science this rule is only made for fruits.

You cannot enjoy the food. You cannot eat grains with vegetables or legumes, etc. In the salad case, naturopaths recommend adding tomatoes, coriander, carrots, radish, cucumber, etc. together. According to this hypothesis, it is also wrong.

Even each fruit contains hundreds of phytochemicals. There are uncountable chemical reactions that occur in your body, even after eating an apple.

Variety is Natural.

Variety is natural. Your body is made for eating a variety of foods. You cannot depend on only one type of food.

  1. Just remember to include variety.
  2. Never depend on any specific fruit/food.
  3. Never eat the same fruit/food in excess.
  4. Eat according to your appetite and digestive capacity.
  5. If you feel heaviness in the abdomen or abdominal discomfort, it means you eat more than you need.
  6. Eat less, keeping your stomach ¼ empty.

Dosha Effects

Each fruit has different effects on each dosha. If you eat a variety of fruits, it nullifies each other effects while providing optimum nourishment. So, it keeps your doshas in the balance and maintains harmony in your body.

If you eat only one fruit, it all depends on individual fruit effects. It may pacify one dosha and aggravate the second and worsen the third.

If you eat a variety, you should not worry about dosha. Why should you not worry about dosha? Read Here: Should I consider my body type and dosha for choosing food?

Incompatible Fruit Combinations

The most important thing is that you should take care of incompatible fruit combinations.

  1. Avoid fruits (except tomatoes) with grains and legumes.
  2. Avoid citrus fruits with sweet fruits, melons, and vegetables.
  3. Avoid lemon with cucumber and tomatoes.
  4. Avoid melons with starchy vegetables and grains.
  5. Melons are best to eat alone because they cause heaviness in the abdomen.

Final Verdict

  • You can take all the sweet fruits together.
  • You can take all the citrus fruits together.
  • You can take all berries together.
  • You can take all fruits from the same fruit category together.
  • Even you can take all fruits together regardless of category. It is all about your appetite and digestive capacity. Just remember to eat when you are hungry.
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