What is Safoof?

Safoof (also spelled as SUFOOF or SAFUF and called Unani Powder) is a form of medication used in the Unani system. It means a medicine in a powder form. In fact, the word Safoof at is the plural of SUFOOF. Safoof can be used in several ways. According to the mode of use, the medication is given a name. For example: –

SANOON (Tooth Powder)

SANOON is a form of Safoof which is applied to the gums and teeth. It is beneficial in cases of pyorrhea and reduces pus, bleeding, and discomfort in the gums.


ATOOS is also a micro-fine powdered form of Safoof, which causes sneezing on smelling.

GHALIA or ARGAJAH (Body Powder)

GHALIA is a micro-fine powder used on the body other than the face.

GHAZA (Facial Powder)

GHAZA is perfumed powder applied on the face for cleansing purposes.


KOHL is a powder that is applied to the eyelids. This powder is used as a soothing agent for the eyes.

MAZOOGH (Powder for Chewing)

MAZOOGH is a type of Safoof taken by chewing for improving the saliva secretion in the mouth. Akarkara (Anacyclus Pyrethrum) root powder is commonly used for this purpose.


NAFOOKH is a type of Safoof used for inhalation.

NORAH (Powder used for hair removing)

NORAH is a type of Safoof applied on the hair and hair roots to remove the hair. The main ingredient of NORAH is Lime. It can also be used mixing with water making a paste.


ZAROOR QULA is another form of Safoof applied on the mucosa of the oral cavity to treat mouth ulcers.


ZAROOR is a form of Safoof, which is used as a dusting powder to be sprinkled on wounds and ulcers.

Safoof, though prepared for different purposes, is basically a solid material having a finely powdered state. It may be used internally as well as externally, though the term SUFOOF or SAFOOF is more commonly used for those powders that are consumed internally.

Aristotle is believed to be the inventor of Safoof. However, this may not be true as Aristotle is the man belonging to the 3rd BC while there is evidence to prove the use of Safoof in the Egypt and Greece from a period dating much prior to this century.

Method of Preparation of Safoof

Safoof can be prepared from the powders of one or several herbal ingredients. The method of preparation of Safoof is very simple. All the herbal ingredients are dried and powdered separately. Later, these powders are mixed to get the final product.

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