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Sometimes, Indian ayurvedic scholars name ayurveda as trisutra ayurveda because of ayurveda gives main stress on three things during whole management of diseases. Broadly speaking, all system of medicine has only three things to find out causes, do diagnosis and treat of various diseases. These three things are termed as trisutra.

Definition of trisutra

Trisutra is three modules in ayurveda, which are first etiology, second sign and symptoms and third treatment or management of diseases.

Three main modules of ayurveda

Ayurveda has three main modules of treatment or ayurveda divides it into three main categories in order to treat various patients or diseases.

There three parts of ayurveda are collectively known as Trisutra.

  1. Hetu – causes or etiology
  2. Linga – Sign and symptoms
  3. Aushadh – Ayurvedic Medicine or treatment


Trisutra is also termed as:

  • Tri sakandh – hetu, linga, aushadh – it has same description as trisutra description has.
  • Sakandh traya – hetu, dosha, dravya – it has some different meaning – to read more click here.

Hetu – Causes or etiology of disease

Some factors are responsible for occurrence of diseases and these things or factors are called hetu in ayurveda. The common causes or etiologies that play a vital role in development of diseases are given below:

  1. Improper diet intake
  2. Bad dietary habits
  3. Excessive intake of similar foods
  4. Excessive intake of single taste such as excessive intake of only sweets etc
  5. Decreased sleep
  6. Excessive use of senses and overwork beyond owns capacities
  7. Lack of proper relaxation
  8. External factors such as dust, bacteria or viruses etc
  9. Injuries from accidents
  10. Indigestion of some toxic substances

Linga – Sign and symptoms

There are some changes in bodily or mental functions due to diseases. Patient experiences some discomfort in his body and mind gets irritated or disturbed. These represent symptoms or linga in the body. Some clues are seen by physician and are called signs. Linga in ayurveda is collective representation of symptoms and signs. In ayurveda, symptoms and signs are diagnosed according to dominance of specific dosha. According to dominance of dosha, treatment is decided to keep balance inside three humors by which disease is cured.

Aushadh – Medicine or treatment

Aushadh is third part of ayurvedic management or trisutra. It includes dietary changes, fasting, herbs, ayurvedic formulation such as decoction, syrup, tablets, distilled extracts, confectionaries etc. The main principle of ayurvedic treatment is to harmonize the three body humors and control two mind humors.

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