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Suvarna Prashan (Swarna Prashana)

Suvarna Prashan (also called Swarna Prashana and Swarna Bindu Prashana) is an ayurvedic technique to enhance immunity and improve the intelligence of children. Swarna Prashana is an ancient health tonic for children. Swarna Prashana acts on the mind, brain, immune system, and skin. It promotes growth and development, maintains health, builds resistance to infections by developing non-specific immunity, improves complexion and increases memory.

The purpose of Suvarna-Prashan is same as of modern vaccination to prevent diseases by building immunity against bacteria and viruses. However, Suvarna-Prashan has no specific indications like an individual vaccine, but it improves the overall immunity of children.

Swarna Prashana is effective for preventing upper respiratory tract infections, common cold and flu. It can also prevent other diseases later in life. This concept has no limitation only to bacterial or viral infections.

Suvarna-Prashan benefits in proper brain development. It improves memory, intelligence, verbal and cognitive functions of the brain.

Suvarna Prashan Sanskar

Suvarna Prashan Sanskar is an immuno-modulatory technique and one of the ancient Indian rituals used in Indian medicine and Hindu Families for children.

Micro-fine and Calcined gold particles, also called Swarna (Suvarna) bhasma, is used with medicated ayurvedic ghee (clarified butter) and honey in unequal amounts in this process.

Age for Suvarna Prashan

However, Suvarna-Prashan requires administration as early as possible. A child with age 0 to 16 years is eligible for taking Swarna Prashana.

However, the specific age of giving Swarna Prashana is not described in ayurvedic texts, but the early administration of Suvarna-Prashan is greatly helpful for building immunity and intelligence. The capacity to build immunity against various diseases and infections is higher in early childhood and 90% brain development takes place by the age of five.

Therefore, it would be good to give Suvarna-Prashan before the age of five for maximum benefits. Suvarnaprashan has great effects on the brain and intelligence, but it would help more before the age of 5 years.

In case, you have missed giving Suvarna-Prashan to a child before the age of five, then you can give him/her up to the age of 16 years.

Time of Swarna Prashana administration

The best suitable time to give Suvarna Prashan (Swarna Prashana) to children is early morning before sunrise.

If this time is not possible for your child, then you can give it on empty stomach in the morning at least 30 minutes before breakfast.

Ingredients of Suvarna Prashan

The main ingredient of Swarna Prashana is Swarna (Pure Gold). The ingredient list is as follows:

  1. Swarna (Pure Gold).
  2. Water.
  3. Cow’s Ghee.
  4. Pure Honey.

Above ingredients are as per the ancient method of Swarna Prashana.

Nowadays, Swarna Bhasma is used in Swarna Prashana, which has a better safety profile and efficacy as compared to unprocessed gold. The process used for making Bhasma reduces the possible unwanted effects and increases its effectiveness.

Ancient Method of Swarna Prashana

The main method described in the Kashyap Samhita is as follows:

  1. Take small water and Pure Gold. Rub gold in the water on a clean grinding stone facing east direction.
  2. Now, mix water and rubbed gold with Honey and Cow’s Ghee.
  3. This mixture is given to the child to increase non-specific immunity.

The exact measurable dosage is not described in the Kashyap Samhita. Therefore, the dosage of Swarna Bhasma should be calculated for infant and children on the basis of its adult dosage.

The lowest effective dosage of Swarna Bhasma is 0.05 mg per Kg of body weight, which is generally prescribed for patients with respiratory diseases, especially tuberculosis. It is also the safest dosage. We also recommend Suvarna Prashan dosage based on this for our formulation.

Suvarna Prashan No. 1

We prepare in the following ways:

Swarna Bhasma 0.1% (100 mg)
Pure Honey 90% (90 grams)
Brahmi Ghee 9.9% (9.9 grams)


1-2 drop per Kg of Body Weight, once a day.

Short-term use (less than 4 weeks) 2 drop per Kg of body weight
Long-term use (more than 4 weeks) 1 drop per Kg of body weight

Note: Many manufacturers recommend Suvarna Prashan according to age group. For example, 3 drops for 1 to 3 years old child. This dosage is ineffective. We never get any results with this type of dosage. We recommend dosage according to body weight, which provides better results.

If you are going to use Suvarna Prashan for less than 4 weeks, then you should give it according to 2 drops per Kg of body weight. If you have planned to use it for more than 4 weeks, then the perfect dosage is 1 drop per Kg of body weight.

Suvarna Prashan No. 2

In some children, above formulation with very less Swarna Bhasma and Brahmi Ghee is not much effective. However, the above formulation is easier to prepare and preserve for a longer duration.

For getting good results, we have to add Swarna Bhasma in a dosage of 0.5 mg per Kg of body weight of the child. We recommend the following formulation for such children.

Swarna Bhasma 0.5 mg per Kg of body weight
Pure Honey 60 mg per Kg of body weight
Brahmi Ghee 20 mg per Kg of body weight

In such cases, we don’t recommend mixing honey and ghee together beforehand. However, you can mix Swarna Bhasma and Honey and keep it. When you need to give it to the child, add 1/3rd Brahmi Ghee in it.

Can I use it regularly in addition to completing the course?

Usually, we recommend this type of therapy for immunocompromised patients. They have to take it on a regular basis. Generally, we recommend them to take it for 6 months and then stop it for a month. After stopping it for a month, it can be started again for another 6 months.

For healthy children, you can also use it once a month after completing 6 months’ course for maintaining non-specific immunity against a variety of diseases.

Medicinal Value of Suvarna Prashan

Suvarna Prashan has following healing properties, which increase its medicinal value for preventive as well as therapeutic purposes.

  1. Immunomodulatory.
  2. Adaptogenic.
  3. Memory booster.
  4. Anti-inflammatory.
  5. Antiarthritic.
  6. Anticancer.
  7. Antibacterial.
  8. Antiviral.
  9. Antimutagenic.
  10. Antioxidant.

Suvarna Prashan Indications

Based on Kashyap Samhita, Suvarna Prashan is indicated in the following cases:

  • Weak immunity.
  • Recurrent infections.
  • Memory disorders.
  • Delay growth in children.
  • General debility including mental and physical weakness.
  • Allergies.
  • Loss of appetite, poor appetite, slow digestion.
  • Dull appearance or dullness in the skin.
  • Delayed puberty.

Benefits of Suvarna Prashan

Suvarna Prashan has beneficial effects on the nervous system and the immune system. Therefore, it is very helpful for improving memory, retention power, intelligence, intellect, cognitive functions of the brain. Secondly, it is also effective for improving immunity and preventing diseases. The third effect is on the skin. It improves skin glow and prevents skin diseases.

Suvarna Prashan benefits based on the duration of use as mentioned in Kashyapa Samhita.

  1. Single Dosage Immediately after Birth: The single dosage is also considered effective if taken immediately after birth or as soon as possible following the birth. It can be repeated every month for enhanced preventive effects.
  2. 30 days: You should continue giving Swarna Prashana to your child at least for 30 days. The regular use of Swarna Bindu Prashana for 30 days is helpful for preventing the maximum of the diseases and increasing intelligence. According to Kashyapa Samhita, if Swarna Prashana is taken for a month, the child becomes very intelligent
  3. 6 months: For more beneficial effects on the brain, it can be used for 6 months. If it is taken for 6 months, the child becomes able to learn quickly and remember whatever he hears, according to Acharya Kashyapa.

Improves Immunity & Prevent Recurrent Infections

Suvarna Prashan has a significant immunomodulatory action. It improves non-specific immunity and builds a great defense against viral as well as bacterial infections. (1)

It is the best solution for children with low-immunity and recurrent infections. Many children suffer from frequent common cold, cough, fever and upper respiratory tract infections. In such cases, Suvarna Prashan should be continued for about 6 months. After using it for 6 months, tendency and frequency to get an infection are lowered significantly.

Increases Memory & Intelligence

Acharya Kashyapa says if you use Suvarna Prashan for 6 months regularly, it increases child’s memory, intelligence and grasping power. He says the child becomes able to learn quickly and remember whatever he hears.

According to statements Kashyapa, Suvarna Prashan is an excellent solution for improving memory and increasing the grasping power of the child.

Suvarna-Prashan is generally recommended for the children under the age of 16 years. However, child below the age of 5 years can get its maximum benefits because brain development is still under progress. However, it should also be helpful for older children and adults.

In a later age, the effectiveness of Suvarna-Prashan may reduce. You may require increasing the dosage of Swarna Bhasma. Alternatively, you can use Swarna Bhasma along with chyawanprash or honey and Brahmi Ghrita for getting its immuno-modulatory and memory-boosting benefits. Taking Swarna bhasma with chyawanprash would also help older people to prevent common infection and other diseases.

Useful in Delayed Growth

When a child is not having a normal growth rate according to his age is known as growth delay. It can have several causes. Along with treating the underlying cause, Suvarna Prashan is also prescribed to boost growth. However, the exact mechanism of action is unknown and is subject to further research. It might act on growth hormone and stimulates its secretion. For maximum results, it should be used in combination with Ashwagandha. Ashwagandha is highly useful for treating growth hormone deficiency. It can serve a supportive role in children with growth delay.

Effective Mental and Physical Weakness

I already discussed the effects of Suvarna Prashan on memory and grasping power. It also strengthens the mind and prevents psychological diseases. Children who had taken Suvarna Prashan have fewer chances to develop anxiety, stress and depression later in their life.

Along with Arvindasava, it helps to improve growth and development in children. Suvarna Prashan improves physical strength and stamina and Arvindasava provides nourishment to the body.

Allergic Disorders

Suvarna Prashan has immunomodulatory and antiallergic actions. It prevents hypersensitivity reaction to allergens and helps to treat allergies in children. It is more beneficial in cases of allergies related to the respiratory system.

We found it effective in the prevention and treatment of allergic rhinitis, allergic cough and persistent sneezing. It helps to reduce inflammation of airways and exerts soothing action, which helps to prevent irritation to the airways. However, we use it adding 125 mg Pippali (long pepper) powder in such cases.

Delayed Puberty

In cases of delayed puberty, Suvarna Prashan alone is not much effective. When it is used in combination with Vanga Bhasma and Ashwagandha in males and Vanga Bhasma and Shatavari in females, it shows results.

Suvarna Prashan Dosage

Suvarna Prashan No. 1

1-2 drop per Kg of Body Weight, once a day.

Short-term use (less than 4 weeks) 2 drop per Kg of body weight
Long-term use (more than 4 weeks) 1 drop per Kg of body weight

Suvarna Prashan No. 2

Swarna Bhasma 0.5 mg per Kg of body weight
Pure Honey 60 mg per Kg of body weight
Brahmi Ghee 20 mg per Kg of body weight

Duration of Use

As discussed, the single optimum dosage of Swarna Bindu Prashana is also effective to prevent common infections, but 30 days’ regular use of Swarna Bindu Prashana is helpful for preventing maximum of the diseases and increasing intelligence. You should continue giving Swarna Prashana to your child at least for 30 days. For more beneficial effects on the brain, it can be used for 6 months. According to Kashyapa Samhita, if Swarna Prashana is taken for a month, the child becomes very intelligent. If it is taken for 6 months, the child becomes able to learn quickly and remember whatever he hears. According to this statement, it is cleared that Swarna Prashana can be used for 6 months without any doubt.

Minimum Usage For at least 30 days
Maximum Usage Not clearly specified, but as per Kashyapa Samhita statement, it can be surely used for 6 months regularly.

After a course of 30 to 180 days, you can give Swarna Prashana once in every month for the next 30 months. PUSHYA NAKSHATRA day is the best for monthly usage. It comes after every 27 days.

Safety Profile

Suvarna Prashan is possibly safe and well-tolerated.

Suvarnaprashan Side Effects

Does Swarna Prashana have any side effects?

There are no side effects reported with the recommended dosage of Swarna Prashana.


  1. Kashyapa Samhita, Sutra Sthana, Chapter 1.

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  1. Your Swarna Prashana is very effective. Thank You for preparing and sending it for my son. He was always suffering from cold and cough and frequently with fever. You had recommended it should not be given during fever or illness. So I started it when he was healthy. I am giving him for last 3 months. Since last 3 months, he has no problem of allergy, cold, cough and fever. I am very thankful to you.

    Since his birth, he gets fever after every fifteen days with cough and cold. Some doctors told us your child has recurrent infections and some told us it is allergic. Every time, we were giving him nebulization with asthalin and budecort, anti biotic and fever medicines. After he gets relief, he again suffers with same problem after a few days. I hope you remembered us.

    Now, I want to know should I continue Swarna Prashana and how long should I use. Sorry, I have used your Swarna Prashana in 3 months, which was given for a month. Many times I missed doses. Now, I want to order it again and please email me the details again.

    1. Thank you for your feedback.

      If you are using it for immunity and preventing your child from diseases, then it is not required further. You can stop it when bottle of Swarna Prashana is finished.

  2. The Suvarnaprashan available in the market contains Swarna Bhasma, Brahmi, Vacha, Trikatu (Pippali, Pepper & Ginger), Aragvadha, Shankhpushpi, Yashtimadhu, Tulsi, Guduchi, Amalaki etc. It is also sold at affordable price. But it contains an insignificant amount of Swarna Bhasma. The best method is described by Dr. Jagdev in this article, so you should prepare Suvarnaprashan as per Ancient Method of Swarna Prashana for getting awesome results.

  3. Hello doctor,
    As I have read this article, it’s very effective and nice. My question is many allopathic doctors say this not good to give for babies since it may cause diseases and bone marrow also rather than boosting immunity… How far is this true?

    1. They might be right for their own gold salts. But Swarna bhasma in ayurveda is different and functions in a different way. No side effects are reported with ayurvedic Swarna formulations. All these side effects that they describe are related with their own gold salts.

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