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Vata Body Type vs. Pitta Body Type vs. Kapha Body Type

Ayurvedic Body Type

The following table will help you to find the difference among Vata Body Type, Pitta Body Type, and Kapha Body Type.

Particulars Vata Body Type Pitta Body Type Kapha Body Type
Mind Wandering, changing thoughts Fairly Good Control over the Mind, Somewhat stable mind Better Control over the mind, stable mind
Intelligence Lack of intelligence or intellect is not well organized Brilliant Good, but not brilliant
Grasping Power Very Quick, but can forget easily Good Take time to grasp and memorize things, but can remember for a long time
Attentiveness Attention deficient or less attentive Can be attentive only to one subject Simultaneously attentive on every point or happening
Mood Wavering Cool but easily get irritated and become angry Cool minded
Tolerability Lack of tolerability Moderate level of tolerability Strong or good tolerability
Memory Weak Moderately Good Good Memory
Friends Very few friends (Trustworthy 1 to 3) A few Friends (Trustworthy 5 to 10) Many Friends
Social traits Aggressive Somewhat aggressive, also calm Calmness and peace are their  social visible traits
Public speaking Cannot speak publicly or on stage Can speak publicly without any hesitation and debate with a lot of people and can conquer a debate Can speak publicly, but feel some hesitation and it will be difficult to conquer a debate
Sleep Disturbed Moderate Sleep Sleepy and love to sleep
Satisfaction/Content Not content or extremely dissatisfied with the life Somewhat contented and satisfied but sometimes feel dissatisfied extremely satisfied
Body Constitution/Physique Slim – Thin Medium Built Well Built
Facial characteristics Rough Delicate Pleasing
Facial Structure Angular or long Pointed Chin Rounded
Shape of Nose Small and crooked with narrow nostrils Average and Pointed Rounded nose and wide nostrils
Eyes Sunken, Small Average Wide and big eyes
Cheeks Sunken, dry Flat and smooth Plump Cheeks
Skin Type Dry or Rough Not too much dry or oily, soft, thin and coppery skin Oily skin, thick and cool
Skin Color Dark White complexion, with yellowish or reddish tinge Fair complexion without any tinge
Hairs Dry, rough, thin, smoky, cracked hairs Soft, thin hairs or early graying, baldness Dark, Strong, thick hairs
Appetite Irregular, but eat in small quantities Good Appetite Less appetite
Bowel Movements Irregular, prone to Constipation Regular, Prone to loose motions or diarrhea Regular, Normal
Mother feed or Bottle feed (Applicable for Children under age 2 years) Irregular, small quantity but frequent Hungry, vigorous sucking Regular, slow and sluggish
Voice Rough, incoherent, high-pitched voice Coherent, clear and high pitched voice Deep, coherent and pleasant voice
Speaking Fast speaking Moderately good speaking Good speaking
Communication Very Talkative, but not firm on specific points Good communication skills Average communication skills
Body Strength & Stamina Weak Moderate Strength Strong
Tastes you like most Sweet, Sour or Salty Sweet, Bitter or Astringent Pungent, Bitter, Astringent
Gain and lose weight Difficult to gain weight Can gain weight as well as can lose weight easily Easy to gain weight, but very difficult to reduce it back
Decision Making Indecisive and confused Can make own decisions and create goals Follows others and take advice from many people, then make a final decision

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