Vasa Swarasa

Vasa Swarasa helps in cough originated from Pitta and Kapha Dosha and bleeding disorders.

Vasa Swarasa Ingredients

Ingredients Quantity
Vasa Patra – Adhatoda vasica leaves Q.S.

Preparation Method

  1. Pound and squeeze the leaves of Vasa and extract the juice.
  2. Filter the juice from a clean cloth.

Vasa Swarasa Dosage

Children 0.30 ml twice daily
Adults 20 ml twice daily

Additive: Honey – 1 teaspoon for adults and ¼ teaspoon for children.

Vasa Swarasa Indications

  1. Cough.
  2. Respiratory Diseases.
  3. Bleeding disorders.

Dosha: Pitta and Kapha

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