What is Marham?

Marham is a form of medication used for the local application in the Unani system. It is an ointment having a semi-solid consistency. These medications are used for external use. They are prepared by using wax or fat to achieve the consistency as well as to allow for an easy application of the medication on the skin. However, in most cases, the wax is used in place of fat as the shelf life of the final product is reduced when fat is added to the formula.

Marham is an ancient invention, which is believed to be formulated much before the Hippocratic period. It was used to treat the skin diseases and ulcerative conditions.

Preparation Method of Marham

The preparation of each Marham may vary depending on the ingredients used. To begin with, all the seeds or parts of the herbs are soaked in water at night. Then, the mixture is mashed well in the morning to get a mucilaginous product. Then, the powders of the remaining herbs are added to this mixture and stored well.

This mixture is then cooked on fire for the recommended period while stirring continuously with a wooden stick to prevent the contents from sticking to the bottom of the vessel. In some cases, the powders of all herbs are simply mixed together and then, this mixture is cooked.

The vessel is taken off the heat when only oil remains. It is, then, filtered and stored well. This mixture can be used for local application. The addition of wax or fat to the mixture is done at different stages for each medication.

Some of the most commonly used forms of this medication are Marham Hina, Marham Dakhleun, Marham Zangar, and Marham Ral.

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