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Vata Body Type vs. Pitta Body Type vs. Kapha Body Type

The following table will help you to find the difference among Vata Body Type, Pitta Body Type, and Kapha Body Type.

ParticularsVata Body TypePitta Body TypeKapha Body Type
MindWandering, changing thoughtsFairly Good Control over the Mind, Somewhat stable mindBetter Control over the mind, stable mind
IntelligenceLack of intelligence or intellect is not well organizedBrilliantGood, but not brilliant
Grasping PowerVery Quick, but can forget easilyGoodTake time to grasp and memorize things, but can remember for a long time
AttentivenessAttention deficient or less attentiveCan be attentive only to one subjectSimultaneously attentive on every point or happening
MoodWaveringCool but easily get irritated and become angryCool minded
TolerabilityLack of tolerabilityModerate level of tolerabilityStrong or good tolerability
MemoryWeakModerately GoodGood Memory
FriendsVery few friends (Trustworthy 1 to 3)A few Friends (Trustworthy 5 to 10)Many Friends
Social traitsAggressiveSomewhat aggressive, also calmCalmness and peace are their  social visible traits
Public speakingCannot speak publicly or on stageCan speak publicly without any hesitation and debate with a lot of people and can conquer a debateCan speak publicly, but feel some hesitation and it will be difficult to conquer a debate
SleepDisturbedModerate SleepSleepy and love to sleep
Satisfaction/ContentNot content or extremely dissatisfied with the lifeSomewhat contented and satisfied but sometimes feel dissatisfiedextremely satisfied
Body Constitution/PhysiqueSlim – ThinMedium BuiltWell Built
Facial characteristicsRoughDelicatePleasing
Facial StructureAngular or longPointed ChinRounded
Shape of NoseSmall and crooked with narrow nostrilsAverage and PointedRounded nose and wide nostrils
EyesSunken, SmallAverageWide and big eyes
CheeksSunken, dryFlat and smoothPlump Cheeks
Skin TypeDry or RoughNot too much dry or oily, soft, thin and coppery skinOily skin, thick and cool
Skin ColorDarkWhite complexion, with yellowish or reddish tingeFair complexion without any tinge
HairsDry, rough, thin, smoky, cracked hairsSoft, thin hairs or early graying, baldnessDark, Strong, thick hairs
AppetiteIrregular, but eat in small quantitiesGood AppetiteLess appetite
Bowel MovementsIrregular, prone to ConstipationRegular, Prone to loose motions or diarrheaRegular, Normal
Mother feed or Bottle feed (Applicable for Children under age 2 years)Irregular, small quantity but frequentHungry, vigorous suckingRegular, slow and sluggish
VoiceRough, incoherent, high-pitched voiceCoherent, clear and high pitched voiceDeep, coherent and pleasant voice
SpeakingFast speakingModerately good speakingGood speaking
CommunicationVery Talkative, but not firm on specific pointsGood communication skillsAverage communication skills
Body Strength & StaminaWeakModerate StrengthStrong
Tastes you like mostSweet, Sour or SaltySweet, Bitter or AstringentPungent, Bitter, Astringent
Gain and lose weightDifficult to gain weightCan gain weight as well as can lose weight easilyEasy to gain weight, but very difficult to reduce it back
Decision MakingIndecisive and confusedCan make own decisions and create goalsFollows others and take advice from many people, then make a final decision

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