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Majun (Electuaries)

Majun (Electuary) is one of the most commonly used forms of Unani medications. It is also called MAJOON or SARISHTA. It was introduced by the Egyptians. Hakim Hurmus is said to be the inventor of this form of medication.

Generally, the word Majun is used to refer to all the Unani preparations that are produced from the powders of herbs and a basic solution of sugar called QIWAM that has a peculiar consistency. It may also contain ASL (Honey).

The word, Majun, is derived from AJN meaning to mix. Hence, in this preparation, the powders of drugs are mixed well in Qiwam.

The medications that belong to this category are named either based on the inventor, the main ingredient or the mode of action. For example; Majun Sheikhurrais is named based on its inventor and Majun Mullein is named so due to its strong laxative action. Majun Azaraqi is named so as Azaraqi is one of its chief ingredients.

There are several other forms of Unani medications that are similar to Majun such as Itrifal, Yaqooti, Jawarish, Anooshdaru, and Bershasha. However, these differ based on the method of preparation and the consistency of the final product.

Majun Preparation Method

The preparation of Majun begins with making the Qiwam or a sugar solution having a particular consistency. It is prepared by adding water or fruit juice in purified honey, or sugar, and then, boiling the mixture over a low flame till it acquires the required consistency. The consistency may vary depending on the ingredients to be used in the formula. Later, the herbal ingredients are mixed in Qiwam in a liquid or powder form. The final product is stored in a container.