What is Jawarish

Jawarish is a form of Unani medication. It is a semisolid preparation. It is a type of Majun. However, the taste of Jawarish is better than that of Majun. Hence, most patients prefer to use Jawarish than Majun. The Jawarish forms of medications are particularly prescribed for the children who do not like to consume the Majun medications due to their unpleasant taste.

The consistency of Jawarish is waterier than Majun. It also acts slower because Jawarish powder is coarser than Majun. Sugar, which is one of the main ingredients of Jawarish medications, is responsible for the semisolid consistency of the final product.

The word, Jawarish, is of Arabic origin. The term is derived from the word, GAWARISH, which means digestive. Hence, the Jawarish forms of medications are usually prescribed for the treatment of digestive complaints. The popular medications of this form include Jawarish Jalinoos (Jawarish Jalinus) and Jawarish Kamuni.

Preparation Method Jawarish

To prepare this medicine, the chief ingredients are soaked in milk for at least 24 hours. Later, it is washed with water thoroughly. Then, this mixture is boiled in water while meshing or rubbing with hands. The liquid obtained is filtered. Sugar is added to the mixture at the end to get a solution of a specific consistency. Later, the rest of the ingredients mentioned in the formula can be added. In most cases, the ingredients added in the end are in the form of powders obtained by drying and grounding the herbs separately. The final product is stored in a container.

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Dr. Jagdev Singh

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