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Habb (Unani Pill)

Habb is a form of medication used in the Unani system of medicine. Though the term Habb has several other meanings and is most commonly used to refer to a seed. When used in relation to a form of a Unani drug, it denotes a solid form of the medication. Habb is a pill, usually having a round shape.

Habb can be of different sizes depending on the recommended dosage of the final product to be taken once. They may also have different constituents depending on the formula of the medication mentioned in the Unani texts. Some Habb forms of medications may contain just one constituent while some contain several herbs. Hubbub is a plural of Habb.

The sizes of the Hubbub can vary from very small size like that of a mustard (Brassica Nigra) seed to about 1 cm in diameter. Pills having one cm diameter are known as BUNDQA. It is usually of the same size of a Reetha (soap nut – Sapindus Trifoliatus) fruit.

Habb Preparation Method

A Habb is prepared from the powder of the herbs and a solution that acts as a binder. It helps to turn the powder into a tablet form.

To prepare the medication, all the herbal ingredients are dried and ground separately to make a fine powder. Each herb should be taken in the exact quantity mentioned in the formula. Then, the powders of all herbs are mixed together. Finally, cane sugar or ASL (Honey) is added if mentioned in the formula. Later, small quantities of this mixture are taken on to the palms and rolled to form the pills or Habb.

Some of the popular Habb forms of Unani medications are Habb-E Suranjan, Habb-e Asgand, Habbe Asgand, Habb-e Ayarij, Habb-e Jadwar and Habb-e Kabid Naushadri.