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Khamira is a form of Unani medication. It was invented by an Indian Hakim. Hence, the mention of this form of medication cannot be found in the ancient Arabic and Persian texts. It is also spelled as KHAMEERA.

Khamira is a tasty and scented preparation, which allows for an easy and convenient usage of Unani medications. It was specially prepared on the request of the Mughal rulers. Khamira is a form of Majun that is generally used for treating cardiac ailments. However, the product is neither very thick or solid like Majun nor too watery or liquid like syrup. The preparation of this medication involves trituration so that the final product becomes frothy and whitish in color.

Preparation Method of Khamira

The herbal ingredients are soaked in the required quantity of a solution called AAB AAHAN TAAB. It is the water obtained after dipping a piece of red, hot iron in the water. After 24 hours, the soaked solution of boiled till the quantity is reduced to one-third of the original quantity. The liquid is strained and kept aside.

Later, the other ingredients mentioned in the formula are boiled in water separately and filtered. The filtrated solutions are mixed together. Then, QIWAM, the basic solution of sugar or Honey having a particular consistency, is added to this filtrate. Later, all the solutions are mixed together and the powders of the remaining herbs are added to the mixture. This preparation is triturated to obtain the final product. When prepared in the right way, the final product is white in color.