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Vata Body Type (Vata Constitution) – Vata Prakriti

The predominance of Vata Dosha in body constitution is called Vata Body Type. It is also known as Vata Constitution and Vata Prakriti.

Vata Body Type Characteristics

The qualities of Vata Dosha determine your physical and mental characteristics.

RUKSHA (Dry), KHARA (Rough or Coarse), KATHINA (Hard) Dry Hair, Dry Skin, Dry Nails, Less Sleep, Dry stool, hard stool, constipation, weak bones
SHEETA (Cold ) Cold hands and feet, feel excess coldness in the body, excessive shivering during winters, irregular appetite, poor digestive capacity
LAGHU (Light) Thin body, weak bones, and joints, weak body, less physical strength
CHALA (Moving or Mobile) Instability of mind, wavering conscience, less control over mind, unsteady thoughts, restlessness, lack of concentration

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Physical Characteristics of Vata Body Type

  1. Tall and Slim Body built
  2. Lack of Physical strength or Physically Weak
  3. Not beautiful emaciated appearance
  4. High-pitched, unclear and rough voice
  5. Dark Complexion
  6. Walking very fast
  7. Forehead appears small
  8. Chest appears small
  9. Small eyes
  10. Eyes appear sunken and dry
  11. Eyelashes appear scanty, thin and dry
  12. Tongue appears dry, cracked, cold and rough
  13. Teeth alignment appears irregular
  14. Face appear rough and dry
  15. Taste of mouth can be astringent
  16. Veins are prominent and unclear
  17. Abdomen is sunken
  18. Low body weight, or sometimes underweight
  19. Skin is dry, rough or cracked
  20. Hairs are dry, rough, cracked
  21. Nails are dry, rough and small
  22. Appetite is irregular
  23. Eating in small quantity, but eating frequently
  24. Feel thirst, but drink water moderately or sometimes in large amount and sometimes in less quantity
  25. Irregular sleep patterns
  26. Pulse is fast and thready
  27. Irregular bowel movement and prone to constipation
  28. Menstrual flow is scanty
  29. Menstrual blood is dark

Mental Characteristics

  1. Wavering conscience
  2. Wandering mind
  3. Lack of control over mind
  4. Weak Mind
  5. Lack of contentment in life
  6. Lack of mental tolerance
  7. Non-resistant to mental strain
  8. Lack of intelligence or intellect is not well organized
  9. Poor memory
  10. Lack of attentiveness
  11. Lack of concentration
  12. Unsteady thoughts
  13. Very good grasping power
  14. Best in short-term tasks.
  15. Not courageous
  16. Not adventurous
  17. Not brave
  18. Somewhat influence by praise


  1. Aggressive – lack of calmness
  2. Destructive – lack of constructiveness
  3. Lack of non-violence
  4. Lack of forgiving nature

Social Characteristics

  1. Very few friends (Trustworthy 1 to 3)
  2. Speaking publicly or on stage is difficult
  3. Less likely to be liked by other people – a very few people like them
  4. Not trustworthy
  5. Lack of long-lasting relationships
  6. Lack of religiousness
  7. A lack of good conduct
  8. A lack of kindness
  9. Lack of helping nature
  10. Quarrelsome
  11. Lack of truthfulness
  12. Ungrateful
  13. Very talkative

Best Environment

  • Hot humid climate

Emotional Characteristics

  1. Highly Hyper-excited
  2. Highly Hyperactive
  3. Become angry very quickly, but anger quickly disappears
  4. Get scared very quickly
  5. High mood swings
  6. Sometimes happy and sometimes unhappy
  7. May not have good control over urge of having physical relations.

Common Problems with Vata Body Type

It does not mean you will have these problems, but when Vata Dosha will be in excess or aggravated, it may cause following problems or diseases:

  1. Joint Crepitus
  2. Dry Skin
  3. Cracked skin, cracked heels
  4. Constipation with hard and dry stool
  5. Joint pain
  6. Sleeplessness
  7. Weakness of bones and muscles
  8. Underweight
  9. Difficulty to gaining weight
  10. Irregular appetite
  11. Feeling of loneliness
  12. Depression with aggression or violent symptoms
  13. Anxiety and feeling of insecurity
  14. Scanty menstrual flow
  15. Irregular menstrual periods

Note: It is not necessary that you will have all characteristics described in this article. Some of them will be present according to proportion of Vata and other Dosha in your body. The predominance in Vata Dosha represents that you will have maximum of Vata Body Type Characteristics.

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