Ghrita (Ghritam)

Triphala Ghrita Benefits, Uses, Dosage & Side Effects

Desi ghee medicated with Triphala Powder is called Triphala Ghrita.  Triphala Ghee and Triphala Ghritam are its synonyms. It is an ayurvedic preventive as well as healing medicine, which provides benefits in almost all types of eye diseases. It reduces lens opacity, improves vision, brings clarity and protects the eyes from various diseases.

Triphala Ghrita is used in three ways in healthy individuals:

Usage Method Frequency Dosage
Oral Intake Daily 1 to 2 teaspoons
Nasal Instillation Daily 2 drops in each nostril, in the morning.
Triphala Ghrita Eye Drops Once a week 2 drops in each eye.

You can replace its oral intake with Triphala Powder as explained here: How to Use Triphala for Eyes.

Patients suffering from eyes diseases may require Akshi Tarpana Therapy on a regular basis. This therapy is done with triphala ghee. Sometimes, the ayurvedic doctor may prescribe triphala ghrita eye drops instead of Akshi Tarpana for daily use.

Ingredients (Composition)

The following formulation of Triphala Ghritam is according to Sharangdhar Samhita. You can find these ingredients in Dabur Trifala Ghrit. According to my opinion, it is the best formulation.

Triphala Kwath (Triphala Decoction) 768 ml
Vasaka or Vasa (Malabar Nut) – Adhatoda vasica Juice 768 ml
Bhringraj – Eclipta alba Juice 768 ml
Goat’s Milk (Alternative: Cow’s Milk) 768 ml
Cow’s Ghee 768 ml
Kalka (Paste)  
Amla (India Gooseberry) – Phyllanthus emblica 12 grams
Bibhitaki (Bahera) – Terminalia bellirica 12 grams
Haritaki or Harad (Chebulic Myrobalan) – Terminalia chebula 12 grams
Pippali (Long Pepper) – Piper longum 12 grams
Munakka (Raisins) – Vitis vinifera 12 grams
Safed Chandan (White Sandalwood) – Santalum album 12 grams
Sendha Namak 12 grams
Bala (Country Mallow) – Sida cordifolia 12 grams
Kakoli Alternative: Ashwagandha – Withania somnifera 12 grams
Ksheer Kakoli Alternative: Ashwagandha – Withania somnifera 12 grams
Medha Alternative: Shatavari – Asparagus racemosus 12 grams
Kali Mirch (Black Pepper) – Piper nigrum 12 grams
Sonth (Ginger Rhizome) – Zingiber officinale 12 grams
Sharkara – Ayurvedic Sugar 12 grams
Kumuda (White Water Lily) – Nymphaea alba 12 grams
Kamal (Sacred Lotus) – Nelumbo nucifera 12 grams
Red PunarnavaBoerhavia diffusa 12 grams
Daruhaldi (Daruharidra) – Berberis aristata 12 grams
Haldi (Turmeric) – Curcuma longa 12 grams
Yashtimadhu (Mulethi) – Glycyrrhiza glabra 12 grams

The following formulation is according to Bhaishajya Ratnavali.

Cow’s Ghee 64 Parts (768 ml)
Cow’s milk 64 Parts (768 ml)
Triphala Kwath (Triphala Decoction) 192 Parts (2304 ml)
Kalka (Paste) :
Triphala Churna 1 Part (12 grams)
Trikatu Churna 1 Part (12 grams)
Munakka (Raisins) – Vitis vinifera 1 Part (12 grams)
Yashtimadhu (Mulethi) – Glycyrrhiza glabra 1 Part (12 grams)
Kutki – Picrorhiza kurroa 1 Part (12 grams)
Prapaundarika (white lotus) – Nymphaea lotus 1 Part (12 grams)
Elachi (Green Cardamom) – Elettaria cardamomum 1 Part (12 grams)
Vaividang (False Black Pepper) – Embelia ribes 1 Part (12 grams)
Nagkesar – Mesua ferrea 1 Part (12 grams)
Neel Kamal (Blue Star Water Lily) – Nymphaea stellata 1 Part (12 grams)
Safed Sariva – Hemidesmus indicus 1 Part (12 grams)
Kali Sariva – Hemidesmus indicus 1 Part (12 grams)
Safed Chandan (White Sandalwood) – Santalum album 1 Part (12 grams)
Haldi (Turmeric) – Curcuma longa 1 Part (12 grams)
Daruhaldi (Daruharidra) – Berberis aristata 1 Part (12 grams)

How to Make Triphala Ghrita

For making Triphala Ghrita, you first need to make Triphala Decoction.

Coarse powder of Triphala Ingredients :
Amla (India Gooseberry) – Phyllanthus emblica 32 Parts (384 grams)
Bibhitaki (Bahera) – Terminalia bellirica 32 Parts (384 grams)
Haritaki or Harad (Chebulic Myrobalan) – Terminalia chebula 32 Parts (384 grams)
Water 768 Parts (9.216 liters)
  1. Take all these ingredients in the above ratio.
  2. Then boil the mixture and reduce the heat to low flame.
  3. Simmer the mixture until it reduces to ¼ part (1920 ml).
  4. Then filter the Triphala decoction. Use this decoction for making Triphala Ghrita.

After making Triphala Decoction, you require to mix all ingredients of Triphala Ghrita.

  1. Simmer the mixture until only ghee remains.
  2. Now, leave it for a few hours for cooling.
  3. Then filter the Triphala Ghrita. With the above ratio of ingredients, you will likely to get around 600 ml of Triphala Ghee.

Medicinal Properties

Triphala ghee has the following healing properties.

  • Chaksuya – Improves Vision.
  • Anti-inflammatory.
  • Rasayana – rejuvenating.
  • Antipruritic – Alleviates itching.
  • Antioxidant.
  • Promotes hair growth.
  • Restores natural hair color.

Triphala Ghrita Indications

  • Naktandhya – Night blindness.
  • Nakulandhya – defective vision with colorful illumination.
  • Retinitis pigmentosa (its symptoms also resemble with Nakulandhya.
  • Timir roga (Refractive errors or eye coat Illnesses).
  • Cataract.
  • Computer vision syndrome.
  • Vision loss.
  • Itchy eyes.
  • Burning sensation in eyes or skin.
  • Myopia.
  • Amblyopia.
  • Macular Degeneration.
  • Solar Retinitis.
  • Diabetic retinopathy.
  • Color blindness.
  • Age-related vision loss.
  • Optic Neuritis.
  • Scleritis.
  • Ophthalmia.
  • Allergic Blepharitis.
  • Degenerative Ophthalmitis.
  • Trichiasis.
  • Eyelid Alopecia.
  • Photophobia.
  • Dacryocystitis.
  • Corneal Ulcer.
  • Xerophthalmia.
  • Dry Blepharitis.


The classical ayurvedic dosage of Triphala Ghrita is as follows:

Children 0.2 ml per Kg of body weight
Adults 6 – 12 ml (1 to 2 teaspoons)
Lactation 6 ml
Geriatric Dosage 6 ml
Maximum Possible Dosage 24 ml per day

How to Take Triphala Ghrita

Anupan (Adjuvant) Warm milk or with food.
Dosage Frequency  Once or twice daily
Medication Time If once a day, then take it at night. If twice a day, then take it along with morning and evening meal.

Nasal Administration of Triphala Ghrita

Purpose of Use Dosage for instillation
Preventive Purpose 2 drops in early morning
Therapeutic Use (General) 2 to 5 drops
Panchakarma Treatment 5 to 10 drops

To prevent all types of eye diseases, you can just instill 2 drops of Triphala Ghrita in the morning on a daily basis. Along with Nasal instillation, you should also take it orally.

Akshi Tarpana

Triphala Ghrita is also recommended for panchakarma eye treatment, known as Akshi Tarpana. For this purpose, consult nearby ayurvedic center.

Safety Profile

Triphala Ghrita is well-tolerated and likely safe for internal use.

Triphala Ghrita Side Effects

If you use Triphala Ghrita wisely and in the recommended dosage, there are no side effects for its oral intake. For eye drop, you can find details here: Triphala Ghrita Eye Drops.

Nasal administration: Its nasal instillation can cause the following side effects:

  • Nasal irritation (quite normal).
  • Irritation in the throat and mouth (also normal).
  • Nasal mucus secretion (also quite normal).
  • Sneezing.

All these side effects are quite normal if stays up to 30 minutes. If these symptoms persist, gargle with warm salt-water.

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

The safety profile of Triphala Ghrita is not well established for pregnant women. Consult an ayurvedic physician before using Triphala Ghee during pregnancy.

However, lactating mothers can take Triphala Ghee in the recommended dosage. It is possibly safe to use during breastfeeding.


There are no absolute contraindications for Triphala Ghee.

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