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Unani Arq (Distillate)

Arq is a form of Unani medicine. This form is obtained after the processes of evaporation and distillation to obtain the purest form of the extract. Hence, this medicine is also called a distillate. The process involves first creating vapors of the matter from which the medicine is to be prepared and then, condensing the vapors to obtain a distilled matter. This form of medication originated in the Arabs. It is actually a volatile part of a drug in the form of liquid.

How to Prepare Arq Medication

Several potent medications can be prepared using the process of evaporation and condensation.

These medicines are prepared in a unique way as mentioned beneath:

  1. The herbs and other ingredients mentioned in the formula are soaked in water.
  1. The quantity of the herbs to be mixed varies depending on the particular medication to be prepared.
  1. The soaked drugs are allowed to stay overnight to ensure the medicinal ingredients from the herbs are steeped into the liquid.

In the morning, the liquid is distilled through a two-step process of evaporation and condensation to obtain the final product.

During evaporation, the liquid is heated to obtain the vapors. In the next stage, the vapors are allowed to cool down or condense. This cooling action turns the vapors into a liquid form again. The medicinal extract, thus obtained, is stored in a clean container.

Arq Brinjasif, Arq Gazer, Arq Kasni, Arq Makoh and Arq Musaffi are some of the most commonly used Arq forms of Unani medications.