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Swarna Malini Vasant Ras

Swarna Malini Vasant Ras is an immunity enhancer and antibiotic medicine used for treatment of chronic fevers, general fatigue, weakness after fever or any wayward disease such as tuberculosis or heart diseases. Swarna Malini Vasant has its great curative action in splenomegaly (spleen enlargement), liver enlargement, hepatitis A, B, C and other types as well, malaria fever, productive cough, nervine weakness, cervicitis and other uterus infections and chronic headache.

If your doctor has prescribed Swarna Malini Vasant for treatment of any of above disease, you should take it at least 15 days for a better result. It is also very beneficial for weakness due to old age, excessive exercises, and mental fatigue.

It is mainly effective in diseases related to following organs:

  1. Lymphatic system & Lymph node infections
  2. Diseases of liver and spleen
  3. Diseases of uterus especially infections


  1. Suvarna Malini Vasant Ras
  2. Vasant Malti Ras
  3. Swarn basant malini
  4. Swarnmalini vasant
  5. Suvarnamalini Vasant
  6. Swarna Malini Vasant ras
  7. Basantmalini ras (gold)
  8. Sarv rogo basant

Ingredients (Composition)

Ingredient Quantity
Swarna Bhasma (Calcined Gold Ash) 12 grams
Mukta Pishti (Pearl Calcium) 24 grams
Safed Mirch – White Pepper Corn 48 grams
Yashad (Jasad) Bhasma 96 grams
Shuddha Hingula 36 grams
Butter 24 grams
Nimbu Ka Ras – Lemon Juice Q.S.

Uses & Detailed Indications

Chronic fever

It has instant effects in chronic fever. However, if your body temperature is 99 ° or lower than 99 °, your conventional health care provider will not reckon it as fever, but you will feel weakness in the body, then the Swarna Malini Vasant Ras is the best choice for you. However, it should be taken with Praval Pishti and sitopaladi churna (ayurvedic medicines available in powder form) for better results.

Swarna Malini Vasant has imitated action as of all antibiotics, so it kills the microbes and stops their growth in the human body. However, there is also one great difference i.e. the person feels weakened, when he is on antibiotic treatment, but when a person is being treated with Swarna Malini Vasant Ras, his weakness is alleviated and he feels some strength in his body.


Vasant Malti Ras is used for anemia associated with excessive uterine bleeding or internal loss of blood due to any underlying cause. It can be given to children, women, pregnant women, as it is beneficial for all. It contains zinc as main mineral. Researches show that zinc is an essential mineral for the stimulation of RBCs formation. It also increases the production of erythropoietin hormone secreted by kidneys (interstitial fibroblasts). Ayurvedic physicians have used Swarna Malini Vasant since medieval times and have treated thousands of patients suffering from obstinate anemia. It is an effective medicine for anemia, which is untreated under conventional medical treatment with the use of various medicines. However, some iron preparations may require supporting this medicine. Generally, Mandur bhasma and Indian gooseberry (Amla powder) are good drugs in combination of swarn malni basat ras for treating chronic anemia.


Suvarnamalini Vasant is an immunity enhancer and strengthening ayurvedic medicine, which can be used in tuberculosis to boost immunity of person to fight off the infection. It is also noted that resistant tuberculosis is well treated with it. It may be an expensive medicine, but results are better than conventional T.B. medicines in resistant tuberculosis.

Notes: Vasant Malti Ras may increase body temperature during first few days, so it is recommended to decrease the dose of Suvarnamalini Vasant from 150 mg to 50 or 100 mg twice day, whichever is suitable for person. Parwal pisti and mukta pisti should be given with this medicine to lower the temperature. The best use of medicine is in 99 degree F temperature of the body. If temperature is more than 100 degree F, Swarna Sootshekhar ras should be used. If person is suffering from non-productive cough in tuberculosis, then use Suvarna malini Vasant with sitopaldi churna and parwal pisti.

General weakness

Some people complaint that they are experiencing fever like symptoms. However, they are not suffering from fever clinically. In this condition, Basantmalini ras (gold) is a drug of choice along with parwal pisti. Some detoxifying medicines (ama-pachaka) should be used such ginger, vacha, trikatu etc.


Goiter occurs due to iodine deficiency. It is the enlargement of thyroid glands characterized by intense pain and difficulties in swallowing liquid or foods. Along with iodine supplement, use of Swarna Malini Vasant Ras results in fast recovery from symptoms and goiter. It also normalizes the functions of thyroid gland.

Typhoid Fever

If patient is suffering from typhoid fever or post treatment weakness due to typhoid, he can be prescribed with Basantmalini ras (gold) in combination of sitopaldi churna for recovery from the weakness or symptoms.


The general dosage of Swarna Malini Vasant Ras is as follows.
Children 2.5 mg per Kg Weight, but maximum 65 mg twice daily
Adults 65 to 150 mg *
Maximum Possible Dosage 300 mg Per Day (in divided doses) **
* Twice a day
** The maximum dosage of Swarna Malini Vasant Ras is a general estimate.
Best Time to Take: An hour Before Meal or 2 hours after meal

Powder of Suvarna Malini Vasant Ras: 65 mg to 150 mg twice or thrice a day or as per physician advice

Tablets: Most of ayurvedic pharmacies make tablets of 125 mg and baidyanath’s tablets of Swarna Malini Vasant Ras are of 150 mg.


Adjuvants for Swarna Malini Vasant Ras are according to the health conditions. In general, it can be used with water.

Health Condition Best Suitable Adjuvant
Weakness & Debility Sitopaladi Churna + Honey and Ashwagandha
Diseases of Lungs & Airways Pippali Churna (long pepper) +  Honey
Tuberculosis or Phthisis Abhrak Bhasma + Sitopaladi Churna + Honey

In pregnancy & breast-feeding

If your doctor has prescribed this medicine in your pregnancy due to any reason, it is beneficial for you and fetus developing in your womb because it is immune-moderator medicine, which enhances immunity of pregnant woman as well as her child. It is safe according to ayurveda to use in pregnancy and during lactation.

FAQs about Swarna Malini Vasant Ras

Does Swarna Malini Vasant Ras help for debility occurring after fever?

Swarna Malini Vasant Ras is a drug of choice for debility or weakness occurring after fevers or infections. It helps to restore the body strength and natural homeostasis in the human body. In ayurveda, it is generally recommended for treating such cases for 2 to 3 weeks along with Sitopaladi Churna.

Can we use Swarna Vasant Malini Ras for children with recurrent respiratory tract infection?

Yes, it can be used in children suffering from recurrent respiratory infections. It is likely to increase immunity and prevent infections. The most suitable and safe preparation for increasing immunity of a child is Swarna Prashana.

Warning & Disclaimer: This medicine contains metal content. Ayur Times does not recommend the use of this medicine. Read More

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