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Siddha Medicine

Siddha medicine is a traditional medical system of Dravidian origin in India. The entire literature related to this system is in the Tamil language. Though the basic concepts of Siddha medicine are similar to the concepts of Ayurveda, there is a difference in the detail as Siddha medicine is largely influenced by the local traditions in the ancient Dravidian culture.

The term Siddha refers to a person who has achieved extraordinary powers or SIDDHI. It is believed that the knowledge about the healing powers of herbs was conveyed by Lord Shiva to his wife, Parvati, who later passed the knowledge to Nandi. Finally, it was passed to the Siddhas.

The knowledge can be gained with the discipline of the mind and its superiority over the body, which can be accomplished through yoga. So, the practitioners of Siddha, who are called the Siddhars, are considered the symbols of psychosomatic perfection.

This system of medicine makes use of metals, some chemical products, and minerals for treating diseases. It believes that the various physiological and psychological functions of the body can be attributed to the balance between seven elements:

SARAMresponsible for growth, nourishment, and development
CHENEERresponsible for nourishing and strengthening the muscles, and improving intellect
OOUNresponsible for the shape of the body
KOLLZUPPUresponsible for the oil needed for lubricating the joints
ENBUresponsible for the body posture, structure, and movement
MOOLAIresponsible for strength
SUKILAresponsible for reproduction

The Siddha system of medicine is safe and not known to cause serious side effects.