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Vridhivadhika Vati

Vridhivadhika Vati is herbal mineral formulation used in ayurveda for inguinal hernia, intestinal hernia, hydrocele, etc. According to ayurveda, it mainly acts on VATA DOSHA. It also reduces excess KAPHA. Aggravation of VATA DOSHA is likely to play role in development of hernia and hydrocele.


Shuddha Parad3.23%
Shuddha Gandhak3.23%
Loha Bhasma3.23%
Vanga Bhasma3.23%
Tamra Bhasma3.23%
Kansya Bhasma3.23%
Hartal Bhasma3.23%
Nila Thotha Bhasma3.23%
Shankh Bhasma3.23%
Kapardak (Kapardika) Bhasma3.23%
Sonth (Dried Ginger) – Zingiber Officinale3.23%
Black Pepper3.23%
Long Pepper3.23%
Haritaki – Terminalia Chebula3.23%
Amalaki – Emblica Officinalis3.23%
Vidha ke Beej3.23%
Vacha (Sweet Flag) – Acorus Calamus3.23%
Sumudar Namak3.23%
Sendha Namak3.23%
Sambhar Namak3.23%
Vida Namak3.23%
Kala Namak3.23%
Haritaki DecoctionQ.S.
Ref. Bhaishajya Ratnavali, Chapter 43, VRIDHI ROGA CHIKITSA, Vridhivadhika Vati, Verse 76 to 80


Vridhivadhika Vati is useful in following health conditions:

  1. All Types of Hernia
  2. Hydrocele


The dosage of Vridhivadhika Vati described in Bhaishajya Ratnavali is about 4 grams, which is not tolerable. The higher dosage produces severe nausea, vomiting, restlessness, reeling sensation and anal fissures. Therefore, 375 mg is maximum tolerable dosage for most people.

The general dosage of Vridhivadhika Vati is as follows.
Children125 mg *
Adults125 to 375 mg *
Geriatric (Old age)125 to 250 mg *
Maximum Possible Dosage750 mg (in divided doses)
* Twice Daily with water 2 hours after meal


Vridhivadhika Vati contains three emetic substances:

  1. Tamra Bhasma
  2. Kansya Bhasma
  3. Nila Thotha Bhasma

If these ingredients are not well processed, the tendency of side effects of Vridhivadhika Vati increases.

Side Effects of Vridhivadhika Vati

The most common side effects of Vridhivadhika Vati include:

  1. Nausea
  2. Vomiting
  3. Restlessness

If Tamra Bhasma is not well processed and higher dosage of Vridhivadhika Vati is used, then it can also cause:

  1. Reeling sensation (Vertigo)
  2. Anal fissures


To reduce side effects of Vridhivadhika Vati, the following measures should be taken.

  1. If vomiting and restlessness occur, then Vridhivadhika Vati should be taken with salted buttermilk or lemon water.
  2. Do not take milk, milk products, coffee, and tea before or after Vridhivadhika Vati.
  3. Do not take any hot beverage up to one hour after taking Vridhivadhika Vati.
  4. Do not take Vridhivadhika Vati before meal or on empty stomach.

In case of constipation, intestinal gas, dull abdominal pain or heaviness in the abdomen, then Arogyavardhini Vati should be used along with Vridhivadhika Vati.


Vridhivadhika Vati should not be given if any patient also has any of following problems:

  1. Bleeding Piles
  2. Anal Fissures
  3. Wilson’s Disease
  4. Ulcer
  5. Ulcerative Colitis
  6. Severe Abdominal Throbbing Pain

Warning & Disclaimer: This medicine contains metal content. Ayur Times does not recommend the use of this medicine. Read More

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  1. Patanjali doctor recommended Vriddhivadhika Vati & Tribhuvankirti Ras to my 9 Yrs old daughter for cold, cough & fever. I read in Vriddhivadhika Vati bottle it is for Hernia, Hydrocele, and Tumors. Is it good for my daughter? Resolve my doubt asap.
    Sumit Chopra

    1. I am not sure why he has recommended Vriddhivadhika Vati in such case.

      Vriddhivadhika Vati is not formulated for cold, cough and fever. There are many safer formulations available for these general conditions.

  2. I suffer with enlarged prostrate. Patanjali Doctor has prescribed Vridhivadhika vati and Kanchanar guggul. Is it OK.

  3. Vridhivadhika vati is for hydrocele and hernia. Why has it been recommended for thyroid problem?

    1. It would be better to ask this question to your consulting physician.

      Vridhivadhika vati can be given in cases of Thyroid Nodule or abnormal growth of thyroid gland, which can be either benign or malignant.

  4. I suffer with unnatural growth of tumor on body likely on hand, and stomach. My friend (who is completed Ayurveda course) recommended Kanchanar Guggul and Vridhivadhika Vati. But I also suffer with bleeding piles. Is it ok?

  5. I was surgery 6 month ago my inguinal hernia but now is pain. can i take vridhivadhika vati ?

  6. I have thrombocythemia with platelet count 10 lac/mcm (normal 4). Allopathic Dr prescribed Hydrea which I rejected due fearsome side effects. Vidhya Pharmacy recommended Vriddhivatika Vati 2-0-2 and Kanchanar Guggulu 2-0-2. Is it true that these two preparations can stop the abnormal production of platelets?

  7. I have been suffering from neck swelling since last three years, now I am using patanjali kanchana gugguullu. Can you suggest any other medicine along with kanachanara?

    Thank you sir

  8. I have enlarged kidney and kidney cyst and mild fatty liver patanjali doctor suggested me to take vraddhivatika tablet. shall i continue ?

  9. I suffered from lipoma patanjali dr advised me arogya vardhini,vriddhivadhika,kanchnar guggul
    Pls reply me ……….

  10. I m suffering from vericocele. My dr prescribed me vridhivatika vati. So i want to know other drugs which work for it .

  11. I am suffering from Hydrocele / enlarge testicle what to do for hydrocele? is it Herbal Vridhivadhika Vati Tablet good for Hydrocele?

  12. I am suffering from inguinal hernia. Doctor prescribe me vridhivadhika along with trikuta, Godanti and 2more powders with sarvakalpath. Are these medicines being enough. Or I only take vridhivadhika only.

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